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The story of the night my friend took his own life.

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



When life hands you lemons,

You make lemonade,

But when life hands you a gun,

What do you do then?


James Marcus was his name,

Well James Marcus the 3rd,

But he didn't really like the full name,

He was really simple.


He was a really nice guy,

At least until you pissed him off,

Then he would show no mercy,

He was a rabid dog.


He was one that was literal,

He believed everything said,

Now with that mentality,

He ended up dead.


We talked for hours that day,

Several more that night,

When we said goodbye,

It was the last one we gave each other.


It's been five years,

I still shed the tears,

That i had that night,

That he was lead to the light.


Bruises, that is what he left,

Bruises on my heart,

Bruises on my mind,

Bruises on his family.


What did I do wrong,

When I couldn't talk him down,

When he as so far gone,

That he is now gone forever?


When the bruises are still fresh,

When they never fade,

They sit and fester,

They eat me away.


To move on,

There not such a thing,

For the bruises inside me,

They'll never heal.


This poem is dedicate to James Marcus 3rd. He was a young man when he gave his life.

He had a good family and may friends. He had everything going his way.

His suicide is the perfect example of how bullying can ruin lives,

And not just the lives of the person being bullied.

So  urge you, please think about what you are going to say

before you say it, because just because it sounds good to you, or you think

people will see you as cool, doesn't mean you have to make someone's life,

hell. Bullying costs self esteem, and in some cases lives. So please think before,

you speak. Thank You.


James Marcus


© Copyright 2018 Matt Johnson. All rights reserved.

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