The sound of a howl

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this is just all the random poetry i make go,

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



I fight through life
as a wolf howls in the light.
I am not what people see,
for what they see isn't me.
My heart is gone,
and my love is dead.
What they see
is a kid who's weak,
a kid that wasn't smart.
I have no strength,
I only got speed.
I got no love for you or me,
my heart is broken.
the wolf is weak,
but still fights on.
I know it's hard
with out a heart, 
but I shall love again.
My heart may get broken,
and the wolf may get weaker,
but I don't care.
My life is hard,
and so very rough,
but we still fight till the days are gone.
I'm alone,
with no hearts left,
But I still look.
Life isn't easy for me or you,
but don't give up,
just power through.
If the fires is gone, 
then make another,
don't just forget,
there is still hope,
and there is still some love.

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