Pieces of the Game

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A game of chess used to explain a love triangle.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016




Pieces of the Game

By Matty.

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted nothing more than to do what he felt was best. He was a strong lad, bold, daring, always up for adventures and games. He enjoyed playing.

One day, the game he was playing became so complex that he too became a player in his own game, not sure what place to take, or where to go. He needed to pick a piece to play with, but which one?

The boy spent ages trying to think of his choice, figure out what he wanted to do, where to go, but to no avail.

The other pieces of this game told him different things. The Bishop told him to go to them, because they were wise, a rule follower, but was willing to try new things. The boy turned his head.

The Queen said to go to her because she liked to do as she pleased, break rules, be dangerous. She was a piece that was always on his side. The boy shook his head. He only admired her for her rule-breaking and careless aura, but never would he choose her.

Then the boy looked at the Knight. Sure, the Knight moved two up and one over, but they always seemed to always have a plan. A creative, interesting plan that no one would ever think of. The boy smiled and looked straight.

Each piece in his game seemed to play a part, but when the Queen fell, the boy had an even tougher decision to make. He pushed the Queen from the board, then turned, looking at the field.

To choose the Knight or the Bishop. Both wonderful pieces, both with good plans and backstories… But who to choose?

The boy paced in his square, his mind buzzing with as he tried to desperately come up with a decision. When he turned his back, the Queen took a stab at him, grabbing his attention.

Again and again, the Queen’s sword stabbed at the boy, but he kept dodging. It wasn’t until he turned his back to her, that her stabs finally made an impact. A painful, brutal impact. Her blade stabbed straight through his back into his heart, stopping the boy from being able to breathe or walk… Or live.

As the Queen smiled, the boy fell limp to the ground in his square, eyes trembling as he looked at the other pieces around him. The Bishop and the Knight watched the boy as his shaky hand reached into the air. Despite the pain the boy was in, and the hurt he felt from being stabbed in the back by the Queen, the boy had made his decision on which piece he wanted to play with the most: The Bishop.

In his last breaths, the boy’s shaky hand pointed to the Bishop before falling against the checkboard floor, his heart thumped once… twice… three times… and then stopped beating.  

Even though the Queen stabbed him in the back, the boy was happy because he had made his decision. He loved his decision, and would not ever regret it, even if he never got to tell the Bishop how he truly felt because the Queen took them from one another before he got the chance.  The pain was worth it, in the end, because it meant keeping his Bishop safe.

Now, you may think that the story ended sadly, right? Wrong. The boy never dies. As long as his memory lives in the Bishop’s heart, the boy will live on forever. And, when the Bishop passes away, the Bishop and the boy will live together forever and receive the happily ever after they both deserve all because the boy finally made the choice he thought was right.

The End.


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