Theodore Ray

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Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Submitted: May 16, 2016



' You've ruined my life again.' 

Said Teddy as he slammed his head on his MacBook.  He was thinking aloud, & looking out the window of his NYC apartment. Traffic zoomed away below.

They'd done it to him once before, taking away the web, which he needed to upload digital content to his social media spectrum.

Oh well, he thought, it's not happening ing today.

He grabbed his coat,  checked for his phone and left.


Outside, the sun snuck behind his sunglasses, piercing the veil of  morning. Not a single cloud. 

The skyscrapers seemed to be bending in the light.

' ay Ted'

He looked behind him.

'Hi there Alan, how's it going?'

'Yeh alright, you hitting the big smoke?'

'Nah, well my web's down  so I thought I'd grab a coffee.'

'K, will leave you to it.'

'Ciao, Alan'.


Alan was a passerby Teddy kept running into at his doorway. He was originally a courier, now retired he still has a knack for meeting him, & others at the right moment.


Bustling through the regular crowd on the footpath Teddy wondered where to go for a Joe, The Brewed Bean or the Minor Mug. He opted for a takeaway from the latter and began his walk to a nearby park. Or has he thought of it, The V.S., vacant space. 


'The usual' he said at the counter.

At the park his mind wandered back to The Minor Mug, the bench was made of black stone, with shining specks.


Now lying down  in a patch of luscious grass he looked again to the sky and wondered why life had thrown him outside and how he could exploit his break from work.

A couple of girls and their dogs walked on by.

One of them smiled at hi .

He'd never tried his hand at dating,  it just seemed dull and avoidable.

Besides, working on a social platform, the exposure could ruin a relationship and vice versa. He could lose his job.

Now people do recognize him from time to time,  only from this one video he made just 3 months before. It got 100, 000 in a day and peaked at a few million. It was a stunt he filmed, someone skating,  but at the end he did an unexpected director's cameo,  put the spotlight on himself and just laughed.


Back on the street Theodore wanted to map out his morning precisely, he had 2 hours before he had to be back prepping content.

He glanced at the regular shop fronts that fell to his side as he walked past. He had it all. Didn't need clothes, tech, homewares, nothing.

Teddy looked ahead, he saw a man in a beanie holding a guitar getting out of a cab. The driver yelling after him "What was that for?".

The man just nodded and walked onwards.

Teddy admired his silent style.

That was one of the things of where he lived. The silent type that had finess. 


Gradually he made it to where he was going. That is to say he arrived at his destination, he felt a sense of liberation, peace within this great nation.

The library!


Perfect for Theodore to get some work done, nothing out of the ordinary was bound to happen here.

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