A Son and His Mom

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A Son and His Mom

Luke threw on his semi-expensive, brand-name, blue striped shirt. It was a nice shirt that highlighted all his muscles. Then he put on a pair of nice jeans, and got ready to go out the door. He knew he looked good. He was in a good mood. It was time to go out and live it up at his frat party.

At his frat house, Luke started talking to everyone in the room, immediately, almost as soon as he entered. He chatted with his frat brothers animatedly. They all talked to each other with beers in their hands, talking louder and louder to each other as the conversations went on, and laughing good-naturedly at some points too. They gave each other friendly pats on the back, as well as slightly rough-housing with each other. They freely enjoyed the good and fun sensations of friendship that they had with each other.

It didn't take long before the energy in the room went up even more. Luke and his frat brothers started playing a drinking game, involving some ping pong balls and lots of dares. A small crowd gathered around to watch them. Everyone laughed and cheered at them loudly.

At some point, Luke stepped away from the drinking game to mingle with other people at the party. He spotted two pretty girls talking to each other in a corner of the room. Of the two of them, he thought the girl with dark brown hair was prettier than the one with light brown hair, but they were both attractive to him. Enough for him to want to go over there and start talking to them.

He knew that this was no time to look unsure of himself, which was no problem, because he had lots of confidence. Luke calmly put his drink down on a table, and without any hesitation, confidently strode all the way across the room, to where the two girls were.

They saw him coming, and just looked at Luke with neutral expressions on their faces as he walked towards them. Once he was in front of them, Luke introduced himself to them in a loud and steady voice. He used a simple, natural greeting.

"Hi, I'm Luke," he said to both of them, smiling a little, and extending his hand to shake both of their hands. Both of the girls' faces changed from neutral expressions to small smiles.

"Hi!" They both exclaimed back to him, and shook Luke's hand with small smiles on their faces.

"And what are your names?" Luke asked both of them, taking a moment to look at both of them individually, as he asked them.

Smiling, they both introduced themselves to Luke. After that, Luke made a joke to the girls, which immediately made them both laugh.

At this point, Luke smiled to himself, internally. He knew he was on the right track, and he was going to get what he wanted from them.

He began talking to the girl with dark hair more, though not ignoring her friend either, still making her feel included in the conversation too. He told them entertaining stories and made more jokes. After some time had passed, not too long, the dark-haired girl gave her friend a certain look. It was very brief, but there was something communicated between them. Then her friend, the light-haired girl, excused herself and said she had to go somewhere. She told both of them goodbye, and told her friend she would see her later.

Now Luke was alone with the dark-haired girl. He had her full attention, all exactly as he wanted. He knew how to execute the rest of his plan. He knew what he was about to do with her wasn't the best thing in the world to do, but he didn't hide that fact from her.

Luke asked her, in a slightly softer voice, if she wanted to have a good time with him tonight. She demurred a little, but she didn't move or actually reject him. Luke pressed her again, this time getting a little closer to her and using a slightly stronger tone of voice, but still friendly. She relented and gave him a very small smile. Then, she let Luke take her hand and show her the way to his room.

They had a great time together that night. Once she was alone with Luke on his bed, she was not shy at all. They kept each other up for many hours, doing the things they wanted to do with each other. Luke felt great. He felt great physical sensations. He also felt great about how he had been able to convince this girl to do these things with him.

In the morning, the girl was lying on Luke's bed, with him. She had gotten a few hours of sleep. When she woke up and saw Luke, she knew it was time for her to go. There was nothing to be gained by staying around too long. She gave Luke a friendly smile, and they made some idle small talk for a little. Then she told Luke it had been nice meeting him, and that she would see him around. Luke graciously let her out his door.

Luke smiled to himself. He had had a great night, last night. Partying with his frat brothers, then having fun with this girl. For a brief moment, he felt the slightest bit of guilt about what he had done with this girl. He knew what they had done together last night had been fun and felt great, but it hadn't been real. He felt a little bad for himself for having done that, but mostly, for the girl. But then, he brushed his slightly guilty feeling aside. She had wanted it too, and she wasn't the best person either. And as for himself, he would just have to live with his bad actions, until they actually caught up to him one day.


Luke was home for the holidays. He was spending just a few days of it at home, though. The rest of the time, he was going to spend it in the snow, snowboarding with his friends.

