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Yes or no? A simple question yet it makes us nervous. Now it's the same game, same question, same rules, just different outcome.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



”Strap her hand, leg. Here and there, to the chair.” my cheerful singing echoed through the room. I giggled in satisfaction as I looked over how neatly I strapped a girl called Julia to a metal chair. She was unconscious because I put a strong sedative in her apple juice.

I stretched a little and let a sigh escape my rosy lips. It was quite a task dragging Julia here. In addition, I did not want to attract unwanted attention.  

I heard soft whimpers coming from Julia. In a hurry, I put on a black mask that had a frown on it, and quickly pulled on my hood.

I waited patiently for Julia’s eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. “Rise and shine!” I said to Julia. Her face twitched, I smiled. She was most likely having a headache. I smirked. “Welcome to my playroom!" I added.

Finally, Julia looked around and she realized she was strapped in, her eyes were full of angst, and I enjoyed every bit of that moment. The look on her face made me excited and I could not wait any longer. Anticipating Julia to say something, silence filled the dark room. I stood over her and waited.

“If this is a playroom, what kind of game are we gonna play?” she asked. Julia tried hard to hide the panic in her voice, but she couldn’t trick me. “Glad you asked.” I decided to play along, “It’s simple. I ask you a question and you answer.” I said as I pulled a tray on wheels into view. “The catch is: your answer determines what will happen to you!” I smiled and Julia’s eyes widened in horror.

“P-please, we can talk about this!” Julia cried out. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do, don’t worry. I’ll make this interesting!” I mused as I prepared to play a long amusing game.

“Yes or no?” I asked. Julia wasn’t only scared, now she was absolutely dumbfounded. “What?” she questioned. I was amazed how dimwitted she was. “Do I have to repeat myself? Yes or no? Pick one, moron.” I said impatiently. “What’s the question?” Julia asked. Does she think I would actually say it? What a fool. “I won’t say, what’s the fun in that? I’ll say this one more time. Yes or no?” I said.

“Yes.” Julia answered after a suffocating minute of silence. “Good answer!” I said as I grabbed large scissors and walked closer to Julia. “What are you doing?!” she shrieked, but I ignored her and grabbed her hand.

One, two, three, four, five.

All the fingers from her left hand are gone and Julia is screaming in agony. I’m laughing, her screams are music to my ears; they make me feel sane, alive and calm.

I asked her the same question over and over again, she always said ‘yes’ for some reason. Soon enough she could only nod. Some of her skin and some limbs, including her tongue, were laying on the floor. My clothes were covered in blood and I was having so much fun while all the sanity slowly drained from Julia’s eyes.

“This is the last time, I promise. Yes or no?” I decided that I had enough playing. Julia weakly shook her head. “Aww, that’s boring!” I expected her to say yes, but, whatever. Behind my mask, I was smiling; I win anyways.

I started to untie Julia, I didn’t do it gently and made her wince. The game ended.

Julia rose up, as she started to limp away my smile widened and I stared at her back. “Bedtime, dumbass.” I took out a gun and pulled the trigger.  

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