Story of possession

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Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



There was a boy named Arun who lives in India. He was friendly and smart. One day he went to his grandmother's house with his parents. His grandmother was a storyteller so she told a story to Arun about ouija board. When Arun came to know about ouija board he became excited to use it. His grandmother has not told Arun about ouija board instructions or negative sides of ouija board. When Arun went his home he asked for permission from his parents to bring ouija board. But his parents said no. So Arun started doing some chores to collect pocket money for ouija board. After one month Arun was successful in collecting right amount of money for ouija board. It was sunday and his parents were gone for shopping and Arun was alone in house. Arun's grandmother has told him how to use it. So first he closed the lights and burned the candles. He opened the ouija board and putted his finger on pointer. He calmly asked-"is there any spirit here?" pointer moved to "yes" then Arum asked spirit's name. The pointer first moved to z then o again on z then o. Arun replied-"is your name zozo?" the pointer moved to "yes". Arun didn't know anything about zozo so he thought that zozo is a nice spirit. Arun asked to spirit to show himself. Zozo replied through board-"i am infront of you". Arun looked infront but there was nothing. Suddenly Arun heard a knock on the door he rapidly closed the ouija board without moving pointer to goodbye he rushed and hurriedly opened the door it was his parents came home after shopping. From that day Arun started hearing many strange voices in his room. He also saw green eyes watching him. One day,Arun was frightened by these noises and went to his parent's room for sleeping. After one week Arun felled sick,his parents called the doctor and doctor claimed that he is suffering with typhoid. He gave some medicines to Arun. Medicines were not working on Arun. His mom gave him food but he refused to eat it. When Arun's mom was going to kitchen she heard sound like someone is chewing something that noise was coming from basement when she went there she saw that Arun was eating spiders there. She rushed and called Arun's father. Arun's mom said that it is not normal so we should call an exorcist. On morning when Arun's mom was praying to god Arun went there and destroyed all the holy things. Arun's mom was freaked she scolded Arun. Arun went to his bedroom but suddenly he started strange behaviour like crying & laughing together speaking in different language and voice it all happened until next morning. On next morning when exorcist entered Arun's house he claimed that there is a demon who is haunting this house. Exorcist started exorcism on Arun which was very strong that Arun was flying in air. Finally Arun was saved. Exorcist went to Arun's room and started finding ouija board he founded it and opened it and moved the pointer to goodbye and then burnt it. Exorcist said that Arun is safe but this house still has some negative powers so he said them to leave that house. Arun's family shifted to other house and they lived happily forever.

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