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"Until death, this is your purpose."

???? ???


Auvri was uncertain why her Aunt Colleen had requested her to visit. It was no secret that she was uncomfortable in hospitals - despite spending grandiose amounts of time sitting in the waiting rooms of many while growing up. Her Mother had been an addict - and alcohol was her poison. Often, literally. Though she had been "clean" for ten years now, there were nights when Auvri watched her Mother's demons overpower her and sit by anxiously as she drowned them in a bottle of liquor, or smoked them out with a couple grams of marijuana. She preferred the latter; watching her Mother cry softly before turning on the kids network on television and falling asleep, soundly. When she drank her feelings, it sent her in a spiral... and it was difficult to watch or to control. Thankfully, this was not as often as it used to be and not so severe that her disease resulted in hospital admission, surgeries, or stomach pumping. Auvri had been the guardian so often as a little girl - and all of this, together, amounted to her discontent with hospital environments. Not only did she dislike visiting the hospital, but she disliked her weird Aunt Colleen.

Colleen and Janet had stopped speaking when Janet announced the news of her pregnancy nineteen years ago. The two were polar opposites back then - once upon a time, Auvri's mother was the only crazy, unstable one in the family. Colleen was in her first year of college and doing well. She'd felt bad leaving her sister behind... but she had realized that, as much as she loved her, Janet was far beyond her ability to help. Auvri never asked about this, though. As far as she knew, Aunt Colleen had always been crazy, and mental instability was just an trait passed down through the Farley family, generation to generation. But this wasn't so. It was the day - in fact, the very minute - of Colleen and Janet's mothers' death that she lost her mind. Janet often blamed herself, due to absence at the hospital when her mother finally passed. Colleen snapped that day. It's when the ramblings and wanderings truly began.

All Auvri knew was that her mother always seemed indebted to Aunt Colleen; and that some of the nights when she would come home to find her drunk, disoriented, and depressed, were the same nights that her aunt had been, again, admitted. Janet loved her sister, Colleen. And Auvri loved her mother, Janet. So, she accepted the invitation to accompany her mother on this visit.


They reached the hospital and sat for a moment in the car - windows up, and radio still softly whispering pop music through the distorted rear speakers. Auvri watched a nurse wheel a young woman with a newborn baby from the hospital to a taxi outfront, where a proudly-blushing new father greeted them. She smiled grimly, imagining what her life would have been like had she had her father in it. She turned to her broken mother, who was tapping her jagged, bitten nails against the leather steering wheel and holding back tears. It was obvious that she needed to get something out, and so Auvri asked.

"It's..." Janet began, a soft whimper interrupting her speech. "Auvri... I think your Aunt Colleen is... She's dying!"

Her words were wet, and her tongue clicked against the roof of her mouth as she spat out the word dying. Janet's head fell to the steering wheel, causing the horn to honk obnoxiously. She was indifferent to the noise, but Auvri jumped in her seat - uncertain how to comfort her distraught mother. After all, she never knew her to be close to Aunt Colleen. She whispered, come here, and wrapped her arms tightly around her thin, melting waist. As her mother shook and sobbed in her arms, Auvri began to cry as well. In part, because it hurt her to see her mother so upset, but also in fear of how she may come to handle this in the near future. She squeezed her arms around her mother tightly, assuring her that it's going to be okay. Finally, she had calmed down.

"I just... God... I blame myself so much. I'm the reason she lost it, Auvri. It's really my fault. She was doing so well..." Janet confided in her daughter, vaguely. She wiped her cheeks and slapped her hands against her thighs, taking a deep breathe.

"It's not your fault, Mom. You can never be at fault for someone else falling apart. You can only be responsible for helping them come back together."

Janet stared blissfully at her daughter. She ran her hand along Auvri's head, admirably, smoothing her soft, hazelnut hair.

"How did I create something so beautiful, and smart, and pure?"

The two exchanged a smile and exited from the beaten up old Volkswagen, ready to enter the hospital and quite possibly say goodbye to their estranged relative. Auvri wrapped her arm around her Mother's waist, and they strolled towards the front doors of Henderson General.


Aunt Colleen looked like a ghost in a human costume. Her skin was pasty white, peeling like dried glue, and her eyes were hollow and lifeless. Across her chest was a deep, thick scar that peaked out from the collar of her loosely-hanging hospital gown - which was blue with little teal flowers. She was unmoved when Janet and Auvri entered her private room, though her eyes were open and her rising and falling chest indicating that, yes, she was still alive. After a fifteen minutes of uncomfortable silence and exchanging uninterpretable glares, Janet began to cry again. She covered her stern mouth with her painted fingers, shook her head, and motioned to her daughter that she need a minute outside of the room. Auvri nodded and shifted herself in her worn, green chair. The moment that her mother left the room, Colleen began to speak.

"Come..." Her voice was eerie, dark and echoed within itself. It sent a chilling shiver down Auvri's spine that raised every tiny hair and goosebump on her back and neck. However, she obliged, and scooted her chair close to the bedside of Aunt Colleen.

"How are you?" Auvri gulped, unsure of what to say. She hadn't seen her Aunt in... well, ever. She was nothing more than a couple of botched memories retold by her mother on her most intoxicated nights. That, and the confession in the car.

"Clos-s-s-er..." Colleen whispered, in a voice even lower, darker, and huskier than before. She now slurred. Auvri's heart began to pound against her chest, almost painfully. She couldn't shake this awful feeling... was Aunt Colleen about to die? Right now!? She leant in very closely, and the weak, quivering woman before her used what appeared to be all of her strength to lift her body from the hospital bed and bring her dry lips to Auvri's ear.

"Once marked, the truth you must seek. Only then will they let you be. Until death, this is your purpose."

With the warm breath of each and every word, Auvri began to breathe more harshly. She pulled back, freaked out, but her Aunt seemed to have gained an unmatched amount of strength and grabbed her tightly by the shoulders. Auvri screamed, wriggling to pull away from this insane woman. Suddenly, Colleen scratched her deeply across the chest, causing blood to spout all across the sheets of her bed and the wall behind it.

"LET ME GO!" Auvri screeched, unable to notice the pain of her chest in the struggle to break free from her Aunt. Finally, Colleen released her grip, sending Auvri flying on to the checkered, linoleum floor about a foot away. She glared down at her chest, sobbing in horror and finally experiencing the pain of her gushing wound. She shot a glance back up at her Aunt, who tilted her head and mouthed something that looked like I am sorry before Auvri began to lose her sight. Everything went white - as were her eyes. At the same time, Colleen's eyes bleached out as well. A million images flashed before both of their eyes, transferring themselves from Colleen to Auvri, like data to a computer from a USB drive. Auvri was stunned, unable to move or resist as the images flooded her mind and overloaded her brain. The very second her vision returned and the flashes ceased, Auvri bolted from the hospital room. She heard the consistent beep of a flatlined heartrate behind her.


Rushing from the room, she felt disoriented and dismayed. Auvri bumped in to walls, slipped against the sleek, tile floor, and knocked over two surgical tool carts sitting in the hallway. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her upper arm, grabbing her and spinning her around.

"Are you okay? You're bleeding!" The nurse, who had stopped her, inquired. Before Auvri could answer, the blond woman in pink floral scrubs began to page for help on her cellphone. The last thing that Auvri wanted was to stay one more second in this hospital, especially after what had just happened. She shook her arm loose from the nurses grip and started running, again - aiming for the front door. She just wanted out of this place. Immediately. Behind her, she heard the slap of rubber soles against the linoleum, and turned to see two nurses and a security guard approaching quickly. She tried to lose her tail by swiftly changing direction around a corner, but in a flash - smack!  - she hit the ground. This time, all went black.


Auvri woke about an hour later. Her head was dizzy and numb and, for only a second, her vision was blurry. A young doctor in blue scrubs and a stark white lab coat shone a bright light in her eyes, and waved a finger in front of her view. Obediently, she followed it with her eyes only. He clicked it off, and she blinked exaggeratedly to restore her vision to clear. Sitting up, she noticed her mother and the nurse who had stopped her earlier were also in the curtained room - all sharing the same worrisome expression.

"Well - I think that, at worst, she may have a minor concussion. She did fall on to a pile of soiled linens, after all. I think that it drastically softened the blow. Although, I do recommend a long, hot shower and some serious use of sanitizer." The handsome, young doctor smiled and scoffed playfully at his own humour. Janet desperately forced a laugh.

"So, my normal routine after visting a hospital." Auvri only half-joked. She lifted her brow, and swung her feet over the side of the gurney. A little rush filled her head.

"Here - let me help you!" Dr. Jeremy Nueu - so his nametag read - offered, reaching out his hand to steady Auvri as she stood up. She bit her lip and looked away, blushing. The nurse in the pink, floral scrubs rolled her eyes and stated that she had other patients to get back to, adding that she was happy to know Auvri was alright. "Just take it easy tonight."

"Got it." Auvri said, giving unenthusiastic thumbs up to Jeremy. Janet had already made her way down the hall - she never was good with showing concern or compassion - so Jeremy accompanied his patient towards the exit doors on the far side of the hallway. Along the way, he and Auvri exchanged small-talk and flirtatious banter, drawing some attention as they strolled. Auvri was oblivious to the gestures of some of the staff around her, because, truly, she wasn't used to male attention - and she liked it.

"Listen... once you don't have to take it easy, why don't we meet up? Coffee?" Jeremy asked as they reached the exit. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his Blackberry phone. Auvri blushed, feeling her cheeks grow warmer as they pinkened. She gave Jeremy a once-over before thinking to herself, why not... it's something good to come out of this day! Auvri gently took his phone from his hands and opened his contacts, immediately adding her number and name in to the list. She handed his phone back and spun around, causing another headrush, then heading drowsily out the door to meet her mother in the parking lot. Jeremy, chuckling under his breath as he watched her leave, opened his phone and began to text.


It was only six'o'clock when Auvri and Janet returned home, but almost instantly, Janet had opened a sixty of Jack Daniel's. Straight from the bottle, she chugged about a third of the burning whiskey, barely feeling the sting as it coursed down her throat. It was like taking cough medicine, to her. It tasted rough, but you chucked it back anyways because you knew it was going to soothe the ache. Janet slumped down at the square table between the living room and kitchen and began to cry silently. She couldn't handle the day she had. She needed to numb herself, and this was her way. She began to feel the buzz almost instantly - it felt like a warm blanket, slowly wrapping itself around her. As soon as she believed this round of liquor's affect had peaked, she chugged down another third of the bottle.

Auvri, sitting on the brown-carpeted steps stained with booze, vomit, and old blood, watched somberly as her Mother drank away her worries. It was the same thing she had always done on nights like this. Except, something was different... there was a feeling she couldn't describe brewing within her. Suddenly, her chest begun to burn. She looked down at the bandaged area on her chest where her late Aunt Colleen had attacked her. The taping around the gauze had began to lift, so she peeled it back gingerly... it was healed. Completely. There, where not even an hour ago was a deep, thick cut, was a raised, elongated oval shaped scar. Healed as if it had always been there. She looked up towards her mother, and the mark began to itch - the way that your fingers and toes do when you come in to a warm house after being out in the cold. Something caught her eye... next to her mother, from the open window, emerged a shadow-figure like a campfire smoke. Auvri watched the figure dance upon the draft that blew in from outside. She was unnerved, but at the same time, calmed by the shadowy entity. As she watched it swirl around her Mother, suddenly a maple leaf dance upon it's form and landed gently atop the table directly in front of her. Janet appeared impartial to the leaf. She rested her head in her hands, and sipped from the bottle of Jack Daniel's that was near empty now. In a flash, Auvri was removed from her surroundings - just as she was at the hospital after Aunt Colleen attacked her. Images began to race across her mind.

The first, her mother, only thirteen years old.

Janet sat on the floor of a dirty trailer house, littered with trash and waste. She looked older than thirteen, due to multiple facial piercings, thick make-up that was runny around her eyes, and revealing attire. Her father - whom Auvri only knew was her grandfather because of photographs she had seen before - tied a blue band around Janet's tiny, right arm; tightening it so furiously that she was shaken back and forth as he did so. Her face was sunken, and appeared aged by abuse and addiction. Janet reached for the syringe, and her father began barking something at her while motioning towards his own inner arm. The vision was silent, but Auvri could imagine the context of what was spoken... especially as she witnessed her thirteen year old mother inject herself, for the first time, with heroin.

Suddenly, the flashes changed. This time it was of her newly pregnant mother, only nineteen years old herself, in nearly the exact same position as the other vision - she was shooting up. However, things were different. Her surroundings were different, more pleasant. Auvri felt confused and betrayed... more so when a man about the same age as her young mother entered through the bathroom door and fell to his knees. She watched as her zoned-out mother and the man she knew was her father began to argue. Auvri's eyes welded up with tears... there he was. Her father. He left because of her. Then, a single moment was audible: "We need to terminate. Who knows what damage you have done!? I refuse to let you bring this child in to the world. Tell me you will abort this pregnancy, please!" Janet shook her head yes, tears falling from emotionless eyes. "Janet, I am leaving you. I can't handle this anymore. I thought you were clean."

Once more the vision changed, and this time... it was too much for Auvri to handle. An image of her bloodied, murdered mother was before her in first person view. A maple leaf sat on her chest.

Then, she came back to reality.

3000 word mark

Auvri understood clearly what the series of visions had implied. She thought back to what Aunt Colleen had whispered to her. What had she done to her? What "purpose" did she now have that could possibly include murdering her own mother? How did she deserve this? Her mother, or herself? This was a curse. She had been marked by a plague of truth and insight that she never wanted, nor asked for. This was all too much to process - her mother's premature addiction to more than alcohol, her use while pregnant with her, and how she had clearly never told Auvri's father that she decided to keep their baby. She needed to escape. She felt as if she was going insane. Auvri grabbed her jacket from the coat rack near the back door, and ran out as fast as she could. She needed to think - to process.

Only two blocks down the street, she ran in to a somewhat familiar face - it was Jeremy.

"Hey, you're supposed to be taking it easy!" He gently nudged upon seeing her briskly rushing down the darkening evening street. Auvri stopped and caught her breathe, choking out a forced giggle.

"Yeah... I am. I guess that doesn't come easy in my life." She confessed.

"I hear you. I'm an ER doctor. Seriously. I get you." Jeremy insisted, sticking his hands in his pockets. It was growing cooler outside, and he had just sewn up his fourth gunshot victim of the day. Headed towards a strong cup of coffee and some comfort food, he decided to jump at the opportunity to invite his new interest who clearly needed a bit of the same. Auvri immediately accepted the offer, agreeing that she needed an escape, too.

The two walked to the nearest coffee shop, Java Jolt, which was five blocks North and edging the downtown core. They sat at a worn-down leather booth in the cafe that looked like it was straight out of an edgy, nineties sitcom about hip young adults and ordered two hot drinks and a cinnamon roll to share. Jeremy immediately paid for everything, and tipped the waitress a twenty. Auvri was impressed, but also took the gesture as a flirty one. They talked about everything - except for his work life, and her home life. Truly, this left little to discuss. Auvri told Jeremy that she was finishing her last year of high-school in correspondence after dropping out twice. She neglected to include the reasons why. Mentioning her job at a clothing store, she softly hinted that she enjoyed fashion and business, especially how the two seemingly separate industries were married together. Jeremy boasted about his wealthy family, bragged that his brother was a football player, and...

What the Hell, Auvri thought, zoning out from Jeremy's banter and focusing on the wind outside. A shadow, much like the one before, breezed by the cafe windows and picked up litter and dirt as it brushed past. Auvri was frozen and focused on the shape. It neared the door, and opened it just slightly enough to allow a gust of cool, dusk air to lift a single maple leaf in to the coffee shop. The leaf neared her table, and dropped delicately in to the coffee that Jeremy was holding in his right hand. He continued to speak, not noticing the leaf. Auvri widened her eyes and gasped sharply as her eyesight wavered again, and the flashing visions overwhelmed her.


The vision began with Jeremy and a young woman... Auvri recognized the woman, but was unable to see her face. It was hidden beneath her arms, raised in a protective shield against the blows of the man who was towering over her, throwing punch after punch as she begged him to stop. Grabbing her by the hair, Jeremy tossed the frail woman towards the wall. She threw her hands aside to catch herself, leaving her face open. Jeremy took the chance to lay a hard, closed-fist blow against her left cheekbone. Sobbing on the floor, the woman looked up and Auvri could see her face. It was the nurse in the pink floral scrubs.

Another flash, this time, Jeremy and the nurse were in the a nicely decorated kitchen. She sat, perched upon the countertop, and he cleaned and tended to her wounds and bruises. Jeremy was crying hysterically, apologizing over and over as he applied ointment, cream, and sterilizer to her battered face and arms. She tenderly held his shoulders and repeated that it was okay, she loved him, and they would still be marrying this Summer. He deflated and begged her forgiveness, professing his love and swearing this was the last time. The nurse began to cry. Auvri heard her voice, though she was not speaking, and it pleaded: Please, God. Give me the strength to leave. Please, let me be free. I can't hurt any longer...

The last vision was as expected - Jeremy's bloodied body laying beneath Auvri in first person view. A maple leaf on his chest. This time, Auvri felt no disagreement with her visioned purpose... this time, she was willing to give in. Something overcame her, it felt as if she had melded in to this autonomous being that knew what had to be done, and had no control over opposing to do so. It was as if she had become the shadow, floating upon the breeze. The next few minutes felt like a distorted blur of events, as if she were moving through a world lit by strobe light rather than sunlight. They left the coffee shop... walked two blocks... turned down an alley... and with a swift motion, Auvri stabbed Jeremy in the side of the neck with a butter knife she had stolen from the cafe. Jeremy lay dead at her feet.

As she watched his corpse, a dark figure began to rise from it. It was so black and so opaque that it looked like a void in the world before her - a black hole. It began to float upwards, when suddenly it was sucked down in to the ground below the body from which it rose. It struggled to no avail. In a split second, the body before her seeped in to the gravel and left no remains but a few speckled imperfections in the cement. Atop of the imperfections, a maple leaf sat. Auvri examined it as it gently grazed the ground, blowing away in to the distance.


It had now been a week since Aunt Colleen's death, and the transference of this curse from her to Auvri. Because of it, she had been burdened with the death of three people - although each life seemed to serve a better purpose post-mortem. Auvri had avoided her mother all week long, which had been easy seeing as she was still on a binge of booze and sex that had her at every bar and motel in town, but never home. Today, unfortunately, she had brought her partner home.

The moment Auvri walked in the house, her vision began. It was a condensed collage of a multitude of moments: Janet being penetrated from behind by a lanky addict as she, herself, shot up. Auvri recognized their current living room by the faded brown rug and outdated, seventies-style wallpaper. Unfortunately, this vision was entirely audible.

"Don't go too hard, you'll poke the baby! Fuckin' pervert..."

"Shut the fuck up, I'm givin' you my last fuckin' injection. Beggars can't be choosers."

"I'm doing this for my kid. Not for the damn heroin. You're still payin' me two hundred for this."

"Whatever, I'm nuttin' in you either way. Tell the baby, say "ahhh!""

There was a flash to the other room, where Auvri sat, only three years old. Then, it transformed in to a doctor's office. The doctor expressed his sympathy for Janet, who was slightly showing and still had the ultrasound gel on her stomach.

"You have to terminate the pregnancy, Janet. The baby is... the baby did not survive."

"Blunt force trauma, as well as a lethal amount of heroin in the fetus' bloodstream."

"The only reason I am not admitting you to rehabilitation is Auvri. Think of your daughter, Janet. Get clean."

The next flash was of her mother buying two-hundred dollars worth of pills. Auvri had seen enough. She screamed out loud, and came back to reality - where her mother was still being penetrated by the strange man accompanying her.

"Shit!" They exclaimed in unison. Quickly, they both gathered their clothing. Janet rushed in to the bathroom, while the man slipped in to his jeans and white tee with no further rush. He slipped in to a worn out pair of Nike sneakers, then passed Auvri to leave, slapping her on the rear as he did. In a fit of rage, she turned on her heel, grabbed a knife from the block on the counter, and lunged at the man - driving it in to the back of his neck and killing him nearly on impact. He fell lifelessly to the floor, and she waited for approval from whatever higher power was sending her orders. But, there was none. No leaf. No shadow. Nothing.

"Fuck you!" Auvri yelled in to the void, emptiness of her house. "Why can't you take him?! Why can't it be someone else?!"

Her scar began to burn insatiably, causing her so much pain that she fell to her knees beside the man whose life she had just stolen. Whatever controlled her life now was furious with her action. This was not his fate, and this was not her purpose. To punish Auvri, it sent her a flash of the life that he would have lived had she not stolen his opportunity. In her vision, she witnessed him caring for a very sick, elderly woman with compassion, tenderness, and love. He was her only heir. Her only living relative. She left him all of her inheritance, and he used the money to travel to Kenya to build schools and community centers - as well as teaching at them. She had stolen a good life, out of pettiness, frustration, and avoidance. Snapping back to reality, she watched as a white shadow, soft as cotton and as translucent as a cloud, lifted from the corpse and floating upwards peacefully. Now, the body lay still. It did not discintegrate in to the ground. It remained.

Just then, Janet emerged from the bathroom and witnessed the bloody body laying on the kitchen floor.

"What the fuck?! What have you done?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Auvri!" She was irrate, and irrational. Still drunk, or high, or sedated, she began to attack Auvri. Trying to calm and restrain her mother was impossible. Auvri pleaded and began to wail, tears pouring from her eyes like heavy rain... her mother cursed her, and continued to shove, hit, and slap her. Then, Janet threatened Auvri's life... crushing and destroying something inside of her daughter. Finally, laying down the straw that broke the camels back. Suddenly, the kitchen door shot open and a heavy, howling wind came through the kitchen. In with it, the shadowy figure. Time slowed for Auvri as she watched the shadow dance around her mother, who was in an inebriated fit and reaching for the last drawer towards the living room - where they kept a loaded gun for emergency safety. Her sound was muffled, though she heard quite clearly the crisp scratching of a crunchy maple leaf as it drifted across the kitchen floor and stuck itself under the tip of Janet's foot. Auvri watched her mother pull the gun from the drawer, then all went black.


"I don't know, but let me tell you something - Kelsey has never been so carefree. That cheating, womanizing, scumbag coward of a man disappearing was the best thing that ever happened to her. He'll never lay a hand on her again. And, I heard her talking to HR about a transfer. She's finally worked up the courage to move back to Connecticut and adopt her sister out of the system. They never would let her, since she was with that dickhead, Jeremy. Poor girl. It was so obvious he hit her."

The nurses at the desk in the middle of the Emergency Room waiting area were gossiping amongst themselves about a woman that Auvri could only assume was the one in pink scrubs from a few weeks ago. The phone rang, and one picked it up without a word. She glanced somberly towards Auvri, who was standing against the wall near the entrance to the operating rooms.

"I'm so sorry..." She began, and Auvri could tell that she wished to not say more.

"She's gone." She finished, matter-of-factly. The nurse shook her head, nervously picking at her nails.

"Would you like to say good-bye?"

Auvri followed the nurse to the back, through two security-access doors and through four different sectors of patient rooms. Finally, they reached a curtained off area in the back. When the nurse pulled back the curtain, she gasped. The body was gone.

"Oh - I'm... I'm so sorry... they must have already taken her to the morgue. I- I can call..." The woman stuttered, but Auvri assured her that it was alright. For, she saw on the floor beneath the gurney with ruffled sheets and blood specks, a few imperfections and a single maple leaf. Her mother was gone, now. Truly, and forever.


Now, there was only one thing left for Auvri to do: escape this place. She could go anywhere that she wanted. She was free from the weight of her mother, free from carrying her baggage and bottles. She headed towards the bus station, only a small suitcase of clothing and a backpack of personal documents and rations, and bought herself the first ticket to anywhere, nowhere, or somewhere in-between. After two hours, and a nap in the metal-armed, cracked-leather seats of the bus terminal, her escape pulled up to the station. She gathered her belongings and got in line to board the bus, behind two backpackers, and one very young girl in a sundress, with a Hello Kitty backpack slung over one shoulder. Her parents waved from the platform of the terminal as she boarded up the steps, which were nearly the same height as her little shins. Auvri stepped up on to the steps right behind her. Then, her scar began to itch.

"No..." she prayed, looking at the little girl. The doors to the bus snapped shut behind her, but she still felt a familiar, inviting breeze. She followed it to the source - the drivers window, which was open slightly. It was then that she caught him licking his lips and eyeing the young girl up and down. He asked her if she was traveling alone, and she nodded innocently. The little girl scurried to the back of the bus, climbing in to a seat and getting in to a fetal position. The plump, middle-aged man with a graying moustache and protruding eyeballs adjusted his crotch.

Auvri watched as a maple leaf blew in through the drivers side window and landed directly on his lap.


???? ???


Disclosure: I realize this is much longer than allowed for the contest. I couldn't shorten it without feeling as if I'd lost some story... so I marked the cutoff where I reached 3, 000 words so that judging could be done on that portion alone! If you've enjoyed reading, please do continue! ~ Rae

© Copyright 2018 RaeBlair. All rights reserved.

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