This Is My Town, This Is My City

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This is my town, this is my city. Italicized words from Timothy Victor's "This Is My City."

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



This Is My Town, This Is My City

By Matty.

Once upon a time…

There was a city that overlooked the ocean. It was a beautiful city, with lights that seemed to shine brighter than anything anyone could ever imagine. Each window had a light, each light had a purpose, and each purpose was someone’s soul. 

This is my town, this is my city. 

Dirty streets wrapped around the entire city, twisting and turning, tying themselves into knots that were impossible to untie. On them, little vehicles over black and gray colors. In them, people with gray faces…. And one yellow one. Their lights, still shining ever so bright. 

This is my city, these are my people. 

People never do anything to take away from the lights. The lights mean something, they hold a special place. One day, a girl noticed that the lights served a purpose other than what people expected. She asked her parents, and her parents just told her no. She asked her neighbour and her neighbour just told her no. Eventually, the girl set to find out for herself.  

Through my eyes, it looks so pretty. 

She could never find an answer. No one would give her an answer. One day, the girl ventured to a path that she was told that she should never go to. The girl stood with her feet at the point of a fork in the road. One road was lit as bright as could be, a light in every window. On the other road, the windows were dark. The longer she stood there, the longer she noticed that the lights on the darkened road were being lit one by one every few moments. Maybe  those lights served a purpose? 

If you see me, I’ll be headed home. 

For a year, the little girl went to that road to see if any more lights had been lit. Each day, more lights were lit, and each day each road seemed to be getting longer and longer, adding more rooms and more windows.  Eventually, the little girl stopped going to that fork in the road. When she did so, another room appeared. In that room appeared another light. 

This is my town, and this is my city. 

Each window held a light, each light held a purpose… And each purpose was someone’s soul. Every time people walk to that fork, they always see a light glowing in a window. After a year, another light appears. The lights of the city have a voice of their own. The streets, still dirty, wrap around the city, twisting and turning, tying into knots that are impossible to untie. On them, little black and grey vehicles… And in the vehicles, little grey faces, and one new yellow one. Their lights, still shining so bright… 

If you see me now, you won’t see me alone. 

Now, the little girl lives with the other little lights she loved so much. She found her people, she found her soul. Now she sits in a window, lighting the street, waiting for the next yellow-faced person to come across that fork in the road. 

The End. 

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