The Drama King

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The life of me, a high school drama nerd.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



Drama is like a drug,

Once you start, it's hard to stop,

The people in it are like family,

You create close bonds with all of them.


Drama is a place where you are not "weird",

You are accepted no matter how you are,

No looks at you differently,

In drama, everyone's a star.


The more accomplished get more action,

while lesser talents receive less satisfaction,

Their action is just a fraction,

Of what others are practicing.


In drama you win and you lose,

You laugh, you cry,

You have a good time,

Your on top of the world.


You sweat blood from practice to practice,

You can give it your all,

For the night of performance,

Just to see the crowd cheer.


You get judged by others for being a wimp,

For not lifting weights,

Or being with friends,

You just laugh at their face and say,

"I don't have friends, I have family,"


So in drama don't be scared,

You just be you,

Don' care what people think,

You are what makes you, unique.

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