A field of orchids

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Mama look, it is so colourful!" She looked up with her big brown eyes and smiled. "What are they called?"

"They are orchids." She replied, "Do you like them?"

"Yes! They are so beautiful!"

Warning: The following content contains scenes of abusive behaviour. Please don't continue if you think that it'll upset you.


Her skin was so soft... She had the smell of liquor and cherries; a peculiar combination that made him even more excited. He pressed his fingers between her breasts and rubbed her down until he reached her private parts. Her big brown eyes became wider and her full red lips opened slightly as tears formed on the corners of her eyes; she reminded him of a porcelain doll.

"Please... Stop..." Her voice was shivering. A smirked appeared on his face.

"Beautiful... You're so beautiful..."

And simply like this, he conquered her body. In that dark room, with the golden bed and the red sheets, the open window and the lighten candle, he abused her flesh and soul as if she was an object, as if she had no will, as if she existed only for his pleasure. Whenever she cried, he laughed. Whenever her private parts bled, he became arroused. Whenever she begged him to stop, he called her beautiful.


A word she once loved to hear from his lips had now become a curse. 



The guests were dancing inside the grand ball. They all wore bizzare and colourful costumes that costed a fortune. And they laughed. They laughed as if there was no tommorow.




Nobody was truly happy. Someone could easily spot Lady Birack in her vivid red dress dancing with Lord Zardech. They were both smiling. However, Lady Birack had just found that her husbent had a mistress and Lord Zardech had lost his son to the war that was taking place outside the country.

Miss Vardou and Miss Loone were joking with each other, waving arround their colourful fans, gossiping about those around them. Deep down they knew that the only funny thing inside the room was them since they were both above the age of 30 and unmarried. 

Mister Dirnach was playing around with the servant girls, acting as if he was seducing them. A poor attemp to make him feel better for his ugly appearance.

She was laughing too. She wasn't sure why, but she did. In reality, she was paying little to no attention arround her. Her eyes were open but she didn't see. Her body was in motion but she didn't move. She was awake, but she felt as if she was dreaming. 

He had been killing her for days now. Night after night, he would return to her room to remove her soft and transparent white night dress. His fingers would slowly unleash her black velvet hair and then he would ran them down her spine. He never kissed her however; instead he forced her down on her knees and pushed inside her mouth his body. At first she was trying to push him back, but he was always stronger and, even when she managed to run away, it was only for a little while; he easily caught her and started hitting her with his belt. Her back was aching and the red marks would bleed if someone pushed hard on them with their fingernails. There was no part of her body that he hadn't poisoned, no whole that he hadn't exlore, no part of her that still belonged to her.

She was nothing but a ghost of her former self. His touch was marked forever on her body. On the dark circles that had appeared under her eyes. On her skin that had lost its colour. On her ribs and bones that were now showing a bit too much. On her lips that always, somehow, seemed bitten. And the pains... Ohh the pains. Her vulva was now constantly bleeding and her anal area didn't work well anymore. 

Beautiful was once the word that described her ones.

Half alive was now a word more suited for her.

The first times it happened, when he had finished, she was left either on the bed or the floor crying. Now, after all these nights, she was not sure even if she was whipering anymore. Was it happening truly? She couldn't tell anymore. Her mind had become a complete mush and even the pain her body would feel seemed surreal; after all now her body wasn't her body... It was a stranger.

So she laughed.

And laughed.

And continue doing so even when all the geusts had left. Even when she lied on her bed and waited. Even when she felt her funeral approaching once more.

But, strangely, he didn't come. She waited and waited but he was nowhere to be seen. Way passed midnight, she decided to get up from her bed and tried to find him.

Humans are funny creatures. For days she had wished he would not come and yet now that her wish came true, she was walking inside the night, barefooted, holding a candle and searching for him inside the dark paths of the big mansion. Someone would call her crazy, but she was not. Someone would say that she loved him, but she did not. She was just a broken spirit, a small child, who was left alone without guidence. 

It took her a while but she found him. She heard and followed the cries; a sound that made her heart break and caused her lungs to lose their air. She was panting when she opened the wooden door -was she running?- and she left a scream when she saw him; he was there in front of her but he was not alone. A servant girl was in front of him and she was crying as she begged him to stop. They were both semi dressed and he had pinned her against the wall. And like this, all three of them remained for a while, until a small whisper came out from the broken soul's lips.


He stood up. The servant girl was freed and she ran away, grabbing her clothes and trying to adjust them back to place.

There, in a small room with white cracked walls, they stared at each other for moments that seemed like years. Father and daughter, two beings of the same blood and origin, yet no connection was to be found between them. Only silence. 

Until he started laughing. He started laughing harder than her from before. He laughed as if there was no tommorow.

What was he feeling she couldn't tell. She only watched him stare back at her - only now she realised how similar their eyes were - and smiling.

"You didn't cry anymore... You broke. I needed to find a new one" He finally said.


