2081: Welcome to the Herd

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In this 1981 inspired story the gadget revolution has fully enabled big brother and the controls on society to become a reality. The tyranny in the new society is horrific.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



2081:  Welcome to the Herd


I hate this life.  I hate myself.  I hate my therapist.  I hate the government.  I hate everything but the citizen specialist.  They are doing a wonderful job making the world a better place.  Hating the right things make you a good citizen a good citizen is the building block of a better world.  

I am a maintenance technician for a giant clothing factory.  It is the end of the month and the production line has been shut down for another morale team building meeting.  Of course their is no morale building this is the scare you into line reminder meeting.  There will be the scapegoat stooge that represents everything that is wrong.  Of course the citizen specialist will take special care to improve his or her and they disappear for a while and sometimes they disappear forever never to be heard from again.  The ones that do come back are never right again.  Then there is the ideal worker who has been selected as the ideal citizen worker striving for a better tomorrow for all of us.  He would get a special hat and some special privileges and he or she would be so honored and humbled by the whole experience.  Those people were always the same.  Slow mindless idiots that have been bought the whole lie we live hook line and sinker.  

As I get to the meeting hall I can smell the fear.  Of course that feels me with fear.  First rule of surviving is to always be afraid second rule never be brave and above all else question nothing and accept everything. My only friend grabs my arm.  “There are special enforcer officers here with extra citizen specialist somebody is in big trouble.  Do you think we are going to get a public execution.”  He says a little to loud.  I quickly stomp his foot.  “Sam there are no executions there are only essential forceful reminders when their is a gross infraction of the peaceful citizen constitution.”  I say to him.  “Thank you so much for correcting me.  They just scare me so bad.”  He says to me robotically.  Our smart phones are always listening and running our conversations through algorithms and his first statement could have been enough to get him red flagged.  Get red flagged too much and you will get special monitoring by a citizen specialist.  That is all it takes to start the momentum of being red listed.  It only gets worse from there and always ends with the person just disappearing with no explanation, they are never seen again.  The system knows that Sam and I interact so our entire conversation should be screened together and instead of a red flag it should get changed to yellow flagged.  Being friends with Sam is dangerous.  He is the best maintenance technician I have ever seen and he has the conceited idea that his productivity will shield him.  I should cut ties with him before I get sucked in.  With Elizabeth being as far along in her pregnancy I have to take special precaution that we don’t get flagged for necessary resource conservation procedure.  AKA forceful abortion.  Another tool in the arsenal of  the citizen specialist.  

The room gets quiet as the plant manager with a high ranking young member dressed in a special simple black uniform steps on to the stage.  This is going to be a bad bad day.  I hate the executions.  Low ranking stooges are already spreading out plastic sheeting used to contain the coming mess.  They are not even trying to pretend that their will be a chance to repent from the infraction.  For all that is hidden some things are publically shared.  Every citizen should see an essential forceful reminder every 5 to 10 years, and a large group essential forceful reminder (mass execution) once in their lifetime.  Of course this is all to maintain a tranquil happy environment for all citizens to enjoy.  I am going to have a lot of nightmares for the next couple of months.

Without a microphone or speakers we all hear our manager speak through our earpieces linked to our individual smartphones.  “I am sad to say we have had a major infraction of the religious freedom act.  We must live in a society that is free from the poison of a belief in a fake deity that has dictates that supersede common sense.  As is the problem of large industrial facilities we have discovered evidence that this infestation never fully disappears.  It is essential that if you support our perfect civilization or reporting any suspicious activity.  It may be painful but it is better to get rid of one rotten apple then to wait and have to get rid of 10 rotten apples.  With me I have special agent Pulaski”  The plant manager steps aside and a young man steps forward.  The executioners are always young.  I bet there is a good reason for that.  “We have been alerted through the intelligent screening process of an individual with possible religious convictions.  Upon a thorough review we found concrete evidence.  We found in their home hand written documents of forbidden reading material.  Perhaps it started as an innocent curiosity and as is the case with forbidden documents a dear citizen was lead astray.  That is why they are FORBIDDEN!!  It is dangerous to read.  Agents let us get this over with arrest the guilty.  With that a group of heavily armed and armored men storm into the large room.  They move in a triangle formation shoving everyone out of their way.  The lead guy is wearing special glasses that is probably leading him straight to the victim.  As they get closer I am getting scared when a terrifying thing happens.  Sam looks over at me “Ah hell John looks like the gig is up goodbye and have a good life.  I hope they don’t take your child for knowing me.”  The group barges through and grabs Sam dragging him away  from me.  “Also could citizen John Stevens please step up.”  The sound of agent Pulaski calling me stuns me to the core.  Walking on autopilot I head towards the stage.  The crowd breaks apart before me.  I have a deadly contagious plague.  The parties full undivided attention on me.  As I step up onto the stage the blasted agent has a superior smirk on his face.  Not only does he believe in what he does, he is enjoying the hell out of it.  Sam is already bound up on his knees.  They don’t even bother with a blindfold, the sadistic bastards want him to see it coming.  “Do you deny you were in possession of forbidden documents noncitizen Sam Miller.”  The agent says for  all to hear.  “Nope it was the book of John and I am a Christian.  I don’t deny it I profess it.  The worst you can do is kill me.”  His confession is broadcast to everyone to hear.  “And die you shall.”  The agent says.  “John the system has identified you as being his closest friend here.  Rather than going through a lengthy thorough investigation we have found it easier and more effective and time saving to give you the chance to be the instrument of essential forceful reminder.  He holds a gun up to me.  “Of course you probably had no idea and if this is too…..”  I cut him off by grabbing the gun walking up, putting the gun to Sam's head and as he says “It is OK John I” BANG.  I don’t even let him complete his last words.  As the blood sprays and his body falls there is a collective gasp from the crowd.  My actions are unusually cold even for this world.  “Damn that was cold.”  I hear the agent mumble.  No one knows what is really going on in my head.  I have a wife that I love and an unborn child I desperately want to see the light of day.  I am numb and unable to move.  I have just killed my best friend in cold blood in front of all my colleagues.  I can faintly hear our plant manager droning on about how we all have intelligent devices (our smartphones) that is always watching so that we can live in a better world.  When I was a rebellious teenager I had secretly read a book called 1981.  This similar world was so much worse.  


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