Even though he didn't come home very often, Luke always looked forward to going home. It would be him, his mom, his dad, and his little sister together. He was close to his family and had good relationships with all of them. But most of all, Luke really loved seeing his mom.

When he came home, his mom greeted him at the door, hugged him, and exclaimed how she hadn't seen him in so long, which was true. Then she led him into the house, where the smells of wonderful home-cooking greeted him.

His mom had spent all day preparing all of his, and his sister's, favorite foods for the family to eat for dinner. Luke smelled the wonderful aroma of roast chicken and meat, and sweet bread baking in the oven.

Luke sighed, and he smiled. This time, he wasn't just smiling to himself, but really smiling too, on the outside. His mom saw him smile, and she just grinned back at him.

After dinner, Luke wandered around the house, not having much to do. He found his mom reading the newspaper in the family room.

Luke walked into the family room and took a seat next to her on the sofa. His mom looked up from her newspaper and smiled at him.

Luke and his mom were close, but this didn't mean that they talked often. They weren't the talkative types, around each other.

"How are you? How's everything going with you?" his mom asked him.

Luke shrugged his shoulders. "Pretty good," he told her. He told his mom some details about his life, but nothing too deep or significant. He didn't mention any of his escapades with girls.

His mom very much wanted to know all about Luke and his life, but she knew better than to press him for information. She really wanted to know about his situation with girls too, but she definitely knew not to press him about that. So she listened to everything Luke told her attentively, but she stayed mostly silent after he stopped talking.

Then, it remained silent between them after that. Luke didn't feel like getting up though. He liked being around his mom, and furthermore, he had nothing else to do for the night. So he picked up another section from the newspaper that his mom was reading that interested him, and sat reading it, next to her. Luke and his mom sat together in the family room reading, and occasionally making some small remarks to each other, for the rest of the evening.

After just a few, short days at home, Luke was off to enjoy the snow with his friends. That entire morning, his mom was shedding tears over Luke's departure. Any time she had to see Luke go she was sad, and this was made worse for her by the fact that he spent so little time at home. She kept asking Luke that morning if he would reconsider his snow trip and stay at home a little longer. But Luke was adamant about sticking to his plans.

As he got ready to leave, his mom finally resigned herself to the fact that he was leaving, and that it would be a long time before she saw or heard from him again. Much longer than she would like. But his mom didn't say anything else about this to Luke anymore. She kept her sad feeling to herself, even though her eyes betrayed her and were misty. She gave Luke a big hug goodbye, he hugged her back tightly too, and then he was off.


Some months later, Luke got a call from his mom. His mom rarely called him, only when it was for something important. Luke picked up the call.

"Hi Luke, how are you?" his mom asked him over the phone.

"Good, what's up?" he asked her.

His mom got straight to the point. "Your dad's on a business trip next week. It just came up so unexpectedly. And the Cosmos Gala is next week! I don't have a date anymore, and I don't want to go to it alone. I know it's short notice. Could you come back home for a day and go to this with me?"

Luke hesitated. He was a busy person, and he had a lot of things booked already for the day that his mom was asking him about. It was definitely inconvenient for him, with such little notice.

But he knew how important the Cosmos Gala was to his mom. She was very involved with the Cosmos, and their Gala was one of the events that she most looked forward to every year. His dad had always accompanied his mom to it in the prior years. Luke hated the thought of her going alone this year.

"Sure, I can be home that day." Luke replied after just a moment, making up his mind.

He could practically hear his mom smiling on the other end. His mom gave him the details, then they wrapped up their phone conversation quickly after that.


The Cosmos Gala was not Luke's idea of a good time. Everyone there was his parents’ age, and they talked about things he didn't understand or that didn't interest him.

But none of this mattered to Luke. He had to be there for his mom, and that was the only thing that mattered.

His mom had a great time at the Cosmos Gala that night. She looked at ease, talked and laughed with many people, and proudly introduced her son to everyone that night. Luke was on his best behavior. He was very courteous, and as genuine as he could be, to everyone that he met.

At the end of the night, Luke asked his mom if she had had a good time.

"The best!" she exclaimed. "And the best part of it was getting to spend it with you!" she added on.

Luke grinned back at his mom. Even though the Cosmos Gala was not the kind of event he liked going to, there was nothing else he would have rather done that night, than accompanying his mom to the Cosmos Gala.

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