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Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



She had class
I'll say that for her
had real class

we were in an art gallery
and I stood near
this painting by Degas
and she stopped too
and we stood next
to each other

she had this
wonderful perfume on
and she looked classy
and after we both
had gawked at
the Degas for a while

she turned
and looked at me
you like Degas?
She said

sure I like his bathing dames
and ballet dancers best
I said

she smiled a little
and said
slightly intrusive
the bathing ones

natural though
not posed as much
as some
I said

would you wish
to be painted drying
or after you were in a bath?
She said

depends who was painting
and how good they were
I said
would you?

not sure I would
wish someone to paint me
in my bath or
coming out and drying
she said

takes all types I guess
I said

yes I suppose it does
she said

I said

She said frowning

would you like
to have a coffee with me?

She smiled
don't think my husband
would really
appreciate that
she said
he's just ahead
with the Monets

o sorry about that
I said
another time maybe?

She looked at me
I don't think so
she said
but thank you anyway

and walked off
she had class
and a nice ass.

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