The Natures Of Pain

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A friend asked me and a few others to help write a ten to fifteen minute long pieces for his theater project. The peice featured four authors, including myself, this piece is my piece from the
project.The concept is that it takes place in a train station meant to symbolize the gate to Purgatory. Trains going north mean a change of ways and going to heaven or rebirth, south trains mean
going into Purgatory....

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Obsession Births

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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A A A | A A A

Submitted: May 25, 2016





Lights on apron. LOVER A runs into the station, panting.


LOVER A: Shit! It's okay...It wasn't on purpose. (Runs hands through hair.) It wasn't! (Exhale.) Okay! (Paces then stops and looks frantic.) Time! What time is it? (Looks at wrist then looks for a clock, walks to center stage and lights follow. Doesn’t find a clock.) Alibi. I need an alibi. Alibi.... (Runs hands through hair, clutches hair.) I need one....think!(Circles bench then pauses.) The phone....yes the phone. I could change the time and call from a payphone. That's what I'll do. That's what I will-(Momentary pause then laughter.) Haha I did it, I can get away! I can...(More laughter.) I can't believe it. I did it. I did! It's over, she's gone.(More laughter, runs both hands through hair.) This is great! I feel great! Haha, freedom. I'm FREE! It feels good. Freedom! I can’t believe I freed myself!(Spins happily in a circle.) felt good. (Throws head back and takes a deep breath, then smiles.) Ah, so warm. So comforting...(Smile begins to fade.) Ha..ha ha, I’m free, this is what i wanted...(Looks at hands, hands are shaky.) SO why hasn't the feel her blood left my hands. Haha, I killed her... with my own hands...(Smile is now gone.) She won't be bothering me now. She won't be calling me now. I'm free...(Begins to tear up.) She won't be around exchange for my freedom...I gave her a peaceful rest,she liked sleeping was a good trade...(Phone rings, picks up phone, drops phone.) What have I-(Backs away from phone)...done.(Covers mouth.) Oh GOD! I really did do it. I stabbed her, left her dead, and on her birthday! Jesus! What have I done? What have I done!(Paces.) It wasn't on purpose. It's okay...It wasn't on purpose.(Nervously walks and stops, runs hands through hair.) It wasn't my fault. I'M INNOCENT! It wasn't supposed to happen. I never meant for it to happen, it’s not my fault. I didn't plan for it! I just wanted things to end. I wanted to be free. I only went there to break up with her. That's all. It was an accident that she died. I just wanted happiness, but she, she wouldn't stop. Always wanting to round and round in the same violent cycle. (Clutches body.) Things use to be good... But then she started calling me names, demeaning me, and then I hit her over and over, the cycle never ending. I couldn’t handle it, it was too much. She was too much. Harassing me at every hour of the day, tracking my every moment, I had nowhere to run. I just wanted to be free! I wanted her to understand that I wanted freedom. She...she wouldn't stop, she wouldn't let me go. No matter what I did. (Clutches body tighter.) She wanted us to stay the same, I couldn't have done that...I couldn' it's not my fault. I tried and tried, I'm innocent. I not guilty. It's her fault, she’s the reason she's dead. It was her fault. She was the one in the wrong! It was all her fault. Yeah!(Laughter.) It not my fault. (LOVER A let’s go of body. It’s not my fault at all! It was inevitable she didn't want to let go, she is the one to blame(Hold head in hands.) She was a curse, and I broke free. An evil witch, a villain, villains always die, they do bad things. It their fault, she was an evil villain.(Breathes with relief.)






Lights on left upstage on LOVER B. LOVER B is a ghost and can't be seen by any of the other characters. LOVER B is moving across stage and , a light follows her.


Lover B (In a harsh and questioning tone): Good you say? An accident? A villain? My fault?


Light fades from LOVER B to LOVER A. LOVER A looks for the voice. LOVER B creeps up to right side of LOVER A.


LOVER B: (LOVER B whispers in LOVER A's ear.) You drove that knife into my heart. (LOVER A covers ears and jerks away. LOVER B circles LOVER A, yelling) It was your choice to make! You enjoyed it didn't you.


LOVER  A: No! (Looks around.) It was because you wouldn't let me go. You wouldn’t stop. I just wanted to be free!  


Lover B: (In face) Stop what? (Walks up to left side of LOVER A, touches arm, LOVER A jerks back.) Loving you? How could I? (Circles.) We were meant for each other. I didn't want to be with trash like you, but love is love. The heart chooses who you love, it knows what's best. (Touches cheek of LOVER A, LOVER A jerks again.) Despite your uselessness, we were perfect for each other. You needed me, that need fulfilled me. It’s what made us Different from the rest.(Walks away into the dark.)


LOVER A: (Yelling at an empty space.) No! You're wrong!






LOVER B:(Appears behind LOVER A, face on the left side of LOVER A) Am I? (LOVER A swats at LOVER B but misses) How did it feel plunging that knife into me, spilling my blood over your hands? Feeling the beat of my heart fade?


(Lights fade off, Actors move to left center stage. Lights fade in.)


LOVER B: (Appears behind LOVER A, face on the right side of LOVER A) It felt good didn't it?  


