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This new series focuses on how the world reacts to a unspeakable tragedy, orchestrated by an assailant known only as UNCLE EDDIE. It takes place roughly 30 years after my original short story Goliath, and will be told from the perspectives of different members of the infamous Wrighteous Family.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016





A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 






London, England


30 Years After The Merovingian Address



Athena and her best friend Jedidiah have finally finished maxing out their credit cards at the stores in Kingly Court and are now headed to the most expensive restaurant they can find. With their body guards struggling to carry their large shopping bags filled with clothing , shoes and jewelry, the pair walk threw the city without a care in the world. Jedidiah raises his phone to take a selfie and after looking at it, he seeks Athena’s opinion.


“ How bout this one ? “


Athena responds.


“ Hmmmmmmmm………….. Nah, this pic makes you look like someone is shoving something up your ass. “


Jedidiah smiles before responding.


“ Exactly. “


Athena laughs before responding.


“ Tryin to make your Ex angry again ?”


Jedidiah responds.


“ Oh please, if I wanted to do that I’d post more pics of me and my new boy-toy. Like I did yesterday.”


Athena responds.


“ Jeez, why you goin so hard in the paint ?”


Jedidiah responds.


“ You actin like I started it, he was the one who cheat on me with his fuckin yoga instructor. Could he have been anymore cliché ? He shamed me more then himself. Plus I’m a ‘SNIPER’ honey, everyone in my family is either a cut-throat politician or a business shark. Were all savages who only know how to win. That momma’s-boy shoulda thought twice before crossing me. “


Athena responds.


“ Awww I didn’t realize he got to you that much. Now I gotta get in on this. I can get in touch with one of my contacts and dig up some dirt on this guy. His life will be over by the end of the week. “


Jedidiah responds.


“ Thanks bestie, but I don’t want you getting involved with thi—“


A voice coming from behind Athena interrupts Jedidiah.


“ Excuse me Ma’am, I don’t mean to disturb your conversation but these bags are unbelievably heavy. My men can’t both carry them and protect you. We’re also getting tired. We were hoping you and Mr. Sniper could make a pit stop at the hotel and drop some of this stuff off. “


Athena responds.


“ Nigga damn !? Back up off me doe. You sound like a lil bitch right now. How you gonna protect us anyway if you cant even carry some bags for a few miles. We’ll go back to the hotel when we feel like it. Dead beat. “  


Jedidiah responds.


“ Good help is so hard to find these days…. “


Athena responds.


“ For real, He bout to be fired. “


Jedidiah responds.


“ So where was I,…………….. Yeah I don’t want you getting involved with this dark shit. Focus on school. How’s that project you were working on anyway. Last I herd you were getting really passionate about it. “  


Athena responds.


“ ‘Passionate’ is a nice why of putting it, but a more realistic term would be obsessed. I pretty much never leave the house; I mean this shit is amazing. I have to show you my research on the story’s in this book. It’ll change your life………………….……“


Athena waits for a response from Jedidiah, but when she doesn’t hear anything she looks back to see him standing still. Finding his behavior odd she walks back over to him and try’s to find out if he’s ok.


“……….. Jeddy ? ………………….. Jeddy what’s wrong with you………………………. Say something ……………….. Your scaring me………………… JEDDY !? “


Jedidiah continues to stand still. Athena looks around her and notices their bodyguards weren’t moving either. She does a full 360 and see’s everyone around her is frozen stiff, even the vehicles in the street. Now panicking, Athena makes more of an effort to get Jedidiah to move.




After about three more good shakes Jedidiah does finally move. Along with the crowds of people in the area, Jedidiah gets on his knees and bows his head. The in-human synchronization of everyone bowing convinced Athena she was being pranked. She takes a moment to calm herself before responding.


“ I can’t believe you went this far to set me up. Paying off all these actors must have been hella bread. You scared the fuckin tampons out of me. “


Athena laughs before continuing.


“ Is this pay back for the whole ‘Cancun Incident “ ? Cause I apologized for that like a thousand times. “


Jedidiah remains in his bowing position and Athena continues when he doesn’t respond.


“ What did I catch on to the prank too early ? You want to milk this situation a little while longer cause that’s fine by me. I know I’m being recorded by someone around here. “


Athena scans the area and sees something abnormal occurring above her. The sky was changing color. Just a few minutes ago it was a combination of blues and whites, now it was turning a rich orange. The sky’s new color reminded Athena of what it looked like when the sun was rising from the horizon. Soon she felt a burning sensation on her right arm and when she looked at it, it appeared as if some one was carving a symbol into her flesh. The pain got so bad Athena started crying and screaming. Ounce the symbol was complete, Athena heard a voice call out to her.


“ ..Sacrilege………. “


Looking in the direction of the voice Athena saw something come out of the ground. At first it looked like a shadow, until its wings stretched out and its body took form. The specter was covered in a long black gown and wore an old fashioned hat with a brim so large it concealed a majority of its face. The only thing that wasn’t hidden beneath some type of garment were its hands, which looked more beast-like then human. Athena was no longer ignorant to the situation and she makes the proper response to the specters arrival. 


“ My Lord,……… what provoked you to grace me with your presence. “


The specter reaches into its gown and retrieves a Bible. Athena begins to quiver, and quickly drops to her knees and bows her head before responding.


“ Forgive me MY LORD, I obtained that piece of literature purely for academic reasons. Its contents haven’t corrupted my faith in the slightest. “


When Athena looks back up after bowing, the specter was standing over her. She jumps back in fear, but the specter doesn’t allow her to get away. It grabs her by the hair and begins carving a symbol into her fore head with the claw of its free hand. Athena screams the entire time, until she faints from the pain. Its task complete, the specter tosses Athena to the ground like trash and disappears.


© Copyright 2018 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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