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Poems from Love

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



To stretch is to make weak and to lift is to feel free and when the actions in life make our words cover up which is a demise we are all to be justifiably denied. 


How can one say it is ok to stretch the truth. For if the action is a paralyzing trend it should be stopped and told again the real reason it was performed repenting from what is a lie. A little lie is what was believed and the trouble that came is felt today for all to be in jeopardy. Consider the heart of the one who is deceived. What would happen on bended knee if you would believe for hearts to change instead of pulling the wool over the deceived again. To see my children act this way is a turn of events that are not straight and to be in love would eliminate such a desire to live with such a sinful trait. Please forgive me on this day as I repent and take a new path which is straight for this is what I want to hear as you draw near.
Now the rivers shall flow and the meadows will not grow cold for all are to live with such a joy where we are able to be young and not old. To put a cream on the lines today is an approach that does not cure for the inside approach of honesty is the prevention of the marks of age. Yes stress free is possible for thee if you will look at life through the eyes that died to give you a new lease on life. Always give and receive for this is the exchange that will set you free.

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