The Pretty Little Dress

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"Let's be friends forever!", that's something you hear everywhere. What if, someone misunderstood that. In addition, went to extreme lengths to preserve that friendship.

Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Anna walked out of her house wearing her new dress. She beamed with happiness, as she proudly walked down the streets of London. People held their breath and looked at her lovely dress.

Anna strolled to the market square and waited patiently for someone to appear. Her heart throbbing in her chest, her cheeks flushed and her breathing ragged. One might say she is sick. No, she just can’t wait to see that someone.

Young maidens walked by and assumed Anna was waiting for her lover. They were quite wrong.

“Good day, Anna!” said a voice. Anna turned around and saw her friend, Catriona. A bright smile appeared on Anna’s face.

“How do you do, Catriona?” Anna said. “Dandy! Shall we go?” Catriona asked.

Anna always knew that Catriona was a polite girl. Only knowing her for three weeks was enough. Anna was on her way to Catriona’s house.

Together the two girls walked down the streets, past the shops and people. Side by side, they made their way to a building. High and grey, it was the same as the other houses. Plain and boring, nothing interesting.

Past the door, Anna saw a staircase leading to the higher floors. Walking up the stairs was exciting. This is the first time Anna went to someone’s house. Her parents are incredibly protective and don’t let her go anywhere on her own.

“Come one, we’re almost there!” said Catriona. Anna quickened her pace and smiled wide.

As the girls reached floor number three, they stopped in front of a door. It had Catriona’s surname and the number of the apartment on it.  

“One, two, three!” the girls knocked on the door simultaneously. After around two minutes of waiting for someone to answer, the door finally opened.

“Oh, hello there, Anna!” Catriona’s father was peeking out the door. Anna always wondered how a real human being could have such a friendly smile.

The best friends walked inside and greeted Catriona’s parents.

“Let’s go to my room!” said Catriona. “Sure!” Anna agreed.

The girls spent an awesome time chatting and they even had cupcakes with tea. Nevertheless, Anna always wondered, where the door in the back of the room led.

“Are you interested in that door?” asked Catriona. “Yes, can I see where it goes?” Anna didn’t like lying, so she answered honestly. “Sure,” Catriona said while standing up. She reached out to grab the handle and open the door.

There was a small room. The walls were brand new and there were many shelves as well as one table. The table had a sewing machine on it. Numerous dolls with gorgeous dresses decorated the shelves.

“Wow! Where did you get all of these dolls?” asked Anna. “I made them,” said Catriona.

Anna realized the room smelled quite funny, but she dismissed it.

“Can you promise me one thing?” Catriona asked. “Yeah, sure, what is it?” Anna said with a smile on her bright face. “We’ll be friends forever, right?” Catriona waited for the answer and seemed nervous.

“Well of course! I will never leave you! I promise.” Anna said.

For a slight moment, something deep inside Anna’s mind told her to run and ever come back. She didn’t know why. This was her friend; there was no need to run.

I will never leave Catriona, Anna thought as she lost consciousness. The last thing she saw was Catriona, and the last words she heard were “We will be friends, forever and ever”.

From that day on, a doll with a breathtaking dress stood on the shelf behind the door.

“We’ll be friends forever.” 

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