The S O U N D of S I L E N C E

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What really happens when a person with severe depression and several different anxieties is left with nothing but the sound of silence.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



The  S O U N D  of  S I L E N C E 

by Matty

I sit there in that DARK room, looking into the man that I have grown far too attached to for comfort sitting beside me. Well... Laying. A night of pleasurable, sweet things behind us. He starts to fall asleep, I tell him I'm going to do the same. That's a lie... How can you sleep when your mind is constantly on the run? When your mind is constantly filled with VIOLENTLY DARK thoughts? You can't... 

As SILENCE fills the room, and the world starts to rest. I sit there, toying with the bedsheets, my hands shaking so much they start to tie the sheets in knots. I sit there, looking out the window at the DARK surroundings just outside of it. Now that I'm alone, my eyes start to reflect the sadness and hurt that they work so tirelessly to hide from the world around me. The tears start to fill them as the become glossed and my heartbeat increases ten fold. He's coming... He always comes... He always comes when I never want him to come... and when I never want him around. 

"Hello, DARKNESS, my old friend..." I whisper before I drop my head and look down at my hands.

DARK, slender frame slowly pries himself from the wall. His tall, slender figure as BLACK as night.

"Hello, my dear." He coos in his SICKENINGLY smooth voice. Those three little words wrapping around me like a blanket.

He moves swiftly through the room, pulling out a chair and sitting in it. He rests his elbows on his thighs as he leans forward to look at me. His BLACK, satin fedora glowing in the moonlight. 

"What is it tonight, my weak, little dove?" He asks, but I just keep playing with sheets quietly. 

"I-It's nothing..." I stammer, pulling at those damn sheets even ROUGHER. 

"Now, now, now... We both know that that is a LIE.  Don't we?" He asks with a smile so white it mimics the smile of the moon. 

Knowing damn well he can see right through me, I nod my head, lifting my trembling hands from the now overly-wrinkled surface.

"Yes..." I whisper defeated. He just smiles, sitting back in his chair. He crosses one LONG, slender right leg over the left one, draping his arm over the back of the chair making it practically DISAPPEAR. 

"I see..." He grins, "So, what is tonight, my little weakling? Doubt? FEAR?"  

"I-It's... It's those and more..." 

"Oh...?" He asks with a raise of his DARK, THICK eyebrows. He knows my mind is never that simple, that's why he's happy he could get it started. 

"Self-hatred.... Doubt... FEAR ... Disturbed... Scared.... HURT ... Broken..." I keep my head down, looking at my trembling hands. 

"I see..." He coos quietly as he untangles his long, spider-like legs and pushes himself off of the chair. He SLOWLY strides towards me through the DARKNESS  that surrounds us. The closer he gets the more SHAKY I get. My breathing... My body... All of it... I keep my eyes on my hands, my bangs falling in front of my eyes making it hard to see behind the curtain of hair. I feel a bony finger under my chin, lifting my head to find the DARK face of my unwanted visitor close to mine, his lips pulling into a devious smile. 

"Oh, my sweet, weak dove... Don't you know by now?" 

"Wh-What...?" I stammer. 

"You're all those THINGS and more."  

"N-No I'm-" 

"You're...?" He asks with a raise of his right eyebrow again. 


"I'm right?" He interrupts with a soft, DEEP chuckle. "I know I am. You're weak, BROKEN, hurt, destroyed, SCARED, fearful, disturbed, broken, and more. It's why no one in your life every stays, my broken little dove. They all view you as pathetic. They know you're WEAK. 


"They know how useless you really are. You're nothing. And you NEVER  will be." 

My tears start to FLOW down my cheeks I shake even more. My hands start to TEAR  at the sheets, tangling them and pulling them in every which way as DARKNESS just laughs. All of a sudden I feel the bed move and look back to that he's sitting up and awake. 

I quickly look down at my hands as DARKNESS pulls his bony finger from my chin. 

"I-I thought you were asleep..." I manage before closing my eyes to make my tears vanish so he can't SEE them. He doesn't need to see me crying... It just shows weakness... I don't show weakness... 

"I can't sleep with you shaking the bed like that. What's wrong?"

"S-Sorry... It's nothing... Just go back to sleep..." 

"It's clearly not nothing if you're sitting like that. What's wrong?"

"It's nothing.. I promise." 

"I know you're lying." 

"When DON'T you lie?" DARKNESS comments from his seat, but I ignore him. 

"What can I do to help? Talk to me." 

"I promise.. I-I'm okay... It happens at random at different times... This just happens..." 

"And how do you feel better normally?".


"HURT yourself?" DARKNESS answered with a smile. 

"I-I just go for walks..." 

"Do you want to go for a walk...? Clearly, you do since there's nothing I can do to help here." 

"No... No I'm okay. Please just... Go back to sleep... I'll be asleep in a MINUTE... I promise..."

"A minute...?"

"An HOUR.DARKNESS smiles again. 

"A-A minute.. "

"Alright..." He rubbed my back and went back to sleep, leaving me and DARKNESS to ourselves all over again. 

"Well, my dear, this was a fun visit." He smiles as he stands from his chair, making his way over to me. "Until NEXT time." He leans in and places a soft kiss on my cheek before brushing my bangs from my eyes and moving away. 

"A-Are you going to tell me when you're coming NEXT time?" I ask as I hug my knees to my chest. 

"Of course not. Surprise visits are always more fun." He chuckles COLDLY. I just lower my head onto my arms, looking down at my feet as they twitch under the blankets. 

"For you or for me...?" 

I get no response. I lift my head and see that I'm alone. DARKNESS comes and he goes every night with his words of encouragement until he feels like leaving me to my lonesome... I'm ALONE like I am every night... With nothing but the sound of SILENCE to keep me company. 

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