Mama Bear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



She watches her cubs play around

as they are walking on the ground.

Her snowy white fur

Is not even a blur,

For she takes her time

to make sure her cubs are fine.


A huntercomes around,

making little sound,

as he aims his gun at a cub.


Mama bear sees this,

as the gun gave a hiss,

and her baby is dead,

a red circle in his head


Mama bear knows he is a threat

and so she lept

at him with so much power.


He grabbed his prize,

made his feet quickly rise,

to get away from the angry bear.


Mama bear chased him through the snow,

not ready to let him go.

He must pay back,

for making her baby a snack

And she won't ever give up.


Her other cub follows,

past many icy hollows.

He could bearly keep up,

but then got some luck,

for his mother pinned the man down.


The hunter cried,

and he couldn't decide

if he had a chance to live.


He was filled with dread,

as he looked at Mame bear's head

for he and the cub both could have lived.


He was a threat,

something he could now get.

He didn't know before,

but does now at death's door.


Mama bear got off,

looked at the man who had a cough.

He was weak,

and she needed some sleep,

so she turned around to go.


The hunter was grateful,

and sorry he had been hateful.

He got off the ground,

and then looked around,

to find that no bear was there.


Dead baby in mouth,

Mama bear headed south,

her live cub right by her side.


If it happened again,

the man- she would end

but for now,

she doesn't know how.

She will protect herself,

and her baby's health

until the day she dies.

© Copyright 2020 Emroni Masepp. All rights reserved.

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