One Life Down part 1

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15 year old Emily Grellish was walking home from school on a Thursday afternoon when she got a text. What happened next changed her life forever.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



I always knew one day I would die, but I guess someone lied….

“Okay class you can pack up your things, I will see you all tomorrow.” It was a Thursday, school just let out. I had my chestnut brown hair tied back into braided bun. I was wearing jeans with holes at the knees, a black tank top, with a black and pink flannel, and of course jet black high tops. We had around a month and 4 weeks left of school, I was so ready to leave the torture chamber. Since I live a block away from school I walk home. I was taking my usual path home, I was ready to cross the street when I got a text. I pulled out my phone to see what it said, it was just another one of those amber alerts. As I kept walking across the street I checked my phone for any other notifications. My vision went black, all was black. I could hear nothing, than something.
I could hear sirens. I tried to move but I couldn't it was as if I was tied down with a rope. I could hear someone, my mom perhaps, screaming and screaming my name “Emily! Emily! Emily!” I just wanted to scream mom, help me mom but I couldn't see, move, or speak. It was like being locked up in a cage tied to a chair inside the cage, with your loved ones outside the cage not knowing your there, no matter how many times you scream for them, and then they just walk away. I could faintly make out the words a police officer was saying to someone before I was taken away somewhere, my guess is to the hospital. I could make out “hit”. Was I dead, I couldn't be I could hear everything, almost. Then I heard doors shut and I could feel vibrations.
 I could hear a machine roaring to life. I felt something on my chest, a pulse of electricity went through my body. once more, maybe even two more times did this happen, then everything stopped, no more noises, no more feelings. Just darkness and silence.


Chapter 2   Where am I 
I sat upright in a bolt of fear. I could have sworn I died, I looked at my hands to make sure I was there than I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. A nurse walked in she looked nice, she said to me with the loveliest smile “I see you are feeling better, I will let the doctor know you are awake” I managed to spit something out before she left “wait” I said with much urgency “where am I” “in a hospital dear.” She must have thought I was an idiot. “I know that, I mean, I thought I died, where's my mother” she looked like she was hiding something, like I said something I wasn't supposed to. “It is very important I let the doctor know you are awake right away” she left, just walked away. I saw a remote, I grabbed the remote and turned the tv to the news channel. “15 year old Emily Grellish, was killed today walking home from school, police say she was on her phone when a car turned the corner just in time to hit poor Emily.” All these thoughts were going through my mind. Was I really dead. Where was I. Am I in heaven. My heart was racing, it was going so fast I thought my heart was going to jump out of my body.  A doctor walked in he saw what was on the tv and immediately grabbed the remote and turned it off. Before he had a chance to say anything I looked at him and I said “I want answers, not the fake answers like you're in a hospital, your mom has been informed. I want the real stuff” he looked confused, before he could reply I added “I want to know where I am, if I'm dead, and who you are.” 
I was kept in a room in the hospital, the door was always locked. They had given me some crap explanation for why I was here, then they shut me in this room like some animal. About two days in they brought in another girl, she looked to be around my age. She had beautiful red hair put up in a messy bun, green eyes, and a lot of freckles, she was also wearing the same hospital gown as me, white with a green trim around the neck and shoulders, it had a green ribbon that tied in the back. We were also given green pants, and green shorts incase we got too warm. She sat down next to me and looked at me for a little bit then said “hi, I'm Fiona but people call me fei” she said her name with such kindness, it made me feel like she knew exactly how I felt “Hi Fiona, I'm Emily.” Fiona asked me if I was okay “no, I guess I'm not” I said back to her. “I'm pretty freaked out I mean I don't know where I am, how I got here, or who these people are” she had worry in her voice, I figured she needed to feel reassurance “I'm sure they will answer all of our questions soon enough.” I realized then that she didn't know why she was here.
It's been a couple of weeks I assume. Fiona and I talk every day, the nurses sometimes gives us board games we can play. A doctor walks in, a beefy fellow I feel like he should be more of an actor than a doctor. “Fiona please come with me we have to tell you something very important” she leaves with the beefy doctor. Fiona returns what seems to be an hour later she looks really shaken up, I ask her if she would like to play a game of scrabble, her only response was a slight tremble followed by shaky words “we. Need. To. Get. Out. Of. Here” she paused “fast.” I didn't know how to respond “okay” was the only word I had “okay” she replied.
The next morning she told me a very devious plan she had concocted in her sleep, we put it to work. Fiona faints, it looks so realistic, “help! She's fainted” a nurse comes running in asking what has happened I said “Fiona said she wasn't feeling well than she collapsed.” The nurse had left the door to our room open, the hallways were bare. Fiona jumped up and tackled the nurse, she managed to knock her out for a little bit. That's when we made our great escape. 

