Thanks Mom

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Just a poem from the point of view of someone in a tough spot now a days

Submitted: May 15, 2016

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Submitted: May 15, 2016



Hey Ma.

How was school?

If I told her the real story she would cry

It was fine

Nothing was fine, I was failing every class and was hated by everyone

I have online friends that love me like nobody but my own mother could

More than I can comprehend

They tell me that everything will get better and the hate will die out when karma gets those who take stabs at me

Honey, want some dinner?

She always smiled when she asked if I wanted dinner.

She loved her cooking, and because it made her happy I loved it too

Sure Mom

I ate while my mom and sister talked and smiled it made me happy to know that my life was accepted by them

My mask comes off at home I can be me

At school I have to dodge and weave in and out of being who I need to be to be accepted

I just want to be able to go to the bathroom without fear of being picked on by everyone that sees me enter

Just because I was born in the wrong body doesn’t mean I have to live with it

Just because I was born a boy -

Jessica could you pass the salt?

Sure mom.

Just because I was born a boy doesn’t mean I ever felt like or need to be forever

I never felt like I was myself as a boy

Not just because I feel feminine or wasn’t good at sports but because I never felt like I was

I was a women trapped in a man’s body wishing I was a girl since I was 5 and knew the difference on more than a stereotypical level

My mom even uses the name I chose for myself

Jessica, do you see this on tv? I can’t believe it.

It’s awful mom.

No matter how many times or how awful the situation was when my mom called me Jessica I smiled

I finally felt like I was me not someone who felt awful

Now, if someone thinks I did this because I wanted some sexual thing from this they have no idea the pain from the bullying and the pain of the process that is changing your sex

All I want is people to understand that I’m a person who has thoughts, family, and feelings

And I just want to use the bathroom of the gender I am

Just because you are this religion or this one do you not let everyone who is against yours go into the bathroom? Don’t you let them in your church?

Then why do these lawmakers and leaders not let me go into the bathroom

Check the facts there have been no rape or assault from people like me in bathrooms

Jessica, thanks for cleaning the dishes.

Anything for you ma.

I smile again

See I am a human just like you

What if your whole life you worked at the wrong job and had the chance to go to the perfect one for you

What would you go through to get that job?

Years of insults, and pain, rejection?

I did and I love it

The times my mom calls me Jessica outweighs the pain from all the girls at school who gawk at me when I go into the bathroom to go between class

Or when I try to go to the girls locker room and I am forced to go to the boys even though I am no  longer a boy and all the guys are confused on why I’m there and they make fun of me

Just one time ma calls me Jessica is worth it.


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