Metaphysical Donut

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
Here is something that might be used for New Year's celebrations.
We did it as a skit and it was quite funny. We used a few props like donuts. We played the guy that was giving the advice to be kind of a mad professor type.

When I lived in Kampala, Uganda, we used to go to these weekly poetry nights held at one of the top watering holes in town where the ‘cool dudes and dames’ hung out to mix and mingle. Of course, that’s why we went – hardy, har, har. Actually, we went because we thought it would be a good place to get to know people as they relaxed and to share our faith with them in a natural way.

At these poetry nights, anyone who wanted to could read their verses on the mike to an attentive audience. The professionals read by rote – quite impressive.

I read this poem, as I held a donut in hand. “Metaphysical Donut” is a bit of a mix of Holy Holes and an article the L.A. Times called, “Holes make a Whole Lot of Difference”. It became a hit and thereafter, I became dubbed The Donut Man and was asked to recite it repeatedly.

So from that and other experiences, poetry for me can be a bit theatrical as well as fun. Perhaps we could use more of it in our lives.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016





Metaphysical: the philosophical study of the nature of reality, subtle or abstract discussions on reasoning.


Inspired from

“Holes make a Whole Lot of Difference” by K.C. Cole L.A. Times

and “Holy Holes” 


Bold letters are the man who is talking next to me at the coffee shop

Italics letters are me talking to him

Regular letters are me talking as narrator



Metaphysical Donut

By Curtis Peter Van Gorder


It was New Year’s morn

My clothes were worn

With no real friend to turn to

My disposition was blue


I was down and out

I had just lost my job

My soul was filled with doubt

I felt like a total slob


So with my last ten bucks

I bought coffee and a donut

And indulged myself at Starbucks

Trying to sort things out


Then a young guy sitting next to me

Sensed my gloom worn in a deep pout

My discouragement was easy to see

He spoke to overcome my doubt


His goal was to make me feel better

Thus he spoke as he picked up my donut

The sun comes after the stormy weather.

Here’s a song to help climb out of your rut


All through life my brother

If you would be a happy soul

Keep your eyes upon the donut

And not upon the hole


Yeah, yeah I heard that before

Go away - don’t waste your time

I don’t want to hear any more

I was a snail slumming in my slime


But he did not give up on me

He picked up the donut again

And gave me some advice for free

If you won’t look at the donut then…


Keep your eyes upon the hole

I have no idea what you are talking about?

Do you take me for a fool?

I began to rant and rave and shout


After I got quiet he had more to say

Even though I was throwing a fit

What is a hole anyway?

Just a nothing with something around it.


I am of something reminded

This donut is by its hole defined


I was confused and annoyed,

What does that have to do with me

And the fact that I’m unemployed?

Why can’t you just let me be.


Don’t feel bad if you feel like nothing

Cause nothing is almost everything

There wouldn’t be anything without nothing

Out of nothing you can be something


In fact with God nothing is impossible

‘Cause He’s the circle around our nothing

If you believe all is possible

Even your nothing can be something


Let not your heart be filled with woe

Because you feel like a big zero.

Even a mighty ten

Would just be a 1 when

It has lost its zero

A hole makes a g - go

In fact just about everything

Is made up of mostly nothing

Atoms make molecules, which can be

A group of holes full of energy



Holes are really something

You may think there’s nothing to them

But without them there would be nothing

I suppose you are going to tell us some of them?


Well now that you mentioned it

A world without holes in inconceivable

Coffee wouldn’t drip and keys wouldn’t fit

Life as we know it would be impossible


Bread wouldn’t rise

Baths wouldn’t bubble

Soda wouldn’t fizz

Bodies wouldn’t see

Clothes wouldn’t button


There’d be no basketball

No bowling or golf


No volcanoes

No zeroes

No tunnels

No funnels

No rainbarrels

No bellybuttons

No holes for gophers

No pennyloafers

No caves

No graves


Emilie D. wrote

And I quote

I’m nobody

Are you nobody too?

Then there is a pair of us.

They’d banish us if they knew

How dreary to be somebody

How public like a frog

To tell your name the livelong day

To an admiring bog!


I hope that’s all you got to quote

Well, yes ‘cause that’s all she wrote.


You are speaking too simplistically

Would you rather I speak scientifically?


He picked up his book

“Holes and other Superficialities”

And gave me a knowing look

Holes are slippery, elusive entities


We know exactly where a hole resides

It is emptiness with sides


A computer is an amazing device

With holes moving around a lot

Through a silicon atom lattice.

The holes are places where electrons are not


They are absences

Acting as presences


The holes are positively charged particles

As real as the negatively charged electrons

Moving in the opposite direction.

The holes carry the information


I was more puzzled now than ever

To grasp this was a huge endeavor

Is a hole a thing

Or a lack of a thing?

Is a hole the stuff inside

Or the stuff outside?


What we know

Is it’s a window

And a door

Yet it is more

It is something

And yet nothing

Holes are wonderful

And just well…powerful


He smiled at me in a knowing way

Then he went on to say

Your life is a hole that needs to be filled

A fallow ground that needs to be tilled

So fill it

And till it.


Well, I gotta go - it was nice to talk

But I need a job - so I’ll take a walk

I finished my donut with joy

I said farewell to the boy


I went out that afternoon

And got a job very soon.

I became permanently employed

On the front lines I was deployed

Now the battle I’m talking about

Is one of faith and not of doubt.


© Copyright 2020 curtis peter van gorder. All rights reserved.

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