Angel of the Guild

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Shadow has been a member of Thorne Guild for 8 years, after her parents gave her up. Now in her new assignment Shadow learns that the past she knows isn't the truth.

Submitted: May 15, 2016

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Submitted: May 15, 2016




“Shadow, restrain them!” He yelled though his clenched jaw.

She glowered at him through her black feathered hair.  He may had been the ‘leader’ of their party, but at the end of the day, he was still a mutated pawn for Thorne Guild just like her.  She cocked her head to the right to look at the man and his son. With one swift movement Shadow raised her arm and the darkness from the coroners of the room moved. It seeped swiftly across the room like thick black smoke.

The darkness wrapped itself around the necks of the man and boy lifting them up off of the floor. The man begun kicking which was useless, but the boy remained calm and stared at Shadow with wide eyes.

 “Now I’ll ask you one last time Mrs. Lysendra, give us your Light Orbs” Tavery’s face twisted into a mocking smile.

The woman looked from Tavery, to Shadow to her beloved husband and son, but didn’t move. Shadow saw her twitching, as if her body wanted to act independently of her mind.

“Fine, ok” she stood putting her hands up in surrender. She walked to the walk and pushed her hand through it. The wall moved like oil to her touch, consuming her hand and wrist. Tavery looked at the woman with jealously. Tavery was a man consumed with want, his hunger for power put Shadow on edge.  Tavery wanted her endowment. The majority are blessed with such things; powers you could call them. But it seemed the Endo-gene which carried the endowment people would get, is easily extracted. Some undergo genetic modification to add endowments to themselves. Shadow didn’t know if this was common everywhere but inside Thorne Guild it was treasured, and Tavery, who already had over 13, wanted more. The woman, after fumbling around inside of the walls for a good amount of time, pulled out her hand, the wall tuning back to concrete as she did. She was holding to small Light Orbs in her hand. Tavery’s smile disappeared as was now replaced with seriousness.

“Hand it to me” he held out his hand, but the woman didn’t move. Tavery’s head snapped around in Shadows direction, which had now come to mean ‘increase force’. Shadow slowly started to tighten the shadows around their necks, causing them to gasp and turn red. This made the boy tear his gaze from Shadow and squeezed his eyes shut.

“No! Stop it!” the woman walked over to Tavery and handed him the small orbs.

“Fabulous” Tavery said with a calming smile on his face. “Let’s go Shadow” then he strode out as calm as a falling feather. Shadow dissolved the darkness, which slowly crept back to the corners it came from, and shook out her newly added wings.  They always ached when she was forced to manipulate people, as if her endowment rejected the idea of hurting people or just rejected her. She didn’t always have wings; they were a new addition. They had explained the procedure to her beforehand, her back was cut open and had the wings attached by connecting the bones with metal plating and screws. Shadow never really gave thought to where they had come from, but when she did, she was plagued with then, to the point where she dismissed them form her mind. 

The woman ran over with a sigh of relief and hugged her husband and son with looks of happiness and joy flooding their faces.

“Shadow!” yelled Tavery who was standing in the hall looking oddly amused, as if he had sheared a sly joke with himself.  

With a jolt Shadow turned from the family ready to walk away, but then she felt the energy of the boy change as he stood and slowly walked toward Shadow. She turned back to face the boy, confused with his sudden change.

“It is you, isn’t it” Said the boy with a hopeful gaze. The boy was slim, from the lack of food Shadow suspected. He had a strong jaw with complimentary cheek bones. His hair was longish, longer then all of the other guys hair from the guild. His hair looked feather soft and fell past his ears, not quite toughing his shoulders. He was cute, she thought. “You look different” he said eyeing her up and down.

Shadow looked passed him to his mother and father who look equally as confused as she did. Tavery had returned from his spot in the hall and was now resting on the door, with the amused look on his face.

“I don’t know you” replayed Shadow, keeping her voice nonchalant

“I noticed, but I know you. Misanna”

Misanna. He had called her Misanna. Misanna, the name sounded foreign as it echoed around in her head. Then as is a switch flipped in her head the name hit her like a blot of lighting. The name was hers. Misanna, her given name that she had before she was given up to join Thorne Guild. No one but the records should have known her given name, not even her she had forgotten all about it, all about her past. This boy must have known her before she was given up to the guild. Before the mutation. Before the fighting, the blood and the murder, this boy knew her. The old her. Even Shadow couldn’t bottle up her curiosity.

“My name, how do you know it?” her voice was pitched high as if she were asking a forbidden question. As the words rolled out of her mouth they stung her lips like poison.  

The boy gleamed “So it is you!  I don’t believe it! You’re alive and” the boys voice trailed off, his face grimacing “what happened to you?” he looked into her eyes, they were one thing that were exactly as he remembered, forest green with flecks of brown.

 The rest of her was different, like it wasn’t here at all. He wondered if this was a sick ploy, but those eyes. They were defiantly her eyes; He could never forget them. She stood ridged with her head angled downward. Her skin no longer has the beautiful sun-kissed glow it one had, it was pale almost as pale as death itself, like all the blood had been drained out of her. Her face was still small but her cheeks sunk in slightly. Not from lack of food, but from a bone re-contracture, he guessed. Her once sandy blonde hair was now raven black and fell like feathers down passed her shoulders. Not to mention the addition of wings.

