Hide Your Lies

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This is a short story I wrote for a contest. It is based on The Weeknd's song "The Hills" (if you didn't already know that lol)

Emma. She thought she knew what she wanted when she started dating Dalton so many years ago. She was happy, at first, but you know things change. She's known Abel practically all her life and there's always been something about him. She knows he's a bad influence and should stay away but she can't. When she finally lets him in her life, she starts freaking out about her perfect image. Will she forget the haters or will she try to Hide the Lies?

Submitted: May 15, 2016

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Submitted: May 15, 2016



Hide Your Lies

He was everything I ever imagined. What I looked for in a guy, was him. His eyes were perfect. His hair was divine. His body frame...left me speechless. I would date him in a heart beat.
If I was single. I had to remind myself daily that I was happy with my boyfriend, Dalton. I had to tell myself he was the one and that we were the cutest couple, like everyone envisioned. I loved Dalton.

But there was something about the other guy.

Abel Tesfaye had been in my life for as long as I could remember. We weren't the closest of friends, but we did know each other. My mom use to work with his mom, we went to the same school, and we both lived in Beverly Hills. I wasn't sure his exact location, but I knew it was close to my gated residential.

I only knew it was close because we waited at the same bus stop each morning. Mornings were what I looked forward to the most. Not because of school, but because it would just be Abel and me.

I stood at the corner of the street with my hands buried deep in my pockets. The cool autumn breeze blew my hair in my eyes and made me get a chill. I looked towards the other end of the street, waiting for Abel. He was usually always in a rush to get to the corner; always running late. I caught a glimpse of him, jogging towards me with his books in his hands.

His short black hair was still damp from the shower. He smiled when he noticed me. "Emma!" He hollered my name while he was still a little ways off, but I grinned and threw my hand up, waving.

Once he made it to the stop, he started panting. "Were you afraid I wouldn't make it," he asked in between breaths.

"I knew you would make it," I murmured. "You always do." Abel pushed his bangs out of his eyes and readjusted the weight of his books. "That's right. I always make it!"

I held his gaze for a little longer, then broke away before he thought I was staring. To avoid an awkward silence, I asked, "Are you ready for that big history exam?"

History was one of the many classes I had with Abel. It was also one of the hardest classes of my junior year of high school. I studied as much as possible, where as, Abel hardly picked up the book.

He snorted. "No. I'll just cheat and if I pass, yay. If I fail, add it to the rest of my failing classes."

I rolled my eyes. "You know you can't cheat your way to a diploma, Abel."

"I don't have time for studying. I had big plans this week. Plans way more important than a stupid exam."

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh? And what would that be?"

Abel grinned. "I had front row seats to The Weeknd's show in Chicago last Friday."

The Weeknd was one of my favorite artists. A tinge of jealousy snuck its way into my head. If I would've had tickets to that concert, I wouldn't have studied either. I wondered if he went by himself or with someone?

"Where's that boy toy of yours?" Abel asked suddenly.

That 'boy toy' he was referring to was my boyfriend, Dalton. He was a bit older than me and already graduated. We had been together all through high school. Right now, he was an intern for the Weeknd's manager, Cash Esmailian at Maverick Management.

"He's actually landed a job as an intern for The Weeknd's manager. He was most likely at that concert you went to Friday."

Abel raised his eyebrows. "Pretty impressive. Did he not want to take you with him?"

I held my history book up and smirked. "Test, remember? Plus he can't bring people to his job."

Our conversation got cut short by the familiar rev of the school bus' engine. I turned towards the flashing lights and waited for the doors to open. Once we were on that bus, Abel and I went our separate ways. He sat with his friends and I sat with mine.


School went by relatively fast that day. Before I knew it, I was in history class, last period of the day. I sat at my desk and drummed my pencil against the side of the desk. I was uneasy about the exam. The bell rang and the rest of the class filed into the room. I looked across the aisle of desks towards Abel's. He wasn't there.

Once the exam was over, I asked permission to use the bathroom. At the school, the boys' room and the girls' room is side by side. I was just about to open the door when I noticed Abel coming out of the restroom. His back was turned away from me, but he turned when I spoke up.

"Hey, Abel. You weren't in history class. What happened?"

