love: in my words

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"love is not easy to define, you just know when you know, but in my words, love is what it is, and can't be bought. it can't be sold or transferred, created or destroyed. love is not something that can come and go, if you love, you love for life. not one person can ever feel true love..."

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



Love is not easy to define, you just know when you know, but in my words, love is what it is, and can't be bought. It can't be sold or transferred, created or destroyed. Love, no matter how hard you try to explain it, is one of the least explainable things in life. Love is not the feeling you get when you meet your "soulmate" but rather, the feeling you lose when someone you knew for a long time leaves your life.

Love is insanity. Founded on stupidity and idiocy. Behind that four letter word is torture, an endless spout of pain and inhumanity, something we can’t control yet search for everyday of our lives. Love is not the way your partner makes you giggle, or how sweaty and nervous you get around that certain someone- it’s not even that odd eruption of fireworks that scatters all over your heart and makes it pump wildly. It’s abuse. Love takes the unexpected and makes it into a weapon that will forever cause you sorrow. To willingly go into that battle-unarmed and unprepared- makes all those who do so fools. Love is not a playground, it is a fierce war that can not be tamed by treaty nor victory. Though I tell you this, though I warn and swear this poison away- I will someday find it- and when I do, all precaution and planning will go to waste. Because not only is love the greatest addiction of all, it is also inevitable. We will all find love someday- once, twice, three times, four- and when we do, all struggles in life will seem miniscule- and all pain before will have been no more than a numb sensation. As much as love hurts, scars, stabs, tears, mutilates, etc- it will bring the greatest happiness we as humans can experience- and this joy will last longer than any money, social standing, or beauty. Though poisonous, love is also an antidote. One that will cause insanity for a lifetime.

Love is pain. Love is that feeling you get when you lose sight of who you are, and start to focus on someone who probably doesn't really matter after two or three years. Love is something every person searches their life for, believing in it without any proof of it's existence, like the world's biggest religion. Love is the only thing that truly unites all people on the world, as all of the people in this forsaken planet, which is being destroyed to make the things you "love" like phones, and laptops, computers or jewellery. Anything material causes pollution through the process of creating, distributing and using, truly look for love. Love can not be found, it is never randomly generated, you were placed on this planet to not only protect but to find the person who means more to you than everyone else. It's not easy, there are seven billion human beings on this planet, seven billion and only one can understand you like no others can. Is it an easy job? No. Is it worth it? Not always. Does that mean you shouldn't try? No. Love is meant to be found, not to be forgotten, and to forget what could one day change your life completely and make it a better life in general is stupid and outstandingly brave. 

Love can not be transferred, created or destroyed, as I said earlier. You know why? Because love is not something that you can just rid of, when you know you are truly in love, it's like quitting that one drug you've been addicted to your whole life to change it for a better alternative. Seeking love is the drug, finding it is the cure. Love can not be explained in a heartfelt paragraph, but from a time of desperation and heartache to still, one by one, every single night, let this girl or this guy know how much you truly care. You could be on death's bed and all you would be thinking about is that one person who truly made you the happiest you could be. So no, Love is not an easy process, 'nor is it worth it to find that one person by committing millions of mistakes along the way, but once, just once in a blue moon, you find that love of your life and you never let go. No matter what they say, what they do or how they act, you know that your love for them will never truly be dissipated. One of these seven billion human beings knows your struggles and can understand them for what they truly are, but which one? Well... that's for you to figure out.

-Andy Blewett 16/05/2016

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