The Natures Of Pain

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is an old script from 2nd year high school

Chapter 25 (v.1) - The Prioress’

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



<Narrator starts in center>

Narrator: I am here to tell you a tale and nothing more. A tale about the young child who was allowed to sing for our holy maiden. Even after his throat was slit, and the Prioress who was there, and told me of this tale. Now, I pass that on to you.

<Narrator goes to stage chair and begins>

Narrator:  In a city of Asia, among its Christian population, lay a Jewish quarter. This quarter full of foul usury and shameful profits, they detested Christ and HIs followers. Not far from this quarter was there a Christian school where the Christian children would go to school happily holding hands.

~scene change- school~

< Widow & Child go to the school and back holding hands. >

Narrator:  one of these children was the child of a widow

~scene change- cozy home~

< Widow pats child on shoulder. >

Widow: Remember my child. For Christ, and the Ave Maria who is mother to Christ, for your father and everyone else, you must stay strong and pray for all. Remember all that I've taught you and what you've have learned from school and all will be well.

Child: Yes mother.

Widow: Now off you go, need to be late. Don't forget to say greeting with Christ before school starts.

<Child meets up with Widow>

~scene change- Christ stature~

<both kneel >

Child and Friend: (whisper)-Ave Maria

<Widow and Child walk off set>

<Friend and Child  walk on set with chairs and books>

<scene change- classroom.

<Friend and Child sit in chairs>

< Teacher moves on set >

Teacher: Children, today's assignment will be reading the passage in your books.

<Teacher moves off set>

<Friend and Child  flip through books>

Narrator: But as they began to read, the child started to faintly hear the song Alma redemportis being sung, growing ever so loudly from the outside.

<Child closes her eyes and follows the as it gets louder>

Child: Ah, this melody.

<Child opens eyes >

Child: I find myself growing deeper and deeper in love with such beautiful notes. But how do I make sense of such words? Who would teach me such Latin? Perhaps my dear friend will.

<school lets out>

~scene change-school~

<Friend and Child walk together>

Child: Hey will you teach me Latin? And the meaning of the words in the song that we heard earlier?

~no scene~

Narrator: But his friend would not answer him.

Child: Will you please teach me my dear friend.

<Friend walk away {short distance then stops}>

Child: Please teach me my friend.

<Friend walk away {short distance then stops}>

Narrator: For days he asked and asked

<Child chases Friend around quietly {while narrator is speaking}

Narrator:  until finally...

<Child gets down on knees and begs >

Child: Please, Please, teach me such Latin. For I beg of you nothing more. Just this song is enough for me.

Narrator: Shocked at how far he would go, he finally answered,

Friend: I cannot teach you such Latin even if I wanted to, nor translate this holy song. All i can do is tell you that the song was made so that we may ask help apon the blessed Lady and that it was made in her honor. Nothing more.

Child: Made... in her honor. If so then I must learn all of this song before the Christmas passing. Even if I am to be scolded and beaten for this, I shall not waver in learning this holy song.

Narrator: The child's friend, amazed by his determination, he decided to teach him the song.

<Friend and Child conversing of the song>

~ Scene change-school~

Narrator: Every day on the way to school, the friend taught him the song till finally he could sing and practice the song on his own.

<Friend walks off set>

 Narrator: Now singing his song everywhere.

~Scene change- Hebrew city~

Narrator: Even when he was in the Jewish section, nothing would stop him from singing the song. But with all this sing Satan became to grow anger.

<Child walks off set>

~screen change- hell fire~

<Satan appears on set>

Narrator: Wanting to rid of the child, he went to the Jews and vexed them.

<Killer, Jews 1, Jews 2 appear on set>

<Killer, Jews 1, Jews 2  asked as Jews>

Satan: Have you all no shame? Allowing this child to sing his song in your realms inspire of that is but against your faith. You dare let him be? Have you not want justice for his crimes?

<Jews 1 and Jews 2 talk among themselves>

Killer: NO!

<Killier gets up as Satan gets off set>

Killer:  No we will not! If none wish to get his hands soiled with blood and death, then for money, I shall. For death will never fail in the eyes of justice and judgment.


<happy cheers from Jews 1 and Jews 2 >

Narrator: And so they planned for the child's death.

Killer: I will wait for the child for when he pass the dark alley on his way from that dammed school. That is when I will cut his throat and rid his body into a pit. Then you may pay my fee.

<Jews 1 and Jews 2 goes off set>

~ Scene change-dark alley~

Narrator: So the killer waiter in the ark ally and did as he said he would do.

------------Narrator take off hat (this will be the prioress’s costume) ----------------

<Child walking to dark alley way>

<Killer grabs Child from behind>

<Child gives little struggle and cries>

Killer: Ah, there, there, little one, don't cry.