I looked at his eyes and knew immediately what he had been doing. He noticed my face and started getting nervous. "Look, Emma. I was feeling a bit stressed. I...I have a lot going on right now and I need to relax. You can't tell anyone."

My grip tightened on the bathroom door. "I won't have to tell, Abel. Your eyes are red and bloodshot. An idiot could figure out what you've been doing."

Abel placed his hand on my shoulder. "I'm planning on staying in the bathroom until the effect wears off. Look, I've been doing this for awhile, Emma. I'll be alright, ok? Just...please don't tell."

I sighed. "Fine. I won't tell anyone..."

Relief quickly washed over his face. "Thank you so much, Em-"

Interrupting, I continued, "But you should really try to get off the drugs, Abel. Get some help."

"I don't need rehab, Em. I can quit anytime I want to." With that, he pushed the boys' room door back open and vanished behind it.


That evening, I was laying in my bed with my headphones on, blasting Panic! at the Disco. I didn't hear my mom knocking on my door or hollering my name.

Finally, she just turned the knob and barged on in. She startled me and I sat straight up from the pillows, knocking my headphones off my ears. "Emma, I have been saying your name behind that door for a good five minutes," she said with her arms crossed.

"Does that give you a right to just waltz into my room?" I said under my breath, but she heard it.

My mom rolled her eyes and proceeded to grab my laundry basket. I got up from my bed and started putting my running shoes on. "Going somewhere," my mom asked while rummaging through the dirty clothes.

I pulled a hoodie on over my tank and started towards the door. "Yeah," I replied. "I'm going for a run."

My mom was behind me. "You're going for a run now? It's already half past five. What about dinner?"

"I've went jogging before way later than this. I'll be back in time for dinner. Love you. Bye." I slammed the door behind me and started down the street with a brisk jog.

My neighborhood was pretty active on pretty days. Usually, I wasn't the only one out jogging. Some of the residents would walk their dogs, walk their babies, or like me, walk to get away from it all.

I loved my mom, but sometimes she was naggy. Ever since my dad left, her mood completely changed. I turned the corner, leaving the subdivision, and started down the main street.

My speed increased and I wasn't really focusing on what was ahead of me. I collided with someone and landed flat on my bottom. I looked up and was preparing myself for the rude comment from the person, but it didn't come.

The person was Abel.

"You alright," he asked holding out his hands. I grabbed them and he effortlessly hoisted me back on my feet. I patted the dirt off my clothes and replied, "I'm fine. Sorry about bumping into you. I didn't even see you there."

"I like to blend in with my surroundings. Must've worked," He responded with a smirk.

We stood there just looking at each other, when one of my friends, Gwyn came walking up. "Hey girly," she greeted me.

She stopped beside me and eyed Abel suspiciously. "What are you doing over in this part of town," she continued.

"I decided to change my usual run. Different sights," I responded. Abel leaned up against the brick wall of a building and watched us, evidently waiting for Gwyn or me to speak to him.

Gwyn took me by the arm and started steering me in the opposite direction of Abel. While she was rambling on about some party, I turned my head to look back at him. He gave me a sheepish smile and waved.  Once we turned the corner, Gwyn stopped and put both her hands on my shoulders.

"Ok, spill. What in the world were you doing talking to Abel Tesfaye? You know he's bad news."

"Gwyn," I started.

She kept talking. "I'm serious, Emma. There's rumors about him floating around the school. He does cocaine. You're a smart girl, Em. You don't need to be talking to people like him."

My mind wandered back to earlier at school, when I caught Abel at the bathroom. He told me nobody knew, but obviously people figured he did. "Gwyn, I know about the rumors. But I try to be nice to everyone."

"He doesn't deserve nice, Emma. C'mon let's go back to your house and get dressed."

"For what?" I seriously had no idea what she was talking about, but by the look on her face, I should have.

Gwyn rolled her eyes. "Dammit, Emma. Did you not hear any of what I was telling you back there? There's a huge party going on at my neighbor's house. I was invited and we should totally go!"

"I don't know, Gwyn. Last time your neighbor had a party, didn't the police get called?"

She was clearly getting frustrated with me. "Just for having the music too loud. Please Em, don't make me go to this kick ass party alone!"

I knew I wasn't going to win this battle. She saw my look of defeat before I said anything. "Fine. I'll go...but only if you let me shower first."



