Innocent But Murderous

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Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



Jade held a needle in her right hand, which was moving up and down. Her lips in a smile. Her lovely voice humming a melody.

"Almost ready!" she said. Jade loved everything about textiles. It was her passion. Most of all, she liked sewing.

Focused on making her work look beautiful she didn't pay any attention to the world. 

Her eyes twinkled with excitement. They were a beautiful sky blue. Charming, deep, innocent. Those were Jade's eyes.

Her lovely melody resonated in the well-lit room. As lonely as the the room was, Jade's tune made it more cheerful. However, a weird smell was present in the empty room.

Still smiling, she continued to work with needles and scissors. 

One step at a time she was getting closer to completing her masterpiece. Sweat sliding off her forehead, tired limbs barely moving.

Jade wanted to sleep and relax a little. With her hobby, it's impossible though. She has to work quickly.

"So close!" she exclaimed. 

 Now her hands worked quicker and stitch by stitch, she was getting closer to being finished. Cutting and sewing back together, sewing something on. Her work was coming together.

Jade looked at her product with her sky blue eyes. Somehow, they seemed different.The innocence, the charm and the beauty disappeared. Replaced by insanity.A murderous one replaced her alluring smile. 

Jade's needles, threads, scissors, walls and floor covered in blood.

Laughing echoed in the room. Not cheerful, but maniacal. "My piece is complete!" said Jade.

On the table was laying a human body. Limbs different colors, no hair. Stitches covered the corpse and its silhouette deformed. 

Jade wiped her hands on her dress. Jade started walking out of the room. "Who's next?" she said as the door closed behind her.

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