Chapter 3 Town hall
We managed to weave our way between security. When we got outside I didn't know what to think. The buildings were much taller than any buildings I have ever seen, very sparkly to. Barely any grass, flowers and trees bordered the streets. Nice gray sidewalks, few cars were driving by, well actually hovering what looks to be 2 feet of the ground. “Amazing” I said in awe as we stood there watching “where are we Emily.” We walked to a thrift store we asked the lady behind the counter if she had any clothes she could spare “well I guess, but only because those outfits are definitely not doing either of you justice. Have this hair brush as well.” She was a very nice lady she let us change in the bathroom she also gave us each a little bag, her one condition was she wanted to keep the hospital gowns. I was wearing skinny jeans, with floral combat boots, a pink tee with a small pocket, and a light purple cardigan. Fiona was wearing military green skinny pants, black combat boots, a black tee with a pocket, and a military green motorcycle jacket. Fiona pulled my hair back into two French braids, so I pulled hers back in a French braid half up half down. “Um, excuse me again by chance could you tell us where we are, and what year it is.” Fiona asked very politely, they lady laughed, it was one of those laughs that wasn't to obnoxious, it just kinda hit you in the face, hard. “Wait, you mean to say you don't know where you are” I looked at the lady, like I have some hypothesis on where we are. She must have noticed me because she said “ have your friend tell you where you are, she seems to know” Fiona gave me a look like a betrayed puppy “what, no I don't. I mean. I have no clue where we are. Why would you think that.” “Fine, i'll tell you.” The lady said, she had picked up our hospital gown and placed them in a washing machine. “You're in the afterlife, it's where the dead people go” Fiona was shocked she stood there for maybe five minutes before saying “how do you figure out how you died.” “If you go to the town hall you can state your name and they will pull up a file on your death” “ which way is the town hall” “if you keep walkin’ straight soon you'll come up to a street on your left called superincumbent” “ thank you lady behind the counter, Emily are you ready to figure out how we died.” We had walked what seemed to be a couple of blocks then I looked at Fiona and said “fei, I haven't told anyone this before, partially because I've had no one to tell but I'm going to tell you now.” I told Fiona everything, I told her about my news report, I told her the fake answers that the doctors and nurses told me, I told her about what I could remember about my walk home. “Wow” was all I could get out of her. We kept walking until we reached town hall, it was this tall brick building with two white pillars in front. We walked in, there was a man and a lady open behind a counter. I went to the lady and Fiona went to the man “um, hi my name is Emily Grellish. May I please see my death report” when I said the word death, it was like I wasn't speaking English; it was like a foreign language. “Emily Grellish, died at 15, from a car accident it says here you weren't paying attention when crossing the street” “thank you, have a nice day” I must have got hit when I was checking my phone for reminders. I met up with Fiona at the door “so did you find out how you died” I asked her “ yeah, apparently I passed a bank being robbed on my way home from school so they shot me in the shoulder to take a hostage to ensure their safety, I ended up bleeding to death and as a cover up they threw me in a lake, the worst part is, is that the police are still looking for my killer” oh my gosh that is a terrible way to die. “but you know, we all have to die at some point, some deaths are more gruesome than others, it's the way life works.” She sounded fine.

Chapter 4 sassy and smart
We kept walking we were maybe 2 blocks away when I thought of something. “Wait, Fei” we stopped walking. “Maybe we should go back to town hall, so we can ask if there's a map and where we're supposed to stay.” She thought about it for a second “ yah sure.” When we turned around there was a van almost right behind us on the road, I had a very uneasy feeling about it. We started to walk again when to school girls jumped out of the van I whispered to Fiona “we still have to go to school, not fair.” She started laughing when the school girls passed us the expression on their face was worry, the one that was closest to us whispered “run.” What's that supposed to mean run. Fiona said exactly what I was thinking. We kept walking anyway. We now were almost past the van, when two people jumped out and grabbed us. 
I wasn't afraid for I had nothing else to lose. They put potato sacks over our heads and tied our hands together. “I hope you know that we have no money.” I said really loudly not really sure what good it would do. “Shut up” said a man in front of me his voice was deep and scraggly, I pictured him to be mid 30 to late 30, with a beard, brownish grayish hair. We arrived what seemed like 5-10 minutes later. They dragged us out of the van and into a cold room then set us in chairs back to back. I had no clue what they wanted with us because we have nothing. They took the sacks of our heads, there was 3 other pairs of teenagers 1 pair male the other pair female. “Hey, we gonna get this show on the road” I was so nervous, when I get nervous I freak out and seem like I'm all calm and chill. “You have any other questions, sassy” that is literally the worst comeback I have ever heard in my entire life. “No sir, I was just wondering when you were going to tell us what we're doing here.” The man with the scraggly voice was not amused. It was a long time nobody had spoken, they brought in 2 more pairs of teens then it looked like they were done. “Hey, you can't just kidnap people and expect no one to notice” that's what must have really pushed him over the edge, at that moment he pulled out a gun and heels it straight to my forehead. “Do you want to die, right here, right now” he was serious, so I decided to mess with him a bit more. “Why not, I mean I'm already dead, aren't I.” I could tell Fiona was not approving what I was doing the man with the scraggly voice leaned in closer than whispered in my ear “sassy and smart” it was by far the creepiest feeling I have ever had. He backed away taking the gun with him then walked over to his partners. “Watch out for that one” he pointed to me with the gun “she's sassy and smart.” Fiona leaned her head back and whispered to me “what is wrong with you” “I know, sorry” I knew exactly what she was talking about. “Listen up, you all have been chosen to help us” oh no, help them with what “we're pulling a heist.”

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