Gwyn lived in the same subdivision but on a different street than me. Her neighbor's massive mansion was aglow with spotlights and blasting loud party mixes. I sat in a wooden lawn chair on the back patio watching all her party guests pass around bottles of any alcoholic beverage you could think of. I had lost track of where Gwyn went, but figured she would pop up sooner or later.

Although the music was blaring and I couldn't hear the ringing, I felt my phone vibrating in my jeans pocket.

I beamed. Dalton was calling me! I moved further away from the music and answered, "Dalton? Hey!"

"Hey Emma! Sorry I haven't been able to talk much. Cash has been barking orders all week. How have you been?"

I plugged my other ear and replied, "I completely understand. Um...I've been ok. There was a really tough exam in history this week. I'm nervous about the grade."

There was no response on the other line. "Dalton?" I still didn't hear anything, at first, but then I heard a man yelling.

"Yes, Mr. Esmailian. I'm sorry. I'll get right on that..."

I held my phone closer to my ear, and Dalton came back on the line. "Sorry about that, Em. Listen...I've got to go. I'm not really suppose to be talking to anyone while at work. Call you later?"
Dalton sounded sincere, and I was super disappointed, but I didn't let him know. "Oh. I get it, Dalton. It's ok...I'll talk to you soon."

The phone clicked without him even saying goodbye. My heart felt crushed. I wasn't really in a party mood to begin with, but now I definitely wanted to go home.

I started walking back towards my seat, when I noticed someone staring at me. I couldn't really make out the face, but when I peered closer, my eyes widened.

Abel was standing in a corner with a bunch of guys and girls. Even though all the people around him were having fun, he seemed to be focused on one thing.


I looked around to make sure Gwyn wasn't around and started walking towards Abel's group. He shook his head and made me stop in my tracks. He gestured towards the pool house and I nodded to him.

When I made my way through the crowd, Abel was already at the side of the building, leaning against it. "How's it going, Em? I didn't expect to see you here."

"Yeah...parties aren't really my thing," I yelled over the loud booming music. "Gwyn practically begged me to come with her." Abel raised his head and smirked. "She's a bitch."

Usually, I would defend her. Gwyn was one of my best friends. But, instead, I found myself giggling. "She can be at times," I murmured.

Abel lowered his head, hiding his eyes under his dark lashes. He seemed super relaxed. It dawned on me. "Abel...are you high right now?"

"Would you be upset if I was?" He raised an eyebrow and casually reached out for a wayward strand of my hair. He pushed it out of my eyes, and I shivered when his fingertips brushed my forehead.

"Why do you do drugs, Abel? Especially crack. That's highly addictive." I crossed my arms and held his gaze.

He broke the staring and looked down at his shoes. "I've been doing cocaine for years, Em. I don't even get high that much anymore...it's basically decaf for me."

I moved closer to him. "Then it should be easy for you to quit," I whispered.

He moved away from me. "It's not so simple. And if I was to bet money, I'd say your boy toy does the same thing as me."

Why bring Dalton into this?

"You don't even know him! He's actually making something out of himself. He works hard for what he has," I said sounding very upset.

Abel moved back towards me. "He doesn't work hard enough for one thing he has."

"What's that?"

I didn't noticed how close Abel was until I felt the heat radiating off his skin.

"You," he whispered.


I stood in front of Abel, complete astonished at his response. Did he really just say that?
"D..Dalton works hard for me. He calls me as much I he can. He's busy, Abel."

Abel rolled his eyes. "If I was him, I would call you everyday...no matter how busy I was."

"Trying to keep it up is not so simple," I mumbled. I didn't move from Abel, his body providing just enough warmth the evening breeze. He looked down at me and lifted my chin up to look back at him. His eyes were dilated. I read that was a side effect of using cocaine.

But the way he was looking at me, sent shivers down my spine. I turned my head away from him.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Can't help myself. You're hot, Emma."

Although it was forward, I felt my cheeks reddening from his statement. He must've noticed, also, because I felt his fingers lace between mine. "How bout we leave this place?" I looked over at the mansion, hoping to spot Gwyn in the mass of people, but it was no use. "I should really find Gwyn," I replied.

"Is she staying at your place tonight?" Abel was still holding my hand and started tracing circles on my knuckles. I nodded my head, unable to speak because of his touch.

