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Anna has always had a secret crush on Dave, and for some reason she thought he felt the same way, until he kept giving her the cold shoulder and making it obvious he wanted nothing to do with her, who knows if it was just him being cruel or just being heartless.

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



Anna Marie has worked at Dave Matthews law firm for about a year now. She was always given praise for her hard work at the firm that she recently had received her own office. Dave Matthews was the owner of the law firm, a multi- millionaire, and a happily married man with two kids to show for.  When he first presented the office to Anna he had a big bouquet of flowers delivered, this was tradition at the firm for almost twenty years now. Anna was a very mysterious woman, didn’t have any friends, family, boyfriend, nothing. Work was all that she had to look forward to.

Every morning she would bring Dave his coffee from his favorite coffee shop, white chocolate mocha latte with one packet of brown sugar, she saw him prepare it almost every day for the past year that it was easy for her to remember. She sort of acted like his personal assistant, because she would have his schedule memorized like the back of her hand since he couldn’t because he was just so busy. Around lunch time Anna would find herself very frustrated because his wife had a tendency of calling when Dave was working hard to build up his cases, to win.

So, to resolve this issue Anna would have all her calls forwarded to office voicemail, once this was done she would then delete them. Dave would treat Anna just like every other employee considering that Anna felt differently, she knew she was an asset to the company and he just didn’t know it.  Every afternoon she would eat at her favorite place called the Red Mediterranean, she would go when they would have their five o’clock specials on drinks and coincidentally Dave would be there too since it was his favorite place to eat as well. He seemed shock to see Anna there every day and that it was her favorite spot too since hardly anyone seem to know about it.

That night Dave’s wife was out of town with the kids for a cheerleading competition so he was free to do whatever he had wanted to do. After bumping into Anna that evening he decided to ask her to join him for a drink since they were both there alone. After hours of laughter and the continuous flow of the drinks they both decided to call it a night. Dave might have mentioned a few times that evening that Anna must be completely discreet about them two sharing an evening together. This wasn’t an issue to Anna but she noticed that Dave was really drunk and decided to drive him home. As they pulled up to his two-story house, she helped him get upstairs and into bed.

She slowly undressed him just to make sure he was comfortable. She folded all his clothes and placed them back in drawers. She walked over to his closet and grabbed all his clothes to smell them, and the smell of white linen seemed to linger. She smelt all his colognes on his dresser because she adored the way he smelt every day when he came into work. He looked so beautiful laying there that she didn’t realize the time and noticed that the sun was coming up. So, she grabbed all her things and left him a quick note, “Thanks for tonight, see you in the am” and left. As she grabbed her things she accidentally grabbed his tie and took it with her.

When she arrived at the office, Dave came into work, as usual and completely overlooked her as if she didn’t exist, or as if they didn’t share some kind of connection. This began to irritate Anna and she could feel the anger inside her start to build up so she decided to try one more thing, she walked into his office and closed the door. He was on a call, so she quietly began to unbutton her shirt where you could see her lacy black bra, and removed her skirt, as she walked up behind him she placed her hands around his eyes. As he hung up the phone, he seemed to chuckle a little, as he swung around to see that it was Anna and not his wife, he jumped up and completely freaked out.

As he grabbed her clothes and threw them at her, he insisted that she needed to get dressed and leave his office. She couldn’t help but find herself confused. She thought he liked her. They did have a great time the night before. As he brushed her off to finish his work for the day, she stormed out of there furious and embarrassed that caused her to jump into mid rampage. She clocked out for lunch and ran to the parking garage. She kept thinking to herself, why is he being like that I thought we had a great time. We had a connection. She popped open her trunk and shuffled through her bag of what looked like torturous tools. She grabbed her box of white gloves and began loosening all the bolts on all the tires of his car and then walked back to work as if nothing happened.

Later that day it was time to clock out for the day, and Dave seemed to be in a rush to get home. Ana tried to stop him to get his attention to apologize about the way she had been acting but he kept brushing her off as if she was the plague. He screeched his way out of the garage and began speeding down I5 road going about ninety miles per hour, Anna followed behind as quickly as she could because she’s always been a fan of her own work. The car began to shake and as he was taking the curve the tire became loose and he lost complete control over the car that it rolled over three times and crashed into a tree.

