letter to faceless and an angel

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Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



To faceless

So many lies, broken promises and dagger in my back. I was so happy being dad. You turned around and painted my sky black. Called you my love instead of cheating twat.

I fight my battles facing forward. You chose to spit in my face and lie Rip all my life away hoping I would die Yet I refuse to be defeated, pushing onward.

Keeping my eyes fixated on the sky I see an angel, shinning bright star I swear I'll reach it, I will learn to fly And once I do, she'll heal your scar

You cast this rain upon me Forgetting it just soothes my pain You scorched the world around me Forgetting that I've been through hell

You acted like a queen, I was but simple man Spit on my face, gauge fingers in my pain You tried to rule me, she dances with my demons You threw me down, she sooth my heart and holds it sacred for the eons

You used my battles scars against me She looks into my soul with effort to embrace me You used my life for your selfish gain I see kindness in her soul that can sooth my pain

To angel

Bash my fists against your walls Not going to stop until I'm not breathing or heaven falls Reach out with every favor and kindness that I can afford Realization hails, I'm striking the wrong cords

Inhale all your pain, exhale life Until I'm beat and breathless, I hope it will suffice Scared, scorched heart extended in my hand But as long as it's beating it will defend

Bribed by the devil you are my drug Just by talking to you I'm catching flak Riddled by shrapnel, no defense, I'm reaching out Because I see your worth, it's worth the effort without a doubt

Etching words into this paper, just to see you smile To ease your burden I will die, but walk another mile Extinguish sun, just to elevate you higher And it's all worth it, because you give me fire

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