Abel whispered, "I'll come by if you send your friend home." I removed my hand from his and stepped back from. "W...what do I tell her?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Say you drank some of the spiked punch, it is spiked by the way, and you got sick. You don't want any company tonight." It sounded so simple when Abel described it, but I had the fear I would screw it up.

Instead of confessing that, I nodded my head and started walking away from him. "Emma."

Abel was starting to walk back to his group, but stopped. "You'll have to send me the info, or I can't find your house."


I was stuck driving Gwyn home since she got so drunk at the party. She had already puked in her neighbor's shrub bushes and passed out on the diving board. "Gwyn," I had been trying to keep her awake since we got in her car, but she kept falling asleep. I said her name again. "Gwyn?"

Gwyn raised her head up from the window and squinted her eyes at me. "Emma? What are we doing? Why is my head pounding?"

"You got wasted at that party. I'm taking you home." I was stopped at a traffic light and looked over at her. She looked awful. Her hair was moist with her sweat and god knows what else. Her makeup was smeared. But, she was the same Gwyn.

"Do you have any gum or mints? Anything..." She started searching in my glovebox while I shook my head no. "Why are you taking me home? I thought I was crashing at your place tonight?"
I started drumming my thumbs against the steering wheel. This was it. "Yeah...but I drank a little bit too. I'm starting to feel queasy and I just want to go to bed."

Gwyn eyed me suspiciously. "You don't drink alcohol."

"...I had the punch. I'm pretty sure someone spiked it." I pulled into her driveway and parked her car. When I handed her her purse, she frowned. "You didn't have a good time, did you?"

Before I could answer, she opened her door. "I know you don't like parties, Em. I dragged you to that stupid thing and then deserted you. I'm sorry."

I climbed out of her car and met her at the front. She hugged me tightly. When she pulled apart, I smiled. "Try to get some sleep, Gwyn. I'll message you tomorrow."

Once Gwyn safely made it inside, I pulled out of the driveway feeling guilty. Why did I put myself through all of this? For Abel?

I pulled out my phone and dialed his number. He answered on the second ring. "Emma?"

"Well hello to you too," I said with a smirk. I heard him chuckle in the background. "Forgive me," he replied. "Hey, Emma."

I turned onto my street and an awkward silence filled the phone's speakers. "So...are you still wanting to come by?"

I heard Abel breathing slowly. "...Are you wanting me to come over?"

"Why else would I send Gwyn home?" I reached my house and pulled into the garage. My mom had left the light on and I already knew she would be asleep in the living room. She always attempted to wait up for me, but always failed. "I'll send you my address," I stated and then hung up.


When I walked inside, I heard soft voices coming from the TV. It was way late in the night and a infomercial was flashing on the screen. I looked over at my mom with sympathy. She looked much older than her actual age. Her hair was graying at the roots and new wrinkles had formed on her face. Most likely from stress. I took a blanket off the sofa and cover her bare arms. I gave her a quick peck on the forehead and rushed upstairs.

I texted Abel as soon as I shut my bedroom door. When the message sent, I pulled my party clothes off and replaced them with simple cotton pajamas. Not even five minutes had passed, when I heard my phone ping. Ok. That's all the message said. I replied back by telling him not to go to the front door, but instead the garage door. He texted me again and told me he was there.

I tiptoed downstairs and into the kitchen. The garage was connected to the kitchen and when I opened the door, I saw Abel behind the glass screen door. He gave me a small smile. I held my finger up to my mouth, silencing him.

My hand intertwined with his and I led him through the kitchen and back upstairs. When I shut my door, I turned to him and exhaled. "Ok...you can speak now."

"Hey." He looked at me with a serious expression but his tone was light with humor. I grinned.

"Well...welcome to my home."

Abel looked around and pursed his lips. "Spacious," he murmured, moving over to my bed.

"Thanks?" I walked over to my bed and sat down beside him.

"Have you heard from Dalton yet?"

His question was so off-the-wall random. I arched my eyebrow. "What?"

Abel shrugged his shoulders. "Wasn't he suppose to call you back?" Abel's eyes didn't move from mine. It was like he was trying to look into my soul and I quickly darted my eyes away from him.

When I didn't answer, he smirked. "You don't have to answer me, Em. I already know the answer."

