telepathy 101 - Omega Primes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

telepathy sucks!!!!

Yeah....Being psychic was a fuckin drag...until I met the Zen Kai. The first of the pair being Edna Elizabeth Lawrence. She was a slender older white woman with dark black hair in a buzz cut like the guy who played Garth in Wayne's World from SNL and horned rimmed Prada glasses. She wasn't tall but she wasn't short either. She had thin lips and light green eyes she dressed in all black sporting a 3/4 winter coat in the middle of spring. Oh yeah, and she had crooked yellow teeth. She drank coffee and smoked weed...a lot.

And she was one of the strongest telepaths on the planet.

Her voice was soft with a kinda hum to it. She said that it was a kinda psychic residue that only true Paths had. It was almost like her voice has its own reverb and gain that she would adjust like you would with a pedal on an electric guitar.

She said that anyone with enough practice could do what she did.

Y'see just about anyone could be a telepath, it was written into the human genome like every other mutation. In essence, any mutation was just nature's way of moving a given species to the next evolutionary phase. The funny thing is that even though most people have the gene most people aren't aware of how and when they use it. But only a handful have been able to constantly access it. But we've all seen it y'know... we all know someone who's a charmer y'know the kinda guy that never had to worry about getting laid. Or the stripper who wasn't too pretty but never had to worry about tip out, or the guy that was a natural leader. These are all forms of people passively using their psychic ability. And Edna could turn it on and off a will.

And on top of everything else, she was a fuckin awesome cook.

And then there was the other party of the duo, Evangeline Devereaux, she was a small black woman from the West Indies. She had a heavy Caribbean accent that was a stark contrast to her diminutive demeanor. Her psychic "tag" as I liked to call it came in the form of manipulation. But it was more like intimidation.

She could make grown men twice her size cower in fear just by talking to them. She would access key events in their lives and embody or become a figure that represented that fear in their lives. Like when Star quarterback Malcolm Washington was arrested for the brutal murder and rape of his on again off again girlfriend Theresa Roberts. Everyone swore that he did it and honestly who wouldn't he was found kneeling over his girlfriend's dead body with a bloody Heisman in his hand. He'd beat her head right off of her body. But the Ms. Devereaux knew almost immediately after "interviewing" him that he hadn't done it.

He had accessed the biggest authority figure in his mind and it wasn't his coach or his father or even his mother. It was his great aunt Sarah; Like Evangeline she had been a small woman but she had a big heart and zero tolerance for bullshit. Malcolm adored her admired her, and feared her at the same time. She used this memory of fear and love looked into Malcolm's "soul"as it were and saw that he hadn't committed the murder.She also found the psychic residue the real killer when she “examined” the Heisman trophy.  But I’ll get to that later.

Anyways my name is Dash well actually it's Ashton but everyone calls me Dash... long story.

When I first met Edna and she told me she was a telepath. I immediately conjured up images of Professor X.

She must've read my mind because she said
"Do I look like an elderly bald white man in a wheelchair to you?"

"I don't know where they came up with some of that shit. The only thing they got right was the voices." She continued.

"The voices?!?!?" I said puzzled.

She looked at me oddly as she pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims and a lighter from her right jacket pocket.

"Yeah" she said in my head.

"The voices... don't you remember this feeling?" She continued.

It started as a low hum at the back of my head that quickly turned into a tsunami of thoughts and emotions all at once. The overwhelming feeling of being taken over by everyone's their "mental voice".


Submitted: May 16, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Ted Gerard. All rights reserved.

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