Nothing more than silence

And then... a cracking sound, so loud yet so silent. It was not the wind nor the thunder; it was the broken parts of her soul that started dissapearing into an endless void.



She opened her eyes and gasped; in front of her a beautiful field of orchids was unfolding. It looked like a beautiful painting.

It took her a while, but she managed to be able to move her body parts. At first, she lifted her upper body from the ground and then she looked at her surroundings. The sun was slowly coming up. The sky was so colourful, as if Aurora had come out of her home dancing while she was wearing a dress of the most vivid colours of dawn. And the breeze... Ohh that beautiful breeze. It made the petals around her dance along with dawn and their smell made her drunk. She started laughing softly... A laugh that came from her soul. She felt as if she was flying.

However, she couldn't move her legs. She looked down at them. Were they really supposed to bend that way? Something seemed off but she couldn't make up her mind what it was. She also noticed her dress. It had to be white once, but now it was filthy from and dirt and red... Paint? Juice? She was not sure but something inside her reassured her that it was ok.

Finally, she noticed that she was holding something in her hand. It was big, it had a weird shape and it seemed as if it was the cause of the red paint. Small lines were drawn all over it and it had tiny tubes coming out of it. Its sight created a weird feeling inside of her. 

But her thoughts didn't make sense and everything was a blurr. A logical line of thought couldn't be made. Instead, she could feel. She could feel relaxed and happy. She could feel free.

That is how she spent her time. There, in the beautiful field of orchids. When she got thristry she licked the liquid off the red strange thing. When she got hungry she ate it. And then, when she couldn't do anything anymore, she sat still and smiled at the beautiful sight. Something that had been lost long ago came back to the light, as if it was drawn to the cordial colours of the petals. Her body became one with the newborn feeling that had been created and a new concord was born.

She couldn't move, but she didn't care.

She got thirsty again, but she didn't care.

She got hungry again, but she didn't care.

Only that mattered for her was the field and its pleasantness. Watching how it looked under the different lights of the day and the night was the greatest pleasure she had ever expirienced.

But then - what a peculiar thing indeed - she wasn't able to keep her upper body lifted, so she lied down and started playing with the leafs and the petals arround her.

After a while, she wasn't able to play with them either, so she simply stopped moving.

And then she duddenly felt tired... So very tired. So, she closed her eyes. 

However, she was still smilling.

When the days passed and she stopped breathing her smile remained. After her body started smelling and insects started walking on her skin her smile remained. Even after most of her internal organs had turned to mush and the crows were eating her skin, her smile remained.

Because, inside that little field of orchids, under the cliffs and away from the mansion, she was born and raised. It was there that she had formed her most treasured memories. It was there when her father had called her beautiful for the first time. It was there when she felt her parents pure and true love. A very tiny fragment of her soul that had survived even after she lost her rembered this field, a creation of her mother, in which she had the most innocent and loved years of her life. And, now... Now that it had become grave...

A pretty place to let your body grow cold, someone would think.

As her flesh nourished the birds and her blood the flowers, a small sound - was it a cry? was it a laugh? - was made inside the peaceful field. Because it was there that she had found her happiness and her doom, her beggining and her ending. In her beloved field of orchids.

Submitted: May 16, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Grief. All rights reserved.

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Ever A. Darling

From start, to finish, your story was full of tragedy. Which is something that I love. Two things I would like to suggest, though. For one: Your cover for your story should always been in capital letters, except for the words 'a' (unless it's starting with it), 'and', 'the' (unless it's starting with it), and 'by'. For example, it should be. "A Field of Orchids". Though, as I stated, it's just a suggestion for you to take if you'd like to. Second thing would be a 'warning' at the top of your page, due to the detail of abuse written within your story. Some things, especially on this site, could be quite triggering for some readers. Including myself. It had taken me by slight surprise, but was not enough to throw me off course. Though, it could for another reader. Just bare that in mind.

Overall, this was an amazing story. Written with a lot of detail, and the your grammar was exceptionally well. You got an 85/100.

Wed, May 18th, 2016 9:01am


Thanks a lot for your great feedback; it really makes me better as a writer. I will defently put a warning at the top of the page now that you mentioned it. As for the title, I never pay too much attention to it so yah...

But still thanks a lot! I was so happy to enter the contest and it was a lot of fun. Also feel free to send me your own reading requests if you'd like.

Wed, May 18th, 2016 4:08am

Oleg Roschin

Very beautifully written. I love the way you alternate between the most macabre and the most pure in a drastic way, contrasting the second part with the first in a fashion that makes me think of opposing colors in a painting or major and minor modes in music. Well done, a really inspiring, highly atmospheric piece!

Wed, May 18th, 2016 5:44pm


Thanks a lot! I was actually kind of scared that the cuts between the scenes would make it hard for someone to understand it or that the lack of detail in the second act would seem boring, so I'm clad you actually like it cause it shows me that it worked out well in the end.
Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment!

Wed, May 18th, 2016 4:33pm

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