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Mythia's husband Thomas has just pasted away. The agony of her loss rips her apart, the only she has left is their beautiful son, Hayden. Doesn't she?

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



The summer rain was beating on the window of Mythia’s car. A pain filled smile appeared on her face, as if to convince herself she was ok, as she drove away from Clementine Cemetery.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do fine on our own” Mythia whispered to her son who was in his baby seat in the back of her car “Just make sure you know your daddy loved you, he loved us both” Her hands griped the wheel and she sucked breathed in through her mouth. The air was felt thick and humid, making it difficult for her to breath. The window sweepers swung from side to side creating a thud as they hit the bottom. Although Mythia’s son was too small to understand the full extent of what was happening, he seemed to know that whatever was happening it was a sad time. Both were silent for the rest of the journey home.

Pulling outside of her house filled her with dread. They brought this house together, made it their home, started a family and now, well. She didn’t know. Could she still live there? Could she stay with the memoires of Thomas hanging over her every time she; held the wood banister on the stairs, when she turned on the lights even when she laid her head down to sleep? Would she cope? Would the pain drive her mad? Upon hearing her son squirming in the back seat she put her worries to rest. She pulled him out of his baby seat and covered his head with her arm and she ran him through the rain and into the house.

After a quick wash and dry Mythia sat her son of the sofa and keeled in front of him.  “You have your daddies’ eyes; you know that? Here look!” she reached over to pick up the family photo from its home in the centre of her treasured Japanese oak table. She held the photo in her hands as if it were the most valuable thing in the world. “See!”

The door knocked, she placed the photo on the sofa and when to the door. When Mythia opened the door to Emma, Mythia’s best friend since school days. “Emma, hello! Please, come in” she stepped aside and put on a fake gleaming smile.

“Thanks” said Emma no knowing whether to smile back or not. Emma sat on the other sofa opposite Mythia’s son “Oh this photo!” she said picking up the family picture across from her. She looked at it for two seconds then, put the photo back on the table, where she knew it lived.

Mythia, who was now sitting next to her son, tapped her finger tips on her knees. Her eyes darted back a forth, from the photo to Emma.  This went on for no more than a few seconds until Mythia decided she could no longer bear the agony. She leant over to the photo, pushed it back a few inches and angled it ever so slightly to the left.

“Everything has a place, Emma, and every place has a particular object to fill it, this picture needs to be in this exactly in this spot at exactly this angle” she sat back down and placed her hands over her knees and put on another forced smile.

“I thought we talked about not getting annoyed with the little things? You know the other day I had a long conversation with your aunt, she’s worried about you, you know. You should call her some time” Mythia frowned, Emma had more contact with her family than she did.

“Mythia, how are you feeling?” Emma asked leaning forward to encourage Mythia to talk.

“I’m fine” another fake smile spread across her face “honest”

Emma had known Mythia for a little over 11 years now, she knew Mythia like the back of her hand. She knew what made her angry, smile and she knew when she was lying. “Mythia, bottling your feeling up won’t help you. Don’t you remember what happened last time?” Mythia had been really unhappy for a long time and tried to kill herself with an overdose. Luckily Thomas had found her in time and gotten her to a hospital.

Mythia looked up wiping her nose “yes” she breathed “They took him away” Mythia looked down at her son, and stroked his cheek “They took him away, but Thomas was there to help me get through it.” her eyes sparkled at the thought of her recently departed husband.

Emma frowned, who she was talking about? “I know this probably isn’t the nicest thing to say to you right now but you’ll need to keep yourself together this time. I’m worried you won’t be able to handle yourself with all this stress, of course I’ll always be a call away from you”

“I just” Mythia’s voice trailed off and her big green eyes filled with tears. Mythia’s son stood up on the sofa and sat on his mother’s lap hugging her softly with his tiny little hands. Mythia had with pools of water in her eyes threating to tumble down her face and any moment.  “I just love him so much” she smiled and put her arms around her son, as if to brace him, to protect him from the world, from the pain and agony.

“I know you do. Thomas loved you too” said Emma giving a comforting smile.

“After Lloyd I didn’t think I’d ever find anyone as great as him ever again, Emma. I waited for the picture-perfect man I had always dreamed of, and finally, came along Thomas Brooks” Mythia’s heart lifted with the sound of his name. But her voice still cracked. Emma gave a consoling smile and Mythia continued

“I loved him, so much. I loved the way he sang in the shower, I loved the fact he called single knot shoelaces butterflies, and I loved when calming rhythm of his breath while he slept.  All of these things I loved, I took for granted but now Thomas, he’s gone. Forever” Mythia berried her face in her hands and swayed back and forth sobbing lightly.  “Emma, why do all the people I love leave me?”

“Listen to me, are you listening?” Emma raised an eyebrow


“Good, I need you to stay strong and I need you to ask for help when you feel you need it, ok?” Mythia nodded “Good”  

“There is no need to patronize me, Emma. I understand you fully well without any trouble. I don’t suffer from a learning disability”

Emma stared blankly at Mythia, shocked at her sudden change “Sorry” Emma said with a slight confusion still in her voice.

“If you understand then” Mythia stood putting her son to sit on the sofa “don’t belittle me around my son, how will he cope if he thinks his own mother isn’t stable” Her voice fell and lifted as she spoke both in volume and pitch. Although she was looking at Emma, her eyes were distant. As if her brain was somewhere else. The look sent a chill down Emma’s spine. Mythia’s weren’t focused, something was very very wrong. 