Shadow peered down, did she really look so different? For as long as she could remember, she had looked like this.

“I’m Zeren” He said placing a hand to his chest “This is my mother Tenyé, and my father Tonath” he gave a quick glance back to his parents but his eyes were back on Shadow as quickly as they left, as if her were afraid she’d disappear is he looked away too long. 

“Well, isn’t this a surprise-!” Said Tavery injecting himself into the conversation, Shadow had almost forgotten he was stood there. “a turn of events! Shadow, will you be able to be their watcher knowing this?” Tavery put a hand to his forehead the way a damsel in distress does in movies. He knew, he already knew who these people were.

“What do you mean ‘watcher’?” asked Tonath pushing Tenyé behind him as his spoke. 

“Hm?” Tavery said mockingly “oh that. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. We just need to ensure all persons are obeying the new quarter rules”

“What new rules?” Echoed Tonath with a slight sting to his words.

“Oh right, you all would have been informed tomorrow but I think we can tell you now” Tavery’s smile deepened, it looked so pure and so true which made Shadow’s her nose twitch as she knew it was all false “Shadow?” he said calmly.

All eyes were on her now. With all the commotion she’d almost forgotten the instructions. She cleared her throat and spoke with a flat mono toned voice. The information pouring out of her like a robot following mindless orders “Guild Throne has now taken and secured quarter 3c. But do not threat, this will be beneficial to you and your families. On work days and school days, households are to awake at 7:30. You must then get ready and leave for work or school. After this is done you are required to return home at 9:30, you must not stop to talk, you must not go to any clubs, you must return straight home at this time or else there will be punishments. When you return you must stay in your home until bed which is as 10.” As Shadow relied the rules their faces were flooded with emotions; anger, confusion, dread.

 “On Weekends” she continued “you are free to awake and sleep when you wish, and return and leave when you wish however the curfew of 9:30 still applies.  You may make phone calls, however these must be documented, time for call, end of call and whom you were talking to. Leaving the quarter is not permitted, if it is absolutely necessary then talk your-” She swallowed

“- talk to your House Manger about making arrangements, this will also need documenting. This is for your own good I hope we can work together” Shadow sucked in a breath and tuned to Tavery for a satisfied nod but received nothing, then she looked down as Tavery started talking.

“Those new rules” Tavery smirked at Tonath “They will be enforced from tomorrow.” He pushed himself off of the door and ran a hand over his short cut hair. “Shadow will return tomorrow also, to ensure all rules are being followed” once again Tavery begun walking out “Come Shadow, for real this time” Shadow skimmed over the faces of her new prisoners then followed after Tavery without a word.

“See you tomorrow Misanna” Said Zeren after she’d gone. He hadn’t been this happy for eight years.




At 7:30 Shadow turned up to Zeren’s front door and knocked. No answer. Shadow moved the darkness around the doorframe and concentrating it at the hinges and pressed. The hinges broke and the door fell open in front of her Shadow walked to the bottom of the stairs.

“Wake up now! It is 7:30, you must wake now!” She was met with silence. With a huff she took out a small silver ball and pressed the little red button which was at the bottom. Then little green lights lit up in random patterns all over the ball, then it began to hover allowing Shadow to let go, it projected a count down in the air. 5, 4, 3, 2: Shadow placed two small ear plugs in her ears. 1. Then the ear splitting chime begun to ring. It made the wooden banister on the stairs shake and picture hanged on the walls sway. The chime went on for no more than 6 seconds until Tenyé stumbled down the stairs followed by Tonath and Zeren.They stood there and Tonath burned his gaze into her, he was obviously not a morning person. She glared back grabbed the ball and pressed the little red button at the same time.  The chiming stopped and relief seeped into their faces.


“You were informed that you were to wake at 7:30. You were not awake when I arrived” said Shadow cutting Tonath off. “I suggest you get ready for your days’ work so you can leave on time” Shadow crossed her arms, annoyed at them taking this so lightly.

Thorne Guild slightly marched into this quarter, disarming all alarms and killing those of power, talking it over without so much as a whisper, without rising any suspicion. The amount of power Throne Guild had was not to be taken lightly. Did they have a death sentence?

When no one moved Shadows face hardened “Now!” she yelled bring an incline of colour to her cheeks.

“You can’t waltz into our home and demand us around!” Tonath spat the words out as holding them in made him sick.

“Then die!” darkness rose from between the floorboards, moving in mirror to Shadows finger, as if the darkness was attached to her fingers with strings. It moved up creating two long streams. Then, a moment later, flew up his nose.

Tonath snorted, tripping down the stairs and falling onto the floor.  He tried to suck air in though his mouth to no avail.  His throat burned like a fire had been lit in his stomach and lungs. His face was now a deep purple and he clawed at his throat and flung his legs around wildly. Then the darkness slowly started creeping from the corners of his eyes inching its way toward his irises. 

“Stop this! Please!” cried Tenyé putting her hands to her mouth.

“Misanna, please!” Zeren stood right in front of Shadow looking deep into her eyes.

“His defiance isn’t appreciated” Said Shadow “will you promise his cooperation from here on out?”


© Copyright 2017 Jay Leo. All rights reserved.

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