Flight MH370

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Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



Everyone in the house was at the sitting room, glued to the TV screen. It was eight o’ clock in the morning; bread and butter left at the dining table. Disappearance of a large passenger plane, with 239 people on board, had astonished everyone.

“A Malaysian plane, Flight MH370, has disappeared midair, on its way to China. Malaysian authorities promise to follow up with the case…..” the newscaster read. “Radar and satellites cannot track the black box”.

As we keenly listened to the woman in the screen, something caught my attention. Out of all the missing people, six people, who were well versed in robotics and engineering, were part of the flight.

At least a dozen awards in innovation have been given to the group. “Maybe the Chinese or Russians took the plane, because of the techies”, my wife said, her eyes glittering with certainty.

Individually, with all the media information and history I know, methinks that it would be very hard for any country, especially those sitting in the UN Security Council, to trigger another world war. Economic development and tackling terrorism were on the top of every agenda, in the mind of every sane president or prime minister.

Detective Ronny, who was my best friend, and a great company at the coffee shop, once told me something that shook my philosophy, as far as reality is concerned. It was just two fortnights back, when he told me that a gang of eight men managed to break into NASA, and cripple its security personnel. In a time span of three hours, a CIA team came, had a gun battle, and managed to kill one of the intruders.  “Do you think they were searching for jewels in a space agency?” he asked me, smiling with sarcasm.

“As I went on with my investigations, the CIA stole my place, and forced me to hand in my computer hard drive.  Highly ranked and respected as an investigator, I found this gesture to be rather hostile and strange. Luckily I had saved some of the evidence into my flash disk. ’’

According to Ronny’s only remaining clue to the mystery, the gang that was thought to be robbers or terrorists, turned out to be a secretive elite society that dealt with developing knee-jerking weapons. Destruction of the whole world was like their motto to live by.

“Element X” was the name they gave to a crystal stone they stole from NASA; a beautiful object whose element composition wasn’t near any element in the periodic table. The crystal had enough energy to run a thousand nuclear submarines for ten thousand years!

The crystal was discovered by archaeologists, as they excavated an ancient tomb in Abu Simbel, in Egypt. It became an interest for NASA, when lab scanners in the University of Cairo, revealed that the crystal’s atom structure was similar to that of an asteroid, nicknamed “black stone”.

Indeed, the elite had stolen something more important than all the jewels in the world; something that probably made them to vanish, together with the rest of the passengers.

My mind’s curiosity hungered by these memories, I decided to call Ronny on the phone, and ask him what he thought about linking the crystal to the missing plane. An eerie feeling also haunted my gut, telling me that there was a higher intelligence somewhere, which didn’t want its secrets tampered with men’s greed for power…



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