I started fiddling with a part of my hair. I was getting nervous because of Abel. "You don't know anything about him! He loves me, Abel. You just don't understand what love is."

"I know what love is. It's definitely not you and Dalton. I don't believe for one second that y'all are the star couple that everyone say you are. That's just a shitty story."

My eyes went back to Abel's. He had scooted closer to me. Our hands barely inches from touching. Why did I tell him to come here?

"Why did you even come here," I wondered aloud.

Abel's hand grazed mine. It was a soft and small touch, but I got shivers once again. "I just want to get out of the friend zone, Em."

I can't remember who leaned in first, me or him, but before I knew it we were kissing. Abel's lips felt rough against mine. He placed his right hand on my neck and pulled my face closer to him. I should have been fighting him. Pushing him away from me, but instead I pulled him closer to me.

This is what I wanted, wasn't it?

I had climbed onto Abel's lap when he finally pulled away from my kiss. Although I didn't want to stop, I needed to breathe. Abel had succeeded in doing something Dalton never could: take my breath away. Abel noticed my hard breathing and smiled. "Maybe we should stop," he murmured.

Are you kidding me? "Why," I asked incredulously. Abel pushed my hair out of my eyes. "For the sake of your relationship," he simply replied. "I don't want to jeopardize the star couple's feelings for one another."

"Oh please! Our relationship was doomed when he got that job and moved to Chicago." Abel's eyes widened at my remark. "He...moved?"

Nobody knew that Dalton had, in fact, moved to Chicago. I just chose to tell people he was there temporarily to avoid the sympathetic looks. "Yes," I said, sounding defeated. "He moved there about a month ago."

Abel had his hands resting right above my hips. I felt him move them upwards. "Well," he said sounding a bit husky. "Forget what I just said."

He pulled me closer and started pushing my t-shirt up. I lifted my arms in the air and he slipped it off me and tossed it across the room. His hands started roaming my skin, sending chills all over my body. I held my hands on either side of his face and kissed him hard with passion. I needed this. I kept telling myself that Dalton had been gone too long; that him being away wasn't healthy for me.

I started focusing back on Abel. I pulled at the seam of his shirt and lifted it over his head. It only disrupted our kissing for point two seconds and then our lips were crashing into each other again. I ran my hands up his back and felt him shiver. His lips moved away from my lips to my jawline, and slowly descending. I sighed and twirled my fingers in his dark hair. In a quick motion, he twisted himself on the bed and laid my flat on my back, with him on top.

He gazed down at me and lowered himself, placing his full weight on me. His arms were on balanced on each side of my head and his face was so close I could see the specks of gold in his brown eyes. "Should I stop," he whispered.

There he was laying on me. The question that escaped his lips just hanging in the air, with no answer. I was cheating on Dalton. This night, this whole night, was a mistake. But I found myself shaking my head no.

His lips went down onto my neck. He kissed me in all the right places, making me sigh and moan.

I didn't even noticed my pants were missing, until I felt him touching my bare legs. "If I go any further, there's no going back," he murmured. I kissed his cheek while fumbling with the button on his jeans. "Stop second guessing me, Abel, and fuck me."


I woke up the next morning with sunlight pouring in my room. I looked at phone and saw it was going on noon. Abel must have left way earlier. I wondered briefly how he got out of the house undetected, but didn't dwell on the thought. When I sat up, I felt the aches and pains of last night's events and groaned. What have I done?

My phone started vibrating on the table. I looked at the screen and grimaced.

Dalton was calling me.

The pros and cons of answering the call stretched on and on through my mind. If I did answer it, I would have to lie and pretend that my day was great, I had no plans that day, and that I loved him.
If I didn't answer the call, I could relax knowing Dalton didn't know about the fornication I committed with Abel Tesfaye last night. Fornication? Damn, we weren't even married and I was feeling like a hell-bound sinner. Eventually, my phone went to voicemail. I pressed the phone to my ear and listened to Dalton's simple message:

"Hey, Em. It's me...I'm not sure if you're mad at me for last night or you're still in bed. You don't usually sleep this late, but it could happen...right? Um...alright, well, I'll holler at you later. I love you, babe."

The L word made my heart feel like a millstone in my chest. Should I even feel guilty? I held my phone in my hands, staring at Dalton's contact photo. With very much hesitation, I dialed him back.

He picked up on the first ring.

