Chapter 20: ??? Jyuusanban

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Narrator?Once upon a time, there was an old tale. It is a story about a smart and strong Tengu and a kind and energetic Kitsune. They fought to save the world. Now, please listen (favorably) to  this amazing tale.

Scene 1:

Kitsune: Lord Tengu! Lord Tengu! Please answer me! Lord Tengu!!

Tengu: What! WHO (DARES) COME TO MY (esteemed self’s) MOUNTAIN! Oh it’s just you Kitsune. What do you want?

Kitsune: Well you see….


Scene 2:


Alien Yakuza:  Hey! Are you the person that phone called?  I heard you were looking for me.

Kitsune:  Yes I am the person.

Alien Yakuza: Well, here I am. You want to borrow money?

Kitsune: Yes. I researched.  It seems like Milord Alien Yakuza has a lot of money. I would like to make a deal here.

Alien Yakuza:  So, how much?

Kitsune: 10 yen.

Alien Yakuza:  So little!

Kitsune:  I need it! If you would please so humbly lend it to me favorably. Let’s make a deal.

Alien Yakuza: Why do you need it?

Kitsune: I must have it!

Alien Yakuza: Fine. I will give it to you. Make sure you pay it back!


Scene 3:


Tengu: I see, I see. So?

Kitsune: Yes?

Alien Yakuza: Ha ~!

Tengu: It appeared.

Kitsune: It appeared.

Alien Yakuza: I appeared. Kitsune, I came to collect.

Tengu: It is only 10 yen. Why did you come?

Alien Yakuza: No, it's long to wait ten years. Now it is 100,000 yen.

Tengu/ Kitsune: What!

Kitsune: I can’t pay that!!

Alien Yakuza:  Then, die!

Tengu: Wait!

Alien Yakuza: What!

Tengu: I heard that you like to fight.

Alien Yakuza: So?

Tengu: Will you lend me some time? You want to fight with this kid, don’t you? Well, I can teach the Kitsune how to fight (in preparation) .

Alien Yakuza: Fine. I will give you ten days. On that day, I will bring the Space Yakuza Army.

Tengu: Yeah, yeah.

Alien Yakuza: Hahaha

Tengu: Alright! First is the way or flower.

Kitsune: Lord Tengu, are we going somewhere? Are you going to teach me?

Tengu: Shut Up!


Scene 4:


Flower Woman: That enough! Let’s break up!

Tengu: now… a bad time?

Flower Woman: Oh, Lord Tengu! No, if it is Lord Tengu. What's up?

Tengu:  Could you teach this kid the way of flowers.

Kitsune: Please!

Flower Woman: OK. Let’s go.


Scene 5:


Tengu: Good job.

Kitsune:  Thank you.

Tengu: Next is the way of water

Kitsune: Who is (my) teacher?

Tengu: Over there.

Water Woman:  Why have you come to my lake?

Kitsune:  Huh? Are you the same person as the person before? The teacher wearing a blue dress and a blue mask.

Water Woman:  No, you are wrong.

Kitsune:  Oh, sorry for making a mistake.

Tengu: Water Woman, teach em’ (favorably).

Water Woman:  ?Hump?, I'm angry but I will teach you.


Scene 6:


Tengu: The person I ate earlier was delicious.

Water Woman:  Sorry to be late.

Tengu: So?

Water Woman:  Oh, yeah! Miss. Flower Woman, I heard you broke up with your boyfriend.

Flower Woman: Well. He was boring, and had a weird face (among other things).

Tengu: Why did you go out with him?

Flower Woman: I bought Tender because I want a new boyfriend.

Water Woman:  Let me see, let me see! What about him?

Flower Woman: Isn’t he a little… too old?

Tengu: That's a tree!


Scene 6.5:


Tengu: Slow!


Scene 7:


Tengu: The last teacher is YOURS TRULY{is me}.

Kitsune: Is it the way of the mountain?

Tengu: Correct. Now, let’s begin.

Tengu: Ahh, this nectar is delicious!

Tengu: Hey, get up, it's time.


Scene 8:


Tengu: Today has come.

Space Yakuza Army:  Ha, ha, ha.  You think that you and that Kitsune can win? Please don’t joke.

Tengu: Well, if it was my esteemed self then I will be okay but Kitsune…I don’t really know. Alright! Let’s begin this!

Army: Die! Haa~!

Tengu: Haaaa~!

Tengu:  HAA?I’m tired. I want to eat ice cream.  Will go buy ice cream and come back.


Scene 9:


Kitsune:? It’s okay, it’s okay. I just have to remember my teachers’ teachings. All right, I can do this. Where is Milord Alien Yakuza. He’s late! I have been waiting for about an hour. Perhaps he became scared. I see, I see! I have won!

Alien Yakuza:  AH?sorry. I’m late. Had more important business to attend to.

Kitsune:  More than me?

Alien Yakuza: umm......yeah

Kitsune:  Did it require you to get drunk?

Alien Yakuza: What! I’m not drunk! Well, even drunk I can still win. I will let you see (and give you) my true power

Kitsune:  What! He can change clothing!!?I can't do that.

Alien Yakuza: Yay! I won’t be fired from the yakuza and my mom won’t get mad.

?: Wow?is it a fight? How interesting. It kind of looks dangerous. WA! I am late for Jujitsu practice!

Kitsune:  Is my all the power I have? Can I not protect the world? No! Haa?

Alien Yakuza: Wa??No way! Why!

Kitsune:  Huh!  I did it! No! I changed clothes!

Kitsune:  Look, look Lord Tengu!

Tengu: Behind you.

Alien Yakuza: Slow!

Alien Yakuza:  I won!

Tengu: Well, good luck next time


Scene 10:


Girl 1: What a stupid book!

Girl 2: Why? That's book for class, right?

Girl 2: You want one more beer?

Girl 2: Ah, I don’t have 10 yen.


Submitted: October 18, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Nick Nicosa. All rights reserved.


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