The Natures Of Pain

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - “GOOD RIDANCE!”

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



I sat down behind two girls in the Caf. They both had high pony tails and were blonde, not that I got anything against blondes. They also had matching Greek burgundy sweatshirts and black sweat pants, and again nothing against Greeks. But they were laughing very laud and rather obnoxiously. Hard not to be anyone by it, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was thinking like that either. They girls were sitting across from each other, all engrossed in themselves.

“And then then what?!?” One of the girls, the one sitting facing the caf entrance said excitedly. I felt it upon myself to singhly imitate her, my way of poking fun without being noticed.

Girl two prattled, “Nothing! He said NOTTHING!!!” She was all amused and high mighty like, puffing her chest out when she said it.

Girl one burst out in hysteria commenting in-between gaps of dear live and laughs “Fucking Fantastic!” 

All I could think is, ‘sure be an asshole why don’ cha? No regards for your surroundings!’

 Girl two was now nodding her head like some peacock or something as she stupidly tried to swig down some water from her clear Gustavus water bottle. I felt like asking her is she was dizzy already because I felt it looking at her.  They go quiet for a few second, and I sigh in relief, finally some quiet.  Girl one finishes the last of her salad, it’s on a small green plate. All that was left were a few leafs of ranch guzzled lettuce. Girl two wipes her hands and face leaving a half-eaten hamburger on her red plate with some stranded fries.

Girl one turned her head to see the clock at the back of the room, and turns back.

“What time is your practice at again?” Questions Girl one, sounding more like an idiot than a simple inquisitor.

Girls two taps on her phone and phone lights up. “In 30 minutes,” she replies.

“We should get going.” Girl one says picking up her odd green color back pack and plate.

“Yeah, I don’t want to be late. That guy can be so god damn anal about the time,” says Girl 2 picking up her phone and blue and white back pack, followed by her plate. They leave the table dirty, ketchup everywhere and chairs left untucked. They go to the conveyer area and talk but I’m too far to hear, then leave the room. “GOOD RIDANCE!” 

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