The Truest Heart

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I did my best to make this story as gothic as possible.

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



The Truest Heart

By Donald Fransu


This is the love story of a man who happened to have the same name as the region where he was born and raised up. Because he was born among the Gothard Mountains of northern Medievalia, his parents decided to name him Gothard. And thus, his name was Gothard, and he lived in the Gothard Mountains.

As Gothard was leaving the church a few days before Halloween, a young woman approached him and whispered in his ear to stay, because she wanted to have a little chat with him. Finally, the gothic church was empty except for the two of them.

A nameless fear took hold of Gothard. What did the woman had to say to him in this gothic place? He knew her, although there was not any kind of relationship between them. He had heard rumors that she was a sorceress. Since he belonged to a superstitious race, he felt scared to be with her in this place.

“You look very sad,” she finally spoke. Without giving him a chance to reply, she continued, “And I know why. Lilian Angelus, the girl whom you love with all your heart, is going to be married on Hallow Eve.”

“How do you know?” he asked in wonder.

“Because I am a sorceress in deed,” she said with an uncanny laugh.

After further discussion regarding her sorcery, Gothard asked, “Since you know why I’m sad, what are you going to do about it?”

“I just wanted to tell you that we’re both in the same boat,” she told him. “I’m in love with the guy who is going to marry the girl that you love. That’s all.”

And that’s where the interview ended. Gothard went home, wishing that October 31 would not come. But, as we all know, it’s not easy to erase one of the days of the calendar.

On Hallow Eve, Gothard went to bed earlier than usual, because he wanted to avoid thinking of Lilian on her wedding day. It would only give him an agonizing pain. In fact, he hadn’t slept the night before in order to make sure that he would sleep well on her wedding day. Therefore, he did not hear the news until the next morning.

Gothard opened his eyes just before dawn, and leaving his bed, he went downstairs to make himself a cup of coffee. He did not put sugar in it this time, because he wanted it to represent his feelings.

After that, he decided to go for a walk to breathe some fresh air. He walked in the direction of the home of Lilian’s parents. He was thinking of her in his heart, and his feet led him in the direction of her parents’ house.

As Gothard neared the home of the girl whom he was thinking of, he saw Lilian’s father leaving the house. Gothard observed that her father looked anything but happy.

He greeted Gothard and said, “So have you heard the news?”

“No, I went to bed early last night,” answered Gothard. “What happened?”

So Lilian’s father explained, “As soon as the priest started reading the marriage service last night, Lilian collapsed to the floor and fainted. When we approached her, we saw that both of her legs were gone!”

Here he paused and sighed deeply. But he took a deep breath and continued, “Not only were her legs gone, but all her beauty had disappeared as well! Somebody had bewitched my daughter! She looks as hideous as a mummy! As if to make matters worse, she had lost her sight as well! So the marriage was canceled. I doubt that anybody would have the least love for her now.”

“How’s she now?” asked Gothard.

“As depressed as possible,” replied the sad father. “She doesn’t want to leave her room. She’s even thinking of committing suicide!”

“Please tell her that I still love her!” cried Gothard.

“No, you’ll stop loving her as soon as you look at her,” said the girl’s father.

“Never!” exclaimed Gothard. “Please take me to her!”

“Not now. Wait until she’s more composed,” Was the response.

Three days later, Gothard went to Lilian’s home to see if he could speak with her. Luckily she was more compose and agreed to see him.

When he saw her, he did not hesitate to go forward and shake her hand. She was sitting in her bed with a novel beside her.

“It’s so kind of you to come to see me when no one else has,” she said with a quiver in her voice. Her voice had not changed.

“That’s because I still love you,” he replied passionately.

“How can you still love a girl who has neither legs, nor beauty or sight?” she asked as she burst into a flood of tears.

Instead of answering her in words, he put his arms around her and drew her closer to him. She could not believe her senses. She was told that she looked like a mummy after her beauty was magically taken from her, and yet, here was a guy who was not ashamed to hug her!

“You have the truest heart in the whole wide world!” she exclaimed as they kissed over and over.

Two months later, more specifically, on Christmas Eve, Gothard and Lilian gave themselves to each other for life. As soon as the marriage service was over, a miracle happened. Lilian’s legs, beauty and sight were restored to her!

The next morning, Lilian received a letter from the sorceress who was mentioned at the beginning of this story. Let’s quote the most important paragraph from it:

“It was I who used my magic to cripple you, take away your beauty and sight on the day of your other wedding. I did it because you were going to marry the man that I loved. So, you see, when I bewitched you, the marriage was canceled. Now that you’re married to another man, however, I have no reason to keep you crippled, hideous and blind. So as soon as you were married to Gothard, I cured you.”

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