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Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016





  I stood in the shadow and waited. I could hear the mechanical buzz. It was approaching fast, its deafening screech swept waves of terror inside me, and I was beyond terrified. Suddenly it stops. It was standing right in front of me, its crimson red eyes staring right into me, in that moment I everything seemed to slow down and everything went silent, all I can hear is its claws rubbing against the stone wall, scraping chunks of it off and my deafening heartbeat threatening to betray my existence to it. I was on the verge of breakdown and just then it just strutted away dragging its mechanical arm making an eerie sound.


  I could still vaguely remember our first encounter, when it was on the other side of the glass panel, when I was still safe from its reach, its crimson red eyes seem to look right into me, making me shudder .Its terrifying figure branded into my brain, its hair-like needles protrude from its hide. Now the table had been turned the hunter has become the hunted. I saw it with my own eyes , that thing tore my friends into two like he was made of paper, its stinger sinking deep in his chest, trying to rip his heart out, I was petrified as I see the life being drained out of my friend. It was the creature from my deepest nightmare and now I’m trapped. It was playing the cat-and-mouse game trying to flush me out of my position. Memories being wiped out and being thrown in a maze constructed by who I don’t know but one thing I know is that I had to get out and escape from here. Sounds easy but quite the opposite, the layout of it keeps changing, its monumental stone wall shifted every hour making thing far more complicated than it had been.


  Hours pass quickly when I was in the shadow; I was constantly worrying the chance of the creature finding me, as hours pass all I can hear is my rhythmic heartbeat and the grinding of the stone wall that shifted every hour. The stone wall cast long shadow making me to wonder what was it like to be on the other side. Finally night came, the moon once shrouded by the clouds reappeared, its dim moonlight lighting up the way and for once everything seem so serene. Hoping that the night would mask my scent I came out of the shadow and followed the map which I had forage from one of the dead bodies, selfish that I may seem, deep down inside I was glad that they were the ones who were dead not me. I felt guilty. Shaking off the though I continued to run, every once and then I could hear the mechanical buzz lurking behind me, dozens of eye gawking at me waiting patiently for the right chance to strike. The path was tedious and fatigueness came to me once the adrenaline rush was over, every inch of my body was screaming for rest. I can’t stop. I can’t afford to stop.


  Finally, I was closing in to the way out, waves of euphoria swept through me as I made my last turn. The sense of dread came as fast as the waves of euphoria. There was no way out. The exit was so close yet so far. Then I suddenly realized that this was just a cruel trick. There was no way of getting out of this maze. The only obstacle between me and the exit was the cliff, I collapsed to the ground and cursed, why hadn’t I just die, why let the fire of hope reignite when despair was waiting for me at the end of the line. Even the moon seems to be laughing at my foolishness. Out of the blue, the familiar mechanical buzz came approaching me, but this time not only one but a dozens of them, both mortified and out of hope, I took a leap of faith and plunged into the cliff.


  I could feel the wind brushing against my face, so this is what to be a bird to fly in the air, so free. Knowing my impending doom, I shut my eyes and let my mind to wander off. Out of my surprise, I survived the fall, my body was cushioned by something soft, as soon I landed, the stench of rot overpowered me, choking me, robbing me of the fresh air. As I was trying to get a grasp of the reality, I felt a sharp pain on my neck, my eyes trying to focus as my vision started to blur, darkness came fast and I pass out.

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