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Poems from Love

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



Does a tear fall from your eye or does joy encapsulate the inside telling you everything will be alright. Let love come in a tear or two if it is necessary to cleanse the inside of you.  It is not good to see the result of ignorance today nor is it right to live in the curtails of pain. Tell the symptom what is true and do not agree with any symptoms except what the Word says. Give away what you need and it will come back as a river of abundance to you. If a choice has been made that brings about a result that you do not agree please give away what is a stress  and believe a verse that I said to you and agree as it is watered in confidence as you agree everyday for what shall come to you. Listen to the delivery of the Word and honor what it is holy as I have given the Sabbath for you so do as I have commanded you to do as the patriarchs have set an example of what to do that brings about a result to you. 


For the commandments are there so all will be close with no despair.

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