Intimacy crosses more than just a sexual boundary

Why is it you would rather peek into my pants than to peek into my mind
Why would you rather seek what you already know is there, rather than take a journey else where
Why do men forget the most intimate part of being with another person.
I don't need sexual intimacy it's old and I am done, I crave something bigger than that, yearning for more than that. I want you to unlock my mind and take a voyage through seas that could lead you through my soul, peek into my inner regions and find me there. You want to know of me but not know me. You would rather climb into me for temporary serenity, but if I do not want this temporary release with you, your angry your hurt you don't understand. Your mind is on a different sphere you don't connect the way I do. You don't understand the gratification, the illumination of being with someone mentally and emotionally. You don't understand the amount of ecstasy that comes with a man seeking more than cheap thrills and temporary highs. He wants to know me. He looks at me and see in me, through me and all around me. He wants to know what I'm thinking and why I think that way, he wants to know what I'm feeling so he can connect the two in someway he wants to be able to satisfy me in a way that goes beyond any sexual escpade. He wants me now, then and later. He spends his time drinking from my soul and watching the stars that is my mind glow. He wants to know me like he is finding himself. And within me He shall, because the deeper he searchs the more he understands, the closer we become and as one we shall end. 

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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