After a few moments Emma’s brain finally pieced tighter what Mythia had said. Son.  Did she mean Hayden? But Hayden wasn’t around anymore. When Hayden was just one years old he had passed away. Emma was about to ask about this son she mentioned, however when she looked into Mythia’s eyes she saw pure sorrow and grief.

 “Right” said Emma” I’m sorry. Any way I have to go now. I’ll be back to check up on you, soon” and with that she was gone.

Mythia remained standing sill as a statue with an unnatural grin pasted from eye to eye, her eyes large. Her eyes were large and blank. She breath heavily and then, she bellowed out with laughter.




Emma pulled up in front of her house and remained seated. What was she going to do? She put a hand to her forehead leaning her arm on the wheel. Mythia wasn’t acting like her normal self, she was hallucinating, she thought her dead son was alive again! Emma climbed out of her car and called her mother, who was a psychiatrist.

 “Hello?” answered Emma’s mum, Anne.

“Mum it’s Emma”

“I know, I know! Is everything ok honey?”

“No, not its not” …




Mythia looked out of her bedroom window at the murky blue sky. The stars and moon were covered by thick grey-blue clouds. For hours she watched the dark clouds of the night roll past, until dawn begun to break again. She sighed looking at her reflection ‘haven’t changed a bit since school’ she thought. She frowned at the face she saw. She had always wanted blue-gray eyes, like the women she saw in magazines, and although she had bleached her hair blonde on many occasions it would always, obliviously, grow out eventually; Mythia had always wanted bright blonde hair but genetics can’t be changed that easily.

It begun to rain lightly as the sun peered up over the neighbouring buildings. Mythia, having enough of being alive climbed into her soft memory foam bed and laid her head down on the pillows that she and Thomas had ordered, filled with the finest, softest down feathers from Australia. She stared at her ceiling ‘Thomas, if you were here right now you’d would say “why did you stay up all night? You know it makes you grouchy” with the cute little pout’ a laugh escaped her lips, and she slowly begun to drift to sleep.

That was until, her son begun to cry in the other room. Mythia stood up abruptly and marched to see why her son was crying at this ungodly hour, but to her horror, her son had stopped crying and was now slowly turning blue in the face, suffocating.

Mythia begun to breath heavily as she lifted her son up into her arms and dashed down the stairs, she placed him on the sofa and picked up the house phone pressed the letter E and it speed dialled Emma’s phone.

“Mythia?” Asked Emma sleepily.

“Actually its 5:06am but I’m calling because” the rest of Mythia sentence was fast and blurred 

“What? Wait, wait I can’t understand you, talk slower” Emma sat up and rubbed her eyes

“It’s my son, he’s gone blue in the face and he isn’t breathing, I need you to call an ambulance and hurry!” Mythia began to hyperventilate and click with her free hand.

“Hang on, I’m coming” Cursing Emma hung up and leaped out of bed, she swayed her way to her car and drove as well she could with the awaking she had just had to Mythia’s house.

Mythia, now in the living room, caressed her son swaying him gently. “Everything will be fine” she begun to shout louder and shook her son “No! Breath! Breath, for the love of God breath! You have to hang on!”

That’s when Emma crashed thought the door, using her emergency key. “Mythia!” screamed Emma. She ran in to the living room where she found Mythia rocking back and forward whispering the words ‘hang on’ “Mythia?” Asked Emma walking slowly toward her, the urgency and terror gone from her voice, but now replaced is concern “what are you doing?” Emma crouched down beside Mythia placing a hand on her shoulder

“Look at him!” she cried making Emma jump “did you call an ambulance?”

“Call and ambulance for who?” Emma knew all too well what the answer would be.

 “What do you mean who?! Look at him! LOOK AT HIM!” she shouted. Tears fell from her eyes staining her top. Her face red and sticky from the tears. Mythia tangled her fingers in her hair pulling and tugging at it.

“Look at whom!” Mythia glared at Emma. How could she do this to her? her son was dying right in front of her eyes and all Emma did was watch? Her mouth twisted and her face filled with disgust and confusion.

“Fine, don’t help, I’ll call myself!” Mythia got up and ran to the phone, Emma came up behind her and took the phone from her hand.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Mythia screamed hysterically, her hair falling over her, sticking to her face.

“Clam down! And tell me, ambulance for whom!” Emma demanded

“FOR HIM!” She pointed at her son, at the empty space on the ground.

“Say his name!”


Mythia breathed as if she had just ran a marathon. She swayed dizzy and confused “For Hayden” she turned slowly, realisation pouring into her face. She and looked at the floor where she put her son. Bu he wasn’t there, nothing was there. Mythia looked back at Emma. 

“He was- Emma, he was here, I saw him, I felt him, I held him, but h-he’s gone. He’s dead. He’s been dead for years. But Emma, I swear I could see him”. She put her arm out pointing toward the empty space. Her feet inching forward. Mythia raised a hand to her head, and tried to swallow, but her mouth was dry.

 Her voice slowly rising in volume screamed at the top of her lungs “No! this can’t be happening Emma, help me! HELP ME!”



© Copyright 2018 Jay Leo. All rights reserved.

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