The King

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about a king who saw his future lost his soldiers but still decided to move on

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



A knight dressed in his suit and  armor
grabs his sword and throws it into the air
hoping to get the light to hit it
to see where he must turn
as the sword go up it misses the light
instead in falls into the sea
for him this means it'll be his final battle
against the army to the east

he heads back home  to gather his army
but he finds his army has fled
So he gets back on horse
heads to his castle to get ready for the  final fight
he grabs his  sword holding it tight
he's gonna fight this war alone
his army they ran as fast they can
but for him he's keeping his honor and pride

off he rides to where his destiny lies
for he knows whats in store
if he shall die he's lived a honorable life
he continues his journey on
as he arrives at town
An army stands  with to many to count
He just laughs out loud holds up his sword
they begins to take the charge

he runs into them fast
swings his sword front and back
taking as many as he can with what he has
then an arrow strikes his heart
he keeps his smile as he fights on
until 2 more hit his chest
he takes his last breath
as he falls off his horse

with his final breaths
he just laughed then said
at least I die with peace
for I did not run I continued on
I fought for everything I believe
just like that he was gone in a flash
he died with honor and his pride
for this is a king who believed in destiny

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