Nukris the Terrible (tall tale for English class)

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I wrote this in 25 minutes. ENJOY!

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



Nukris the Terrible


Long ago, after the rift between the nation, the Union defeated the Confederacy. But both sides were weak, and broken. So when the gargantuan mistress of evil, Nukris, rose from the depths of the ocean around the prospering New York City, they never stood a chance. There was no one to challenge her absolute authority, and all of New York was her domain. 

One day, all was normal, with one exception, Nukris' mighty ears perked up, and she heard a faint set of rumbles, far too distant for anyone else to detect. But it was of no concern to her, and she went about her tyrannical rule.

Nukris was an interesting character, for she was ignorant to the world. She thought that she was a goddess, that she was admired and respected. She thought she could control the people and that was how things should be.

The people suffered under her regime, but dared not question her, fearing the destruction she would cause. This went on for 25 years, with no end in sight. However, those faint rumbles she heard so long before we're now back to haunt her. For a man of great stature strode into Manhattan, carrying a bucket so large, it could fill entire lakes in a matter of hours. But in it was not water, no, but molten lava, straight from the caldera of the Mauna Loa Volcano on the distant island of Hawaii. This was the great Durango Emerson.

The two stood, facing each other, before clashing in a brawl beyond anything the world had yet to experience. The battle was long and fierce, before they finally dove into the harbor to continue their skirmish. Nukris delivered a devastating blow to Durango, knocking him out cold.

With her as the presumed victor, she stood atop a perch she had built in the harbor, and raised her torch, announcing that she would continue her conquest, and that Durango should be an example to her power. Her cries were so loud they were heard across the world, and people cowered in fear.

But Durango had risen while she was lost in her delusions. He heaved his mighty bucket over her head and poured the molten rock over her.

Nukris soon found she could not move, and realized what had happened. After 25 years, she returned to her deep slumber.

After she became lost to the clutches of unconsciousness, Durango chipped away the excess lava, leaving only a clean outline of her form, torch still raised over her head. With this, Durango declared the once tyrant to be a symbol of freedom and liberty. And thus, Nukris was forever known as The Statue of Liberty.

As for Durango? Well, he moved on, and decided to build a home beneath the surface, and carved a massive cave into the earth, which was the entrance to his abode. You've heard of the Mammoth Caves haven't you?

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