Sally be nice

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This story about the monster Sally tenderloin was written for the insane asylum contest by: HorrorZombieAssassin

Submitted: May 15, 2016

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Submitted: May 15, 2016



Sally tenderloin a.k.a Sally loin 
A 8 year old girl was getting meat from the butchers shop for her mom, when she walked in only half of her came out. Sally walked in and asked for some tenderloins, the butcher was having a very bad and decided to take it out on poor Sally. Sally's head got cut off piece by piece. The butcher was hanged for his actions but little poor Sally loin would never forgive him.

 Sally loin is a monster. She has her hair in perfect pigtails her head is stitched together piece by piece and then connected to her head, her mother wanted to save Sally she thought that by doing so she would, but she only created a monster. When Sally loin came back alive she sliced her mother's head off and then butchered up her meat and made sausages out of her. Anyone who entered that butcher shop would get there head sliced off. Until one day little Sally wasn't little any more she had gotten bigger, she had eaten too many human sausages. Nobody would come to the butcher shop, so she didn't have any food. One day a family from out of town came into the butcher shop. Sally cut of everyone's head except the little 10 year old girl, Sally sliced her right down the back, scooped out all her insides, and then climbed right into the little girl. She now knew how to steal people's identity. So since no one recognized her as herself she could roam the streets taking all the victims she wanted. Till one day she was caught. She was removed from the little girl's body, and sentenced to hang. On the day of her hanging a storm came a struck her with lightning. She grew 4 times her original height, she's now 16 feet tall She has a butchers knife the size of a cow, she could kill king Kong in one hit. Her defense is amazing, when someone goes to attack her, a meat force field covers her, almost impenetrable.
Sally tenderloin wiped out the city she used to love in less than 10 hours the small islands known as the bermuda triangle used to be a vacation hotspot until the accident with little Sally tenderloin. The government made up the myth of the Bermuda Triangle to keep people safe. Ever since that accident Sally tenderloin has been trying to get off the island for years. They say anyone who goes in the Bermuda Triangle never comes back, what they don't know is it's because of little Sally tenderloin.

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