Break The Wall

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cause your heart, beat on purpose. you alive for a reason.

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



you see your life.

you see your past.

and you see your destiny.


you think.

you feel.

and you accept.


but you don’t want to be here.

you don’t want to live here.

In this wicked world.

where the mystery of your future.

has been known and revealed.


but you don’t try to change it either.

you don’t think about the possibility.

that might can break the curse

and leave you with chance

for a new page in the future


you keep your self locked

keep on lacks imagination

stick with your own theory 

while surrounded by illusion 


but what if,

your life, your world, your knowledge 

that you are living are fake

what if,

your future has not been revealed

and was nothing but a “maybe”

what if,

everything that you have done

your thoughts, your memory, your feelings

are all created on the other side of the door

And you just need to open that door

to understand a new meaning of life

to see world in a different angle

realising of what is right and what is wrong

Because all of this are meant to be open.


So what if,

you did open that door.

The world will never been so small.

Your life won’t have any limits.

Everything will be doubted.

Cause you will see it in 2 different ways.

A complete opposite of each other

that you have to chose 


So what if,

You want to know your destiny.

Will you see it negatively?

Or positively? 

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