The ups and downs of education

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A book explaining my time in education. From Primary school to graduation day, I explain the highs, lows, achievements, disappointments and different experiences and challenges I faced during education.

Table of Contents


Education is a very long journey, and you experience so many different things. You grow as a person, become more knowledgeable and you fa... Read Chapter

Berger Primary

‘I’m just glad I wasn’t dinner for that dog.’ Read Chapter

Tag Rugby Tournament

‘We had a good team spirit, it’s a shame we couldn’t win the trophy.’ Read Chapter

Ending My Time At Berger

‘Great memories still to this day.’ Read Chapter

Choosing My Secondary School

My mum was more delighted than I was!’ Read Chapter

Cardinal Pole: The Early Years

‘Tuck shop, football with a tennis ball and a short tie, good memories.’ Read Chapter

Choosing GCSE Subjects & Mock Exams

Year 10 came the time where we had to choose three subjects that we would like to do for GCSE. I chose geography, drama and media studies... Read Chapter

Final Exam Period

‘We can be successful no matter what route we take.’ Read Chapter

Summer Break & Results

‘The complacent side of me was going to be destroyed.’ Read Chapter

Picking The Right College

‘Disappointment was left behind; it was time to look forward to a new challenge.’ Read Chapter

Hackney Community College/ 1st Year

'New place, new mentality, bigger achievements.’ Read Chapter

Hackney Community College/ 2nd Year

‘Much more intense, but I enjoyed it .’ Read Chapter

Plagiarism Controversy

‘Sometimes you have to help people in ways they may not like.’
Read Chapter

Outside Activities

‘Sometimes it’s best to get away from the stress of education now and again.’ Read Chapter

Nine Distinctions

‘A great achievement, one of my best.’ Read Chapter

Hackney Community College/ The Final Year

‘One last step before the next chapter of education.’ Read Chapter

Picking A University

‘Rejections are part of life, but don’t stop believing.’ Read Chapter

Class of 2011-12

‘Different characters, they all remain good friends. I miss that class..’
Read Chapter

Back In English 2011-12

‘A roller-coaster of a class, but I met some good people.’
Read Chapter

Kelly To Roger

‘Kelly was nice, but we needed Roger’s brutality.’
Read Chapter

Middlesex University/ 1st week

Middlesex University was now the challenge that would await me. Once I found out I would be attending Middlesex for the next three years,... Read Chapter

The First Year

‘New surroundings, but the same me.’ Read Chapter

The Second Year

‘Three first class grades put me in a great position.’ Read Chapter


‘Some people just did not care at all.’ Read Chapter

The Final Year

During the summer of 2014 I was trying my best to keep occupied by doing things like driving lessons, seeing mates and family and keeping... Read Chapter

What Next?

‘This is where it is going to get even tougher.’ Read Chapter

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