i am a nice girl

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Submitted: May 15, 2016

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Submitted: May 15, 2016



Okay, so here it is...

You must be familiar with the whole "nice guys finish last" concept.

Well, I've spent my whole life denying the fact that I am a "nice" person

But maybe after all the denying,

I am nice, really nice.

You see, I'm a very caring person and it makes it so easy to take advantage of me,

I'm the kind of girl that you will fuck but not date,

You can't be friends with me 

because you wanna fuck me 

but you dont wan't more than that

Nah, Im just a nice, nice girl.

Too nice for my own good because I'm gonna fall for your lies and tricks but I will never, ever be good enough for you.

I will be there to satisfy your sudden urge to stick your penis in a hole and "rag" a bitch 'til she screams but I will never, ever be invited out to meet your friends,

Or maybe I will if you wanna brag about scoring last night.

I won't meet your family, I won't ever dare to hold your hand in public

Probably coz you'll be gone the next morning when I'm just trying to keep you there so I can finally feel safe.

But I am too nice.

My niceness will cloud my judgement and I will not see your true intentions

Though others are setting off flares in the sky as warning signals meanwhile I'm just trying to set off my own flares the morning after a horrible mistake

So I can be saved before I drown in all the regret I've bulit up with these waves of hurt and pain slapping at my face.

But one day there will be no land 

And all there will be is this nice girl who is now face down in that dreaded sea; a dead girl.

Dead inside because you stole that niceness when you sucked it straight out of my neck leaving bruises but not only these bruises as you cannot see the scars

Hidden beneath my clothes that I bet you'd like to rip off me with your crooked teeth and crooked mind and more scars even further beneath my flesh and bones.

So maybe I am nice after all

But nice never meant I am a toy.

Nice never meant I would care after all that has happened and you can fucking rot in hell because I am 




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