Revenge and Retribution

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Revenge for a fallen warrior is all she can think about

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



Lucia stood and looked around the battle field, seeing her fallen Comrades; everyone she ever knew was dead, her fiancé, all of her sisters, and her kingdom, no one was left and it seemed it was all her fiancé’s fault. He had betrayed them, for what reason? She didn’t know, but she knew what she was going to do about it. She was going to kill the man who set in motion the slaughter of her people, she owed them that.


She walked slowly from the battlefield leaving no trace that she had ever been there and finding solace in the notion that she would soon get revenge for her people. She walked for miles and Miles before she collapsed from sheer exhaustion.


Lucia woke hours later in the middle of the forest with her strength restored; she started planning how she would take out the man responsible. She knew this would take time and she was willing to wait.


The first stage of the plan was to figure out where this man did, so standing up Lucia picked a random direction and started walking, not know what she was going to find. Upon reaching the nearest village she wandered into the pub asking about the man who slaughtered her people. She found that he lived in a nearby kingdom and that everyone was afraid to talk about him, but she did get one useful thing, he loved his concubines and was always looking for another one.


Lucia Smiled at this information and knew the exact way she was going to get into his home, but she needed a more provocative dress for such a matter. So the next few days she spent making a dress revealing but not more that what she needed to convince him that she was what she claimed to be.


As soon as she finished she left and made her way towards him. Stopping for nothing more that to rest and eat. Finally after about 2 weeks she arrived at his home. Luck seemed to be on her side today because he was outside looking around at girls he probably seen a thousand times but wanted one more for his collection. She ducked behind a wall and quickly changed into the outfit that was meant for him. She reappeared just in time for him to look her way.


Lucia wasn’t surprised when he approached her, she wasn’t surprised when he invited her into his home and she wasn’t surprised when he took her to the bedroom. He however was surprised when she shoved a dagger into his heart, the cold shock of what was done to him was on his face as he perished, a single scream echoed around the room, guards rushed in a captured her but she didn’t care she fulfilled her quest she killed the man who killed her people. Nothing else mattered.

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