Anna slowly approached his car and then parked, whistling her favorite tune Mr. Sandman, she walked around to the back of her car and placed on a blue suit since she didn’t want to get her new outfit dirty from all the blood. All you could hear is the sound of her heels lightly tapping the floor, and pulled him out from underneath. She dragged his body to the trunk, which has already been covered in plastic. His face was covered in blood, and nothing seemed to be broken, or she would have felt something crack as she was folding his body to fit inside. She sped off before she could leave any witnesses. She moved so smoothly as if she has done this before.

After driving for about an hour and a half she pulls up to this abandon warehouse in the middle of nowhere and drags him out of the trunk and across the dirt floor. When she approaches the doors, she shuffles through her keys to find the right one for the locks, and opens the shutters. When she turned on the light, there awaited a table over a big drainer, alongside with a bunch of different size tools, power drills, and chainsaws. Kind of looked like torture chamber. On each side of the room stood these big tanks filled with water and test tubes connected to a naked man and woman. They didn’t seem dead, but they sure as hell didn’t seem alive.

On the shelves that surrounded the table had different size jars that had different labels on them, tongues, eyes, eye lashes, ears…etc. She showed no emotion what so ever, she seemed more proud of them as if it was her personal butterfly collection. She picked up Dave from off the floor and laid him out on the table. She locked down his hands, feet, head and waist. She took off all her clothes and burned them, and placed on a white coat. She filled up a bowl of hot water and grabbed a wash cloth, and began slowly cleaning his face. She leaned over to the drawer that was full of medical supplies and sterilizing equipment to stitch him up, all while playing some old tunes.

After a couple of hours, he finally woke up, although he couldn’t move he could see everything in the reflection of the mirror placed above him. He didn’t know what the hell was going on just knew that he had to break free.  Dave was hoping that this was just a nightmare and he would be waking up any minute now, but he didn’t. Anna walked over to the medicine cabinet and grabbed a few items, as she closed the mirror she began to touch up her lipstick, like if she was going on a blind date and needed to look her best.

She then walked over to him and began to poke him with a needle, she injected him with a medicine that would increase the level of pain that he would soon be enduring. Anna felt like this was a long time coming, she did everything and anything for Dave, but he just didn't seem to appreciate her. She knew everything about him, from his allergies, to his favorite drink, his favorite meal, how many phone calls he made in a day, all the phone numbers of the people he called, who else knew him better other than her. It was like she was just never good enough for him. After the medicine kicked in, he could feel just about anything from something as a flick on the wrist.

She put on her gloves then grabbed her scalpel and began cutting a line straight down from the middle of his chest all the way down to the top of his navel. As he began bleeding out she had a little suction machine that would suck up all the blood that poured out. After making the perfect cut, she then places both her hands in opposite directions of the cut and began to rip open his chest as slowly as possible. He began compulsing profusely, and screaming so loud, but not as loud as he wanted since his lips were stitched shut. She just kept continuing with what she was doing like she didn’t care. She just wanted to rip his heart out just like he did to her, when he misleads her into believing he liked her, by having flowers delivered to her, a night of drinks and inviting her to his house.

She read all the signs perfectly. After she split open his chest she placed a bar in between to keep it open, and began pulling out his intestines little by little. Inch by inch, and placed them in a separate jar. She knew she was doing everything right from all the training she had, but she was still careful. She began digging around to feel for his kidneys, after locating that she pulled them out too. She was very smooth with the instruments considering she use to be a surgical doctor. He kept closing his eyes from all the pain which began to irritate Anna because she wanted him to see all the pain he has caused her, so she grabbed the aseptic to hold his eye lids open. After what seemed like hours, it was almost all over, last but not least, his heart.

She seemed to have gotten lost in a daze from staring into his baby blue eyes, she licked the tears from his face, and kissed his lips, she felt with her whole heart that they could have been happy together if he would have just given her a chance, but he’s just like all the others. If she couldn’t have them, nobody could. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “We had a connection, and if I can’t have you, no one else can.” She then plunged right in without holding back and not even caring about being careful, she ripped out his beating heart, and then held it in her hands as if she was cradling a new born baby, and began humming once again her favorite tune....

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