"Hey! I knew you weren't asleep."

I cringed. He was in such a good mood. "No, actually I did just wake up. Did you call about something important?"

Dalton replied, "Um...no, not really. I just wanted to call you since I didn't get a chance to last night. Sorry about that by the way..."

I looked over at the other side of my bed. Abel spent the night last night. Even though there wasn't much night left when he came over, he still stayed in the same house, the same room with me.

"Yeah...it's whatever. I know you're really busy over there."

There was silence at first. "Em, I can tell you're mad. You know it's not my fault."

I winced as I was climbing out of bed. I stood in front of my mirror and caught the first glimpse of my reflection. Two words: Sex. Hair.

"I know it's not your fault, Dalton," I replied while trying to tame my wild hair. "I just don't think this long distance relationship is working anymore."

Dalton gasped. It was barely audible but I did hear it over the phone. "You want to break up with me, Emma?"

"Yes." Without another word, I ended the phone call.


Being single, surprisingly, felt the same as being in a long distance relationship. I put clean clothes on and pulled my hair up in a tight ponytail. When I walked downstairs, my mom was sitting at the kitchen table, looking at a newspaper. She had a fresh pot of coffee on the counter and already had my favorite mug setting in front of the maker.

"Thanks mom," I said casually. She already knew what I was thanking her for.

Before I could even take a sip, there was a knock on the door. Mom looked at me quizzically and I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm not expecting anyone," I stated.

Mom stood up and went to the door. On the other side, stood Gwyn, back to her normal fashionable self. "Good morning, Emma's mom!" She smiled sweetly and walked past my mom, without being invited in.

I held the warm mug between my palms and rolled my eyes at Gwyn with a smile. "How are you feeling this morning?"

We both looked over at my mom, back at reading the paper. "I'm feeling much better," Gwyn replied. "Stupid migraines."

I stifled a giggle. "C'mon. We can go up to my room."

When we reached upstairs, Gwyn plopped down on my unmade bed before I was even in the doorway. "So what's with the unexpected visit," I asked leaning against the door frame.

"You won't believe what I found out from some very reliable sources," Gwyn said pulling out her phone. She was evidently pulling up some text messages and seemed very focused as to finding them.

I sat on the bed beside her. "What's it about?"

Gwyn beamed excitedly. "Abel was at that party last night."  I froze. Holy shit. Please don't tell me she saw me with him last night. Memories of my 'after party' with Abel flooded my mind. I shook my head and tried to pay attention to Gwyn.

"But that's not the big news," she continued. "Maddi Carson and Iris Tullock was there, as well. Guess what happened?"

I pursed my lips. Gwyn answered before I could even guess. "They hooked up! All three of them fucked...at the party!"

My coffee mug fell to the floor with a clatter. Gwyn's shocked expression didn't help my shock any.

"What's wrong, Em?"

I starting panicking. There was no way in hell I was going to openly confess to her I slept with Abel last night too, but damn, he fucked two girls before he saw me?!

Without thinking anymore about it, I decided to keep Abel on the down low. I bent down and picked up my mug. "Sorry," I mumbled. "It scalded my hand. What were you saying?"

Gwyn rolled her eyes and repeated, "Abel, Iris, and Maddi had a freakin' threesome! Talk about disgusting!"

In my head, I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and die. My mind kept replacing Maddi or Iris with Emma. Gwyn would be saying the same thing to me if she knew.

I sighed. "Yeah. That's definitely gross."


Later that evening, when Gwyn had already left, I sat in my bedroom listening to music. My eyes kept drooping close from being sleep deprived. I was about to be asleep when a thought crossed my mind.

Somebody could've saw Abel come to my house. I live in a subdivision, for Christ's sake! I started freaking out because I realized the Weeknd was right: the hills have eyes. I needed to come up with a reason why he was there, and fast. Then something else crossed my mind. Why should I care what anyone, especially Gwyn, thinks? I literally had to drive her home because she got hammered at a party she wasn't even suppose to be at.

Who was she to judge?

I laid my head back and smiled. If word ever got out about Abel and me sleeping together, I would admit that it was true. There's never any need to hide your lies, especially when involves another person.

Abel wasn't a perfect diamond, by no means, but he did sparkle like no one else I ever known. I wasn't ashamed about my night with him.

I wasn't.

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