Chapter 1 -- Stop & Stare

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A short love story about two high school lovers randomly seeing each other on the busy streets of NYC. Stopping to look and staring to realize. This infectious short story will leave each chapter with the desire for more.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



She waited. Standing impatiently with her arms crossed. Staring at the stop light, wondering when he would pull up. Cars battling to get into their correct lane, people rushing to wherever it was they needed to go. 

‘Everyone has their own world… everyone going somewhere, doing something, without even a thought about the other human beings around them,' she thought as she watched people talking on their phones and running to catch a cab. She remembered what she was doing on the curb, rolled her eyes, and continued to stare at the stop light. She began to walk away when suddenly she heard, “Hurry! Get in! What are you doing!?”  

Turning quickly, she opened the car door and slid in.  “Where have you been?” She asked. 

“Traffic was brutal and the meeting got out late,” he remarked. 

“Okay, well, a text message would have been nice, just so I wouldn’t of had to rush and stand out there waiting for you.” 

“Okay, okay, I will text you next time if I can.” 

Silence flooded the car. Stella peered out the window, again wondering what other people’s lives were like. She saw a man dressed in a navy blue suit with a colorful, crisp tie. She thought of him as a successful businessman as he surfed through the sea of people. Stella imagined him in a penthouse in the Upper West Side of New York City. A young, wealthy, bachelor.  

“How was your day, sweetheart?” Jason asked.  

“It was fine, nothing much happened.” 

The man in the blue suit reminded Stella of Ty, her high school sweetheart. She frequently thought about Ty and where he might be and what he might be doing. She always pictured Ty as a successful businessman, sleekly walking the streets of a busy city, going from one meeting to the next. Jason was similar to Ty, but to Stella, there was something about Ty that just made life simple. It was more difficult with Jason. Stella just assumed that since it was difficult with Jason, and easy with Ty, that Jason and Stella were meant to be, because love isn’t suppose to be easy... Right? 

Stella broke up with Ty when they were heading to different colleges, directly across the country from each other. Both had talked about a long distance relationship, but both thought it would just be better to simply move on.  

Stella and Jason met in college and have been together for five years now. Jason is a lawyer at a major firm and Stella is an editor at her favorite magazine company. Both have busy days, but make time for each other, like in this moment.  

“Are you ready for one of the nicest restaurants in this city?”  

Actually excited, Stella replied with a big grin, “Sure am! I was looking at their menu online and it sounds delicious. I just want a big, juicy steak!” 

Jason smiled and continued on. 

The two pulled up to valet parking and as Stella glided out of the car, as elegant as possible, she turned to find Jason. As she turned, a man breezed by her in a grey suit. Both turning to gaze at each other, they stopped. Stared for a second and realized. 

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