Chapter 15: How They All Meet That Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Some people say people meet by destiny. What if that not the case. I find my self wondering the truths of such things....


The bus pulled up at the bus stop. It was a green and black designed bus that read “City Metro Transit” on the sides. The door opened and a young man in a black business suit got off the bus by tripping over himself. A woman in a blue summer dress extended a hand to the man who blushed furiously

Let’s rewind a bit shall we….


“Agh!” You exhaled rather painfully. "I can’t believe that I was fired today.  Over a stupid little mistake…that anal jackass! I guess...I can go shopping... or do some laundry. At least the plus side of all of this shot is that I won’t have to wake up early anymore, be stuff is stiffy lawyer’s office, while worried if I can take a breather for a change and not be worried at who will yell at me next."

“Next stop, 3rd and pine street!” yelled the bus driver.

But as you did, you tripped over your shoe laces and fall flat on your face. The bus driver just left and you feel slightly embarrassed. But was even more so when a very pretty woman with brown eyes and red hair extended her hand to you in a worried smile. "What bad timing..." was all you could think.



“He’s not here yet?!” A woman in a blue summer dress said. She was sitting next to an scruff old man at the bus stop. She was gorgeous to say the least. Fair skin, red hair, a sweet voice, and big brown eyes. She must have a calming effect for most people. But this lady herself wasn’t calm. She kept getting up and down, looking at her watch, stomping her yellow sandals down on the ground.

“Why so anxious?”  The man asked her.

She replied “I’m meeting my son today!”

“I see. Good for you.”

“Thank you!” she responded

“Got a name?

“It’s Samantha...Roberts”

At that time bus number 166 stopped in front and she jumped up to look at the door. "Must be her son’s bus" the scuff old man thought. The doors open and not to long after a young man in business suit fell to the ground. The woman help him up thinking about how unlucky the guy must be, and he looked down while blushing.


Meanwhile a homeless man in the distance watched in enjoyment from his food rotten heaven…

“HAHAHAHA! That was great! In all my time as a homeless man have I never seen som’then so funny. That guy up and fell then got embarrass by the lady who went and help him! The sorry lil' sap!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!”


But the truth of the matter is, they meet that day not because of fate, but because one god had too much free time…


“Hey Athena I’m bored!” said Zeus to Athena looking to bug her to pass some time.

“Not now Zeus, I’m busy. Go play with the humans” She snapped.

“okay…” says Zeus walking away with his head down.

Zeus then walked to the earth viewing room to find some sort of entertainment. “Oh a bus…let’s take a peek inside.” Zeus looked around in the bus and found a young man looking depressed. “Let’s take a look at his profile.” He took out the profile book of the young man and discovered he had just been fired from his company.  "Hah! That’s great! I’ll play with him for a little.” He waited for the bus to stop at the approaching bus stop. When it did, he waited for the man to start leaving the bus when he shouted into his Earth control mic, “Business man fall now!” The young man tripped over himself and fell over. Finding this funny he wanted to seal the deal with some sort of embarrassment. He saw a pretty lady and thought she would be perfect for the job. “Now that lady goes help him,” Zeus shouted into his mic and the lady proceeded to go and help the young man; the young man blushed out of embarrassment. "Now man be embarrassed because you are worthless. HAH HAH HA!!!”


Or at least that how the every day encounter betwen people goes....

Submitted: May 17, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Nick Nicosa. All rights reserved.


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