<Killer pull out weapon>

Killer: You’re going to get to see your Christ.

<Killer slits Child throat>

<Child falls dead>

<Killer laughs evilishly>

Killer: Have a dammed trip to the afterlife.

<Killer puts Child in pit>

<Killer gets off set>

<Child finds a good time to get off set>

~no scene~

<Prioress walks to center>

PRIORESS: O Cursed blood that follows the ill-will of Herods rule. How dare you kill such innocents?! For our corrupted justice or any other evil did not taint his blood. To die at such tender ages in a unnatural death will not be forgiven by Christ or His holy mother.

---------------------Prioress gets back in narrator costume----------------------

~scene change- cozy home~

<Widow walks on to set>


Narrator: But little did the widowed mother know of her child's death, so she waits for her son.

Widow: O my son where have you’ve gone to? The minutes keep piling apon each other as to hope to make a new tower. Must I wait longer for your return?

Narrator: But the mother fell asleep while waiting for her son, and night soon became day.

Widow: (cried)-O my child, where arte thy! - O my child, I will search for you. I shall search for you even to the ends of the earth.

~screen change- town~

<Widow goes to Townsfolk A>

Widow: Have you seen my child?

Townsfolk A: No I have not

<Townsfolk A walks of set>

<Widow turns to the crowd/audieance {right}>

Widow: Have you?

<Widow turns to crowd {left}>

Widow: what of you?

<Townsfolk B walks on set to Widow>

Townsfolk B: Young widow, I have seen your child, but he was in the Jewish section

<Townsfolk B walks of set>

Widow: (cries)-No! No! No, it cannot be!

<Widow falls to her knees>

Widow: How could such be? How can Christ have done this to the child that loved Him and His Holy mother so?

<Widow gets up slowly>

Widow: even if this is the will of Christ himself I will have none of it. I must part for the Jewish section at once.

~ Scene change - Hebrew town~

<Child, Killer and Satan back on set>

<Child finds safe place to lay dead>

Narrator: Once in the Jewish section she questioned every Jew in sight.

<Widow goes to Killer and Jew 1>

<both shake head no>

Narrator: With her hope beginning to wavier but a little, she felt the guidance from someone, from Jesus; she was led to her child's body.

Widow: (yell)-MY CHILD!-

<Widow runs to Child>

<Widow holds Child in her arms and hugs her, beginning to cry>

Widow: (crying) - O my child, who did this?-

<Child starts to sing and only goes to Alma

Child: Al~~~

<Widow pulls back and watches Child sing>

Narrator: His singing brought all the Christens round to watch, and they sent for the magistrate

<Mabistrate on set>

Child: {says while Magistrate speaks} ma~~~

<Mabistrate on set>

Magistrate: Who dare commit such crime? By my just order, all those involved shall not go un-punished. They too will receive such a shameful death, and may it be through murder by torment. Now to the abbot.

Child: {sings while magistrate speaks} redemptois~~~

~ Scene change-wild drag~

Narrator: Sure enough after their departure to the abbot, the Jews were hung and then tie to a wild horse and dragged away.

~scene change- inner church~

<Magistrate faces CHild>

Magistrate: O young child i wish to know, in the name of the Holy Trinity, why do you sing, how con thy sing with a throat cut such as yours?

Child: True may it be that my throat has been slit and I should not be breathing this air. But, Jesus Christ has allowed me to sing for HIs dear mother, so that my singing may honor her, tis the reason I sing, tis the reason I breathe this air. As I began to part from this world and kiss the lips of death, the holy maiden reached out to me and told me to sing the song that was made for her. Thus granting me with this single grain upon my tongue

<Child closes eyes and puts hands near heart>

Child: It was she who said 'my child for whenever the time comes that the grain is taken from your tongue, I will come for you once more. But fear not for I have no reason to forsake you.'

<Child opens eyes and lower hands>

Magistrate: Then it time you have the grain taken from your tongue

Child: Indeed it is

<Magistrate "take" grain from Child's tongue>

<Child becomes lifeless>

~screen change- holy spirit~

Narrator:  The magistrate fall to the ground tearful with the beautiful sight of light, which was the spirit of the child as he ascended to heaven

<Magistrate fall on her knees>

Narrator: silently weeping, he blessed Christ's dear mother. then he had the child put in a pure marble tomb with prayer.

------------Narrator walks in front of crowd, takes of the hat slowly and says the last lines---------------

PRIORESS: O child who was killed by the Jews, in your name, Hugh of Lincoln, this death was painful yet blessed by our prayers and of Jesus Christ and His mother. We pray and ask that you also pray for us from your holy place so that God may give us His mercy and grace upon us in our greatest respects to His Mother Mary.

© Copyright 2020 Nick Nicosa. All rights reserved.


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