Lover A: No it didn't! I Didn't want to kill you! It didn't feel good at all! (Swatting and yelling, LOVER B backs away.)


Lover B: Ah come on. Watching my body fall limp to the floor, painting it bright crimson. You felt it, didn't you? (Closes in on LOVER A) Pleasure. Excitement. Total bliss. (Backs away.) you FILTHY, MURDERER!


LOVER A (Yelling): Shut up!


LOVER B(Scorningly): You disgusting, worthless piece of trash.(Laughing.) You were turned on, weren't you! You scum! Getting turned on by my lifeless body.(LOVER B hugs LOVER A's from behind.) You sick bastard!


LOVER A: Shut up! (Begins sobbing, holds head.) Please don’t say anymore.


LOVER B(Sarcastically): (Moves away from LOVER A, walks toward right center stage) Aww, can't handle it can you? The truth. Poor baby. It not like it wasn't me who found you. Gave you a home, fed you...(Brushes bench with hand and continues walking to right center stage.) Clothed you! Loved you!(Reaches center right stage, yells at LOVER A) Gave you your current lifestyle! (LOVER B holds LOVER A's face) I gave you the world, and you DESTROYED IT! (Lover B throws face to the side and walks upstage into darkness.)  




Lights on LOVER A. LOVER A is sitting on the bench


LOVER A: What do you want from me! What do you want! (Sobbing, holds head. )I Just want to be free...let me go. I'm begging you!  


LOVER B: Let you go? Why would I do that? I love you, I always will - forever. I understand you; the only one who understands what you are. No will love you, not the pathetic shit you are, but I will. Because we are connected. (Hugs LOVER A from the front.)


(LOVER A gets up forcibly from bench.)


LOVER A: Forgive me! Please! Let me go! I didn't mean to kill you, it wasn’t my intention, I swear! (More crying.) I just wanted it to end. I was becoming scared of myself. You turned me into a violent monster!(Crouches to ground.)


LOVER B: I turned YOU into a MONSTER!? (Laughs and sends back head.) No, I didn't do anything. You were always a monster. There was no escaping it. (Whispers.) I only help you realize what you are. Exposed your true self to the world.(Picks LOVER A up, walks away) Why else were you abandoned? They KNEW, you were trouble, that you were inhuman. (Laughing.) You should be thanking ME, I helped you out of love.


LOVER A: (Covers and stretches face.) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.(Says rapidly.)  


LOVER B: No love is perfect. (Reaches out to LOVER A.) So no need to apologize. Perfect love doesn't exist, it can't. Love is imperfect, the imperfect the purer. Such a love is true love, what we had was true love. No, we still have it, even if you were too stupid to realize it before you killed me. But then, (LOVER B closes in on LOVER A.) killing is the ultimate imperfection, isn't it?


(LOVER A cries in silence.)

LOVER B: That's why you felt it when you murdered me. The extent of our love, it was that pleasure, that ecstasy in the kill.


LOVER A: (Smiles creepily) No that wasn't it....


LOVER B: (Amused) No? Then why the smile(Touches lips of LOVER A)


LOVER A: (LOVER A touches LOVER B hands and looks away) No...I didn't...I'm not...Why would I....


LOVER B: (Smiles, brings LOVER A to a mirror on a pillar right upstage.) Then, is this what you would call a frown?






Lights fade onto actors. LOVER A and LOVER B are right upstage.


LOVER A: (Lover A mortified)NO...NO...NO! (Backs away from mirror.) NO! Why am I smiling? (falls backwards, tearing.) I can't stop!  


LOVER B: (Hugs Lover A endearingly from behind.) Shhh. It's okay. I'm here. Embrace it, it is who you are, a cold blooded bastard. But everything is fine, unlike you, I won't abandon you.  


LOVER A: NO!(Trembling badly, shouting.) No! I don't want to! It's not me! It's me...(Whimpering, still smiling.)


LOVER B: (Move to the front of Lover A, endearingly.) Don't worry, I'll protect you. You're worthless and pathetic without me. So I'll stay by your side. I'll help you achieve your ultimate desires. I'll love you. Instruct you on how to do it, how to get away every time, pleasure you. I'll keep you safe, keep you company, so drown yourself in ecstasy and I'll drown with you.


LOVER A (blank tone):Ecs...tacy....  


LOVER B: Yes, (LOVER B kiss LOVER A) Just like you did me.


LOVER A: (Crying stops.) I-  


LOVER B: (Happily) Do you hear that? It’s the train, what will you do? You'll get on the train won't you? Our world of happiness is waiting for us. All you have to do is get on the inbound train.


LOVER A: (Evil Smile) Why do you even ask? (LOVER A gets up.)


Train Arrives: All aboard  


LOVER A licks lips and swallowed down hard. Walks toward Apron to get on train.


SIDE CHARACTER: Do you know what time it is...are you okay?  


LOVER A: (As getting on train.) It's Happy Hour!  


LOVER B: (Can't be seen by side character but talks to character.) All love is intensely possessive, he'll be fine,(Gets on train laughing, hugs LOVER A, LOVER A touches LOVER B's hand. LOVER A still smiling.)


(Train leaves.)


© Copyright 2020 Nick Nicosa. All rights reserved.


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