The Last Preformance( Ciel x BOC reader one shot!)

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Hello everyone! Glitch here! This is my first story and I hope you all will enjoy it! Have a glitchtastic day!

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016




...There she was...

The one performer that I couldn't get out of my head from that accursed circus. The girl who caught my eye when I saw her for the first time. There she was, walking down the street like it was a normal day but there was one large problem. Like her "siblings" and "Father", Y/F/N Y/L/N is dead.

Sebastian turned his head and looked at her then back to me, his eyes glowing that pinkish magenta that I now know only happens when he does tasks for me that requires skill that only a demon can have. "Shall I take care of this young master?" He had asked me in his smooth and deep voice. But with his request, I found myself speechless. " I...umm...." Was the only thing that came out of my mouth in my pathetic attempt to wrap my head around the situation. All that I could think about was that the one girl who I actually liked in that circus was alive! A small smile formed on my face but it quickly turned to a frown when I saw another figure approaching me. Lizzy.

See, even if I wanted to break our engagement, which I do, I couldn't. Her father is a very powerful man and breaking an engagement with his daughter would be horrible for business. Lizzy ran up to me with a squeal with all do respect, I think the queen herself heard it. " CEIL!!!" She squealed with an ear piercing screech. Y/F/N turned around to face me, her Y/E/C eyes looking through my soul.

I felt as time itself had stopped. She had a sad look in her eyes that I knew all to well. Heart break. That feeling that I could tell that me and Y/F/N shared. In any other situation, I would've taken that preformer, hugged her, and never let her go. But Lizzy had me in a bear hug and the blonde girls eyes shined with pure affection. With tears pricking her eyes Y/F/N ran away, pushing past other people. As she was running, a million thoughts ran through my mind, one of the biggest ones was, how was she even alive?! And as soon as I thought it, it hit me.


" Joker? Snake? Doll? Beast?" Y/F/N called as she skipped into the room where her " siblings and father" lied dead. She had let out a scream as Sebastian slashed her lower chest with his butter knifes. " Let us go young master" Sebastian had said to me and I had agreed. As we walked out of the building, I swore I saw a dead snake drop out of her jacket, right where Sebastian had slashed her.


" Ciel? Are you ok?" Lizzy had asked me with a concerned look in her eyes. I came to my senses and said with all seriousness in my voice," I'm perfectly fine but I must go." I wasn't lying, it was true. I needed to go somewhere. I needed to go find Y/F/N as fast as possible. " AWW! Can I come Ciel?" Lizzy said in her shrill and annoying voice. " No Elizabeth." I had said, my temper slowly rising, but she just kept going. "But Ciel! I can help! It's only nice that two people who will be wed do things together before the wedding!" She whined. " Elizabeth. I said no and that is final." I had said in an attempt to calm down. " But- I SAID NO!" I finally screamed out. As usual, Lizzy started balling her eyes out, but I finally had enough." Let's go Sebastian..." I had said, storming off and he followed.

I had searched for Y/F/N for hours now. I was finally about to give up when I saw her, crying, hot wet tears streaming down her face. I knew what I had to do. I ran up to her and hugged her, tears pricking my own eyes and she buried her head in the crook of my neck. " oh Y/F/N, I'm so sorry..." I had said and with out thinking, I let my words slip out. " I love you." In her calm and soothing voice she had told me." I'm sorry as well smile for what's about to happen." Before I had time to react I had felt a dagger go into my back. I screamed out in pain as she twisted the knife, Sebastian running to me. As everything went black I hear her say words that I will never forget.

" I love you as well smile, but your sins needed to be solved..." And everything went black.

(( what? Not all storied are happy!))

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