Doc Brown and the Go Watch

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Old Doc Brown Mysteries.

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016




In the Yorkshire Dales, a man was seen running.  Secretly observed by Doc Brown and his Force sidekick DC Penn.  The stick like frame of Pen focused his binoculars on the weird sight.  This was an odd case of Doc Brown and the Go Watch.


The man had been reported by man walking his dog in the grassy moorland of the Dales.  This took place in the early 1980’s.  A blue Adidas tracksuit and blue trainers were worn by the svelt athlete.  Along with his blue Adidas sports bag.  From this a silver stopwatch was taken and worn around the neck. 


The stage had been set.  At a remote school with a grassy running track.  Hills and vales with brecken and ferns, lay scattered around the pretty area.  Ever slowly at first, the unknown man, began to run on the spot.  Backwards!


Running backward on the spot, must be a difficult thing to do, assumed Penn to Doc Brown.  As they both watched the scenario, after ten seconds, the man began to motion faster.  Slowly his image faded from sight.

At thirty seconds the stranger had almost dissolved into the grey Daleside landscape.  At fifty seconds the guy had gone from where he was.  Both spies were agog.  And looked around for him.  After the full minute he reappeared on the opposite side of the field and track. 


Doc Brown dropped his spyglasses, stunned at what he had witnessed.  DC Penn found his spectacles had misted up.  Then said to his friend, ‘This guy must be Houdini.’  The clever doctor nodded.  The pair then moved towards the person of interest.


The mister of no name, ran in reverse again.  Just as Penn had moved in very close.  The DC grabbed the stopwatch.  Pulled it from the man.  At that instance, both men disappeared.  And the time dial fell on the floor.  Morning dew was still apparent on the grassy track.


The plain clothed police man Penn appeared a minute later.  And shouted to Doc.  But gave up as time had caught up.  All thanks to the alien Go Watch.


* * *


This case had been kept in a file in Doc Brown’s home, for many years.  Remaining unsolved and in part still open.


The Doc had been having a gin and tonic with Arthur Smith.  Both were sat down in the popular Summit Inn bar.  It was after hearing the story when DI Penn walked in.  And went straight to the bar and ordered a large whiskey neat. 


Arthur drank half his pint then almost choked.  As he saw Penn, again walk into the place and went over to the bar, a second time, in a minute.  From his medical bag, Doc took out a silver stopwatch.  And depressed a button.  Seconds later DI Penn walked over to the men.  Doc then pressed the timer again.  Arthur was sure he saw skinny Penn walk over to them a second time.  The Detective Inspector Penn sat down and shakily sipped his sweet drink.


When Arthur looked closer at the Brown medical case, it was slightly blue.  With the letters Adidas fading away with age.  On the side. 


‘I cannot stop it,’ said the Doc.  ‘I can only keep it going.  Or Penn could be lost in time.’ 

Doc Brown had diagnosed the ailment as a strange form of epilepsy and autism.  Penn merely looked a bit drunk all the time.  And the whiskey helps somehow to keep him in the here and now.  And not gone altogether.  Doc explained that Penn had got used to it.  He only visited the watch now and then.  To get going again, if time seemed to slow down. 


Arthur downed his pint of lager quickly.  So he could leave this strange story.  Before Penn could appear any minute and take his drink.



Doc dropped the Go Watch back into his bag.  And let normality resume.  And try to forget the case of the ‘Go Watch.’


Maybe it, WAS, the lost and last trick of Houdini…



and sixty seconds later


* * *

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