Wait For Me

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True love is always worth waiting for

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



I am here in the darkness laying in wait.

Looking around I call out, and then I hear

Wait for me...

I am thrust forth into a a brand new world lost and alone.

I grow over the years. sad as can be yet in the distance

I hear a voice call

Wait for me...

Time passes and I fall in love, but later find it was not to be.

In the distance a voice calls out

Wait for me...

Years pass as I again think I have found the voice,

Found she who belongs with me, only to be deceived.

Still a voice calls out.

Wait for me...

I grow somber and alone wishing love were near

Then I hear the voice. again

I am here...

The words form before me many miles away.

We speak, grow closer each and everyday.

Finally we meet and the only words you say to me

I am here...

Every day is spent in loves secret place

A place of harmony, a place of grace.

As to all things Time is cruel,

And I am played the fool.

My energy wains my life is drained

And once again in your arms embrace I hear